Meditation muddles

Good afternoon , I practice every day and I am just not improving I do have adhd so concentrate and relaxing is tricky, has anyone got any tips or videos etc I could try ? I know I have to master this to progress in the craft , thank you so much .
Blessed be mandy xxxx


I’m sorry I don’t have a perfect answer but I can suggest music. Yes, music! There are plenty videos with different hz or a unit of frequency. I use it for my toothache. Here’s an example or two (for concentration):

I listen to these at anytime at all but especially while asleep.

Otherwise, I can recommend a crystal or two.
Amazonite, fluorite, clear quartz, smoky quartz.

I hope something will help out in the end. Maybe someone else will come along with another answer.


There is also mindfulness center exercises. Mindful walk or movements to help center you.


Thank you so much Christina I will try these out xxx


Thank you so much xx


I used Zen12 when I started and it helped me over the past couple years:

Guided meditation on youtube is also handy when you get started, as you listen to the guide and it will kind of guide you on what you should focus on during the meditation. After experience, you’ve be able to make do without the guide part and just having the ambient sound, and eventually no music at all and into bliss.



@amanda44 If you have too many thoughts coming in, think of it like falling asleep. Maybe put some music in the background or something that relaxes you. Lay back in bed and close your eyes. Let the thoughts come and go, without jumping onto any train of thought.

Another thing I do is when a thought pops into my mind, I try to focus on it and ignore everything else until I can get that thought to dissolve. Then that moment is the meditation. Even if it lasts for 5 seconds, that’s progress. :+1:


Thank you so much


Greetings @amanda44!

Meditation is tricky- I’ve been meditating for years and I still have troubles and struggles with everything involved. From finding time, to getting a quiet place, to being able to put stresses and worries aside- I feel you! :sweat_smile:

Others have shared some really awesome advice, so adding to that, here are a few tips you might consider:

Are you sitting comfortably?
There are many ways to position your body during meditation- from walking, to using certain cushions, to laying on spike/acupuncture mats, yoga, etc.

If your current style of meditation isn’t working, why not switch it up and try meditation another way?

→ Comfortable Positions for Meditation Discussion

Guided Meditations
If you’re having a hard time focusing on your own, guided meditations are a great way to help gently guide and direct your thoughts.

Spells8 has a collection of Guided Meditations, and @Silverbear has some amazing meditations on her YouTube Channel as well. I know some folks use Headspace with great results too.

Spells8 Guided Meditations:

My best advice to you is to keep experimenting and not be afraid to make your meditation practice your own. Find what works best for you and have fun with it!

Blessed meditating! :sparkles:


Hi @amanda44 I struggled with meditating at the start too. The guys have all given really good tips - some other things that helped me included:

  • Start Slow - even if its just a few seconds, its still beneficial and you’re learning, you will build from it. I started with 30 seconds of concentrating on my breathing at a time and over the course of a couple of weeks, it naturally and effortlessly extended :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Mindful Walks - whilst out walking just take a moment to look, really look, around :eyes: What colours do you see, what is you favourite colour? How many things can you find of that colours, how many different shades? :rainbow: Can you feel the breeze, which part of your body? Scan your body up and down, are there any points of tension? Follow the breath, notice it, appreciate it, try and lengthen it :leaves:

  • Guided Meditations - Headspace is my absolute favourite! They have a couple of shows on Netflix - which I would really recommend! - and a few podcasts on Spotify; Radio Headspace, Sunday Scaries, Goodnight World, as well as some playlists for sleep :sleeping: and guided mediation. They have an app too, which is awesome, but its chargeable. I think they give you a 2 week free trial, they have literally hundreds of different guided mediations on there, loads of courses and singles, as well as exercises, techniques, support, soundscapes and group meditation. Full Moon Mama :full_moon: and Yoga Bunny :rabbit2: are other good podcasts - they do 5 minute ones.

  • Try different techniques - Visualising, Body Scanning, Noting, Connecting, Clearing are a few - I struggle with Clearing my mind, but I am very good at Visualising and Body Scanning, so I tend to use these techniques when meditating more often :dizzy: Another good reason to at least use the Headspace app for the free trial, they go through lots of different techniques with you.

Good luck with your meditation :four_leaf_clover::woman_in_lotus_position:


We are in the same boat… I have not been diagnosed with anything (as i am resilient to find out what i could have asides from depression) but my doctor says i speak to fast, think too much and become very over active, so can find it hard too and know where you are coming from… I also feel as if i am going no where even when i practiced everyday but i can tell you i tried something that has recently improved this feeling… I decided to exercise more and take time with my hubby and i feel way better. Sometime we feel as if we have to do something but in reality we just need a minute to breathe and take or mind off things… I can tell you my concentration is a loot better now… :blush:


Thank you for the fabulous advice x


Thank you so much for all the amazing advice .


Thank you so much


Hiya @amanda44, I was searching for some suggestions myself as I too live with ADHD and find sitting still and meditating challenging. Have you had any success with that fabulous feedback that you’ve got?

I know I’m best with something to fidget with, be it a crystal or doodling. I’ve started adding drumming and gentle movement when meditating and find that helps with keeping my focus for more than 2 minutes, lol.

All the best,


There is a movement done by Hasidic Jews when they pray called shuckling, a kind of rocking and swaying back and forth. It is supposed to be representative of a flickering candle when their spirit connects with the Torah. I was watching this and was intrigued by it. I tried it while meditating but I slowly swayed my upper body in more of a figure 8 (like an infinity symbol). I found it helped me concentrate that day. I like to have a repertoire of tactics when focus is an issue (e.g., sometimes white noise helps, sometimes movement works betters, sometimes just focusing on my breath, etc.)


The responses so far are excellent, and hopefully this will help as well.

It is possible that your concerns about progressing are interfering with your progress! In mindfulness practice and DBT, this is called judging. When your mind wanders, gently notice call it back without adding a negative evaluation of your wandering. Your path is yours.

Another thought: What if you valued your wandering instrad of seeing it as an obstacle? After all, didn’t you wander your way into the craft and this coven? If you have adhd, perhaps this is one area where you can embrace your mind’s natural process rather than fight it for the pleasure of the world around you. It may be that you find it difficult to relax and concentrate because you are fighting your natural path. You could choose to see the practice as the destination, allowing your mind to wander and trusting that it will take you where you need to go.

Whatever you choose, I wish you success!


I am not telling you to go against the advice of a medical professional.

But seriously? What is “too fast?” I didn’t know there was a speed limit for talking. And what if your doctor is just a slow listener? That fact that you talk fast is an indication that your brain and mouth are in sync, and very coordinated.

What is “thinking too much” in a world of idiots who don’t think enough?

Adhd was not always seen as a disorder. It was once recognized as a gift, maybe even a superpower. As someone who works in mental health, it bothers me that differences are summarily classified as disorders. “Disorders” are nothing more than shorthand descriptions of conditions and associated symptoms. Ask your doctor what normal is, then when your doctor can’t define it ask how it is possible to determine that you lie outside the normal range? Maybe non-ADHD folks are dysfunctional…

Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox now. Do what works for you, but don’t allow others to define or label you, regardless of the letters they have after their name.


Your doctor says too much. They should try for another profession, like a psychologist.