May 2022 ✨ Collective Reading Check-In

It is officially eclipse season and let me tell you right now, we are in the thick of some massive energy shifts. A lot of things are coming to light for everyone personally and collectively. I do not know much about astrology but I can tell you this: the eclipse we are experiencing during this Black Moon on Bealtaine is super, super intense. The end of April is just screaming for us to get our stuff together and move on with our lives in a more authentic way. Does that line up with the astrology? I have no idea. Someone else that knows more about astrology can tell me. Anyway, today we are looking back at our collective reading → Peering into 2022 :flower_playing_cards: Collective Tarot Reading to see if anything new has come up for May!

Let’s look back at the card I pulled for April to see if it was relevant.

April 2022: Page of Wands Reversed :wand_tarot:

As the messenger of the Wands, the Page is decked out in their finest robes. However, upon closer inspection, they also wear a suit of armor under their silks. As the page looks into the distance, so too does the peacock that sits on his shoulder. The reversed position of this card indicates that the impatience from March will follow us into April. However, it appears that we’ve given up. Laziness and apathy are two words that follow this card around when it’s reversed. It appears that whatever is going on that is out of our control will take its toll on us, causing us to be bored and apathetic.

The three extra cards I pulled for April were the Two of Wands, the Six of Cups, and Judgement. This was a warning of general feelings of apathy and disinterest. Looking back on it now, it also reminds me that we do not always know what someone is up to underneath the mask they wear around others. That could just be my personal experiences this month projecting onto the reading but I feel like that is still a good reminder. As for the apathy and disinterest, I can tell you that I have personally felt a shift in my own mental health the last month. It has actually caused me to take a massive step back in my own social media presence. I feel like that is what has caused a lot of my own issues, especially when it comes to losing interest in things I once loved.

I do not really have a point of reference for the grand scale of things. I have always been a cynical person by nature so it should come as no surprise that I do think the entire world (as a collective, not necessarily on an individual basis) has sort of given up on everything. I feel a general sense of apathy about the world, almost like the Earth is covered in a veil of mist that we need to pull off.

Anyway, how do you feel about April? Did it play out for you like the reading or did you have a different experience?

:hibiscus: This month, we are looking at the month of May!

As a reminder, the collective reading for the month of May has us looking at the Page of Swords.

May 2022: The Page of Swords :sword_tarot:

The Page of Swords stands holding one sword in her hand in the air with her other hand gripping the pommel of a sheathed sword at her hip. She appears to be in a snowy landscape during a blizzard as snow whips around her. She is determined, just as the knights have been before her, and she leans into her exuberant energy in defiance of the obstacles that she faces. We will find ourselves leaning into the alert energy of the Page this month. While the world whips around us, we must stay vigilant and active in our pursuits. We may need to rely on defiance this month to get things done, an attitude of I’m gonna do it anyway no matter what you say could be helpful.

With this card in mind, I pulled three more cards to give us some more guidance on where May is headed. This month, I decided to pull from my Hanson Roberts tarot. I also pulled an extra card from my Spirits and Shadows oracle deck as a clarifier.

I hope the image is clear enough. I did this reading this morning along with my own personal daily reading. I liked the ambiance of the candles but it did not lend much to the actual photo.

In this image sits the Three of Cups, the Two of Rods, and the Six of Rods all reversed. Under those three cards sits The Moon from my oracle deck.

It does not bode well for me that all cards are reversed. It is also interesting to me that we still have a lot of fiery energy in this reading leftover from April with all the wands (in this deck Rods and Wands are equivalent).

:cup_tarot: The Three of Cups Reversed sees us possibly losing touch with our social circle. This could be of our own making or we are just too busy dealing with life to have time for friends. This could also point to something like gossip or isolation. This makes sense when we couple it with the rest of the cards, but it is never a good feeling to be isolated from those we care about.

:wand_tarot: The Two of Rods Reversed is interesting because last month we had the Two of Wands upright pointing us to planning for the future. Now, with the Page of Swords’ determination stepping in and the Two of Rods reversing, our plans might be going up in smoke no matter how hard we try. This could also be a sign that to keep that from happening we will need to push through, grin and bear it, and not let anything get in the way of what we want or need. You might be tempted to just give up and throw in the towel but that is the last thing you need to do right now.

:wand_tarot: Coming in at the end, The Six of Rods Reversed points to a lack of achievement, but not one that is necessarily true. This card is about how we think we are doing and not how we are actually doing. We may find ourselves feeling like a failure, especially if we can’t pull the determination together from the Page of Swords and we end up teetering on the brink of giving up like the Two of Rods Reversed cautions against. This is a card of disappointment in ourselves, one that we will have to actively combat. It may be necessary to remind ourselves regularly of all the things we have accomplished so far.

:waning_gibbous_moon: For the clarifier, I decided to pull a card from my Spirits and Shadows oracle deck. In doing so, I pulled The Moon. I have never used two decks together like this so it is an interesting situation for me. This card aligns with The Moon from tarot in a few ways but then it is different in others. In this situation, I feel like we are getting the darkness, the secrets, and the fear that The Moon holds in divination. We are getting the need for illumination that The Moon provides. However, I feel like this is also pointing us toward the Black Moon, the eclipse, and the general “space weather” that is going on right now.

Just as a reminder…

:star: The Card of the Year: The Nine of Pentacles

  • success, abundance, and reaping the benefits of our hard work

:star: Goals of 2022: The Knight of Swords Reversed

  • impatience, rudeness, and an overall aggressive manner in endeavors
  • fighting for what we believe in

:star: Obstacles of 2022: The Nine of Swords

  • collective trauma, guilt, and shame
  • hiding away and regretting our decisions

Putting it together…

Overall, this is another month that I am not really looking forward to. There are a lot of changes happening within my household that will bring about a chaotic time. It is not anything bad, actually it is a very good thing and I am happy it is happening. However, the uncertainty and chaos is not something I am looking forward to.

Outside of myself, May seems to be bringing more gloom and apathy with it. We might end up so busy that we run ourselves ragged and forget our goals. This is double-edged because we will need time to recuperate and rest but also, when this happens, we may find ourselves feeling guilty about not putting time into our goals. To keep ourselves from getting too down this month, I have an idea. Every day in the month of May, take a minute to write down (or keep track in any other way) at least one thing that you accomplished that day that made you feel good. If you can’t think of anything for that day, write down one thing from your past that you are proud of yourself for. These can be literally anything. For example, if you struggle with depression and have been finding it hard to get out of bed, writing down that you managed to shower that day is an accomplishment! Whatever those look like to you, write them down. Then when the Six of Rods Reversed comes banging on our doors, we will have a list of things to look back on to remind ourselves that we are not failures, that we have a lot to be proud of, and that we have come a long way!

What do you think? Do you have any insight to share from the collective reading? And how do you think May is going to go?

If you want to do your own reading for the new month, you can find the current infographic below. I also have a blog post that goes into more detail about each card in the layout. You can find that post by clicking here.



Sometimes when reading your excellent check-ins I come across a line that just- bam, right to the chest. I feel like this is a complete bullseye for me :dart:

But luckily, being aware of it can (hopefully) help me to address it in healthy ways :grinning: . Having a heads up about issues like these gives us time to find ways to work with them and avoid repercussions that otherwise could be extreme.

I love these check-ins, Megan- thank you so much! :heart::pray:


I’m glad you like them! That point that you picked out about the double-edged sword is something I’m really having to remind myself of lately so I’m glad it’s ringing true for more than just myself :sweat_smile: