Mardi Gras in New Orleans Always Seemed Magical

I was born and raised in New Orleans in South Louisiana. And even though I am at Floridian now I still consider that to be home… Every year Mardi Gras is extremely special time to us and to the residents of Louisiana. It is easily one of my top three favorite holidays and it wasn’t until I left Louisiana that I realized that it wasn’t celebrated everywhere (although it is celebrated in many cultures, I thought it was a nationwide holiday since Louisianans were off from work and school for a few days lol).

Looking back now, I wonder what elements of the celebrations are magical. I know many of my favorite parades and floats throughout the Mardi Gras season are based on Greek figures like Bacchus or Endymion. I do also know that the Catholic Church is heavily steeped in Mardi Gras tradition which leads me to believe that there must traditions that were also “borrowed” from other beliefs and cultures.

Does anyone have any ties or magical stories related to Mardi Gras season? I’m really missing home right now and even though all Mardi Gras festivities in the city have been cancelled, New Orleanians still find ways to celebrate and Mark this season. I’m missing it some bad and would love to hear of anyone’s experiences or if info you have on it in relation to the pagan/Wiccan/magical world. :relaxed:


Dearest Robin77,
This may not help… it might make you more homesick, but I had 2 co-workers at my job who were from New Orleans. Every year they would special order a King Cake from a bakery in New Orleans and have it FedEx delivered to work. It was part of my duties to take those deliveries and they were always kind to share a piece with me and my office mate. After I retired I visited New Orleans around Halloween and was treated to a parade, house decorations, beignets, and street music. My take away impression was that the people of Louisiana have a rich and deeply significant culture that is a blend as unique as the people who live there. If you are blessed to experience the area even once - it’s magic seeps into your heart forever.


Oh wow that makes me happy to hear! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time when you were able to visit. I agree with your sentiments but I think I may be biased :relaxed:

My parents send me a king cake every year as well! Usually from one of our 2 favorite bakeries Randazzo’s or Gambinos (yum!). This year they sent it in mid January and it was gone within a week lol!


Hello @Robin77!

Thank you for sharing your treasured memories and happy nostalgia for Mardi Gras! I especially loved reading about it since I personally have never had the chance to celebrate it :sweat_smile: I’ve been missing out- it sounds like such a fun holiday!

One year a an co-worker of mine went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. She brought back many of the beaded necklaces for everyone to wear. I’ve wanted to experience the celebration for myself some day! :partying_face: :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I went to Mardi Gras once and I didn’t want to leave! The entire time was magical. My hotel room was front row to the parade. I had pics on an old phone but somebody broke it :pleading_face: I like the idea @berta shared, order something from New Orleans with the Mardi Gras theme to remind you of home.


I always wondered why they don’t celebrate it in this part of the US! Where I live now, Oregon, there’s really nothing like it! :confused:

But I grew up with the same tradition, it’s called Carnaval in South America :argentina: and it’s the last big party before the summer ends! :partying_face:

I looked it up and they are related holidays as they both are Carnival celebrations in the Catholic world.

And this is what the main events look like in Argentina where I’m from:

Have a happy Mardi Gras, Robin!!


Oh wow! I was not familiar with the celebrations in Argentina! Thank you for sending this video! May I share it outside of the forum as well?

I really love learning about the very similar celebrations and nuances within them. Everyone’s stories and input has made me happy!


For sure! I’ll definitely be having a few more fleur de lis symbols around between now and Mardi Gras day.


Hmmm you gave me an idea. Maybe I should break out some beads just as a reminder! Even though I can’t celebrate with the masses, it’s a nice visual reminder! Thank you :slight_smile:


Sure! That’s in the city of Gualeguaychú where the largest carnival celebrations occur every year. Here’s another one where you can clearly see the floats and the general atmosphere:

In that city they have a special arena for it (corsódromo) which is like the sambadrome in Brazil. In smaller cities it’s usually done by blocking the main street for the days of the carnaval.


I’m amazed at how connected we all really are! Love this


Re: Batucada Ganadora video…Oh to be young and be that flexible… LOL… How fun!!! I think that beats the heck out of Super Bowl half time.


Hahah well nothing stops you from trying it yourself!

The basic step is the same as shown here, the basic samba step! Give it a try! :laughing:


Excellent! Great tutorial… This may be my new morning exercise routine. How fun!!!


HAPPY MARDI GRAS DAY EVERYONE! I hope you find space and time today to celebrate yourself. This carnival season feels different (in a very good way) while I’m on this beautiful new journey. I can’t say in words how much I appreciate the community, tools and resources here!

I plan on doing some sort of Mardi Gras ritual this evening. I’ve found bits and pieces of rituals online but most steer towards Catholicism so I plan on using the bits that resonate and mixing in some of my own with guidance. Most of the evening I hope to devote towards gratitude because I feel that so strongly and everyone here has been integral in that feeling. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Blessed Be!


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Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday / Fat Tuesday

  • “Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is always 47 days before Easter. Carnival season begins on Jan. 6, Twelfth Night, the Christian holy day of the Epiphany, and ends with Mardi Gras. It’s a celebration of life that precedes the fasting and simple living during the Christian season of Lent. Because Easter is variable, Mardi Gras can be any Tuesday between Feb. 3 and March 9 and so the length of Carnival fluctuates accordingly.”

  • “The origins of Mardi Gras can be traced to medieval Europe , passing through Rome and Venice in the 17th and 18th centuries to the French House of the Bourbons. From here, the traditional revelry of “Boeuf Gras,” or fatted calf, followed France to her colonies.”

  • “Some historians have linked Mardi Gras to ancient Roman festivals, including the pagan fertility celebrations Saturnalia and Lupercalia.

  • “In 1875, Louisiana’s governor made Fat Tuesday a legal holiday in Louisiana. Today, Louisiana is the only state where Mardi Gras is an official holiday.”

Color Meaning

  • Green: Faith, Luck, Growth, Fresh Start

  • Purple: Justice, Power, Wisdom, Noble

  • Gold: Wealth, Prosperity, Prestige, Confident


Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Thanks for sharing these useful correspondences @Missa!! (I merged your post into this topic to keep things organized)


Thanks, Robin!!! :tada: :dancer: Happy Mardi Gras!

I talked to my family back in Argentina and unfortunately there are no Carnival celebrations this year (except clandestine parties…) but we should celebrate from home, in spirit!

I found a livestream from Sunday that looks fun too!


No problem! And sounds good thank you :slight_smile: