Meditation Question

Is it ok to use the guided candle meditations habitually or is the goal to be able to conduct the meditations without guidance?


Hi, In the beginning, I had a lot of trouble with meditations, and even after a lot of practice and using an app, I still only get the full benefit from guided meditations. As long as the guided meditation is in line with your intent, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to stick to it. It isn’t a problem for me and then if I do have to do one without a guided meditation or cast along, it’s much easier for me to handle.


Like Krissie says, the intent is the more important thing. The method we use to meditate and the amount we meditate each day will naturally change over our lifetimes. What is important is getting into the habit because it provides so many benefits both personally and metaphysically.


Great question!

Both methods (guided and non-guided meditations) are useful depending on the situation and the person. If you are seeing benefits doing the candle guided meditations and they are helpful to you, then of course keep doing them!

But if you feel that they aren’t right for you anymore, you can try other methods.

For example, try breath counting in your mind, or focusing on repeating a mantra. Or simply open up your senses, hear, see, smell, feel everything. Be in the present moment.

Also, if you have been doing the same guided meditation for a month, you can probably do it on your own now without help.


That’s good advice thanks. But I swear every time I hear the candle meditations they sound different , I’m always uplifted afterwards.