Medicinal and Magickal- an Introduction to Heather! 🌿

That looks like a lot of Lavender or it could be Salvia. Where were these located at? They are beautiful!

edit I forgot you said you live in Poland correct? Lol silly me. It does look like Heather too!

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You are absolutely right, @janelle! I’ll have to go back and truly investigate next time :face_with_monocle: It’s hard to tell from the pics, but those were some huge bushes- about as tall as I am! :laughing: I’ve never seen lavender get to be so big, but it could definitely be Salvia, or possibly a Butterfly Bush as well :butterfly:

And yes, I’m in Poland! In the capital Warsaw at the moment. I’m finding a lot of familiar plants and herbs here (mostly in garden centers and flower shops because it’s a big city) but also several things (like heather!) that I didn’t know about before :star_struck:. It’s been quite the herbal learning experience! :bouquet:

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