Marble Gazing

Hello, everyone!

I recently salvaged a clear glass marble from a bottle, and I was wondering if I could try using it as a “crystal ball” of sorts? Are crystal balls made from crystal? Sounds rather redundant but I really am curious! Is a glass marble too small of an object to gaze into to see things? What is the optimal lighting (natural, candle, electric) for scrying? Thanks in advance for the help!


I’ve never tried scrying with a marble or crystal ball, so I can’t speak with personal experience here. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to use it to scry. As long as you can see the surface, it should work!

They can be made from crystals such as obsidian and quartz. They can also be made from something like glass!

I think this will depend on you (or the person scrying) – if you can see it effectively, then it shouldn’t be a problem. :blush:

We have a blog post about using a crystal ball here on Spells8 :crystal_ball: :heart: It says this.

In a dark or dimly-lit room, find a comfortable place to sit upright. You may wish to put on some soothing music or light candles or incense. Anything that helps you to achieve a meditative mindset is a welcome addition to this preparatory process.

How To Use A Crystal Ball: Techniques & Tips For Divination – Spells8


Hi @amandakay,

You’ve got some great advice and tips from Megan- there’s only one other resource I can think of that might be useful for you, so I’ll add it in here!

This is an exercise of how to use a marble in scrying, from the Marble Discussion:

Good luck and I hope your marble gazing goes well- blessed be! :sparkles:


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