Meaning of finding bundle of sticks on porch?

Happy Friday everyone! I have a strange question. A friend sent me a message that she found a bundle of sticks in front of her apartment window (see pictures below). She’s concerned it might mean something. Has anyone heard of this? I tried doing some research but couldn’t find anything concrete.

She said there is a “creep” in her neighborhood that has been stalking people in her neighborhood. Not sure if they are related at all.


It sort of looks like someone intentionally put them there since they are already bound by what looks like maybe twine.

I tried to search for a symbolic meaning & the only thing that I came up with was:

A “a bundle of sticks” – in which each stick represents an individual right – is a common analogy made for the bundle of rights. Property owners possess a set of “sticks” related directly to the land. Bundle of rights - Wikipedia


I found the same thing as @Susurrus. And I agree - definitely looks intentional. I hope it’s nothing too creepy/serious!


Huh, that is weird. I would maybe call the police around. Let them know in case they’re looking for the neighborhood creep.


Huh… :thinking:

That’s really strange-looking for sure! Looking at it up-close it kind of looks like a hanging wall decoration that got all bundled up and squished, if that makes sense? Like maybe it was dropped by someone unintentionally.

Based on the way it makes me feel - I can’t feel anything malicious from it, just a sort of neutrality if I had to give it a label.

I also don’t know of anything in widespread knowledge about bundled sticks together. It could potentially be a binding, but if the sticks don’t have anything on them I’m less inclined to think it’s that.

I’m not sure, but if you find something out, please let us know!


Hi all,

All I could find was some discussion on reddit regarding a “similar” bundle (was tied differently). They concluded that it was likely a binding spell. As @MeganB suggested, looking at the way this one is tied up, I don’t think it was intended to be a binding spell, or any spell for that matter.

I did give my friend some advice on how to remove it and remove any potential negative energy if she felt it was a dark energy. @Amethyst, I also told her to call the police about the creeper! Hopefully she will listen.

Thank you all for weighing in!


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