Manifest The Power of .... 🐎

When you think of the horse, what words come to mind? Perhaps you think of strength, power, and freedom. There is something about the horse that seems to evoke a sense of wildness and untamed spirit.

The horse has been a symbol of power and freedom throughout history.

In many cultures, the horse is seen as a symbol of the sun and of death.

In Chinese culture, the horse was seen as an incarnation of the dragon, a powerful and mystical creature - It symbolizes pure male strength (Yang).

In Native American culture, the horse is often seen as a spirit animal, a creature that embodies the qualities of strength, power, and freedom.

The horse is able to carry heavy loads and travel great distances.

The horse is also a symbol of freedom.

It is free to roam the plains and the hills.

The horse is a symbol of the untamed spirit. It is wild and free!

Does horse energy resonate with you?


Thank you @SilverBear This is lovely, and I absolutely resonate! :hugs: :racehorse: :heart:


My favourite animal is the horse and I find that it represent grace, power and gentle kindness. Thank you for posting this :slight_smile: