Memory Blockage (working with a God or Goddess)

I have an embarrassing and what I think it going to come out as a laughable newbie sounding question. Some of you know that parts of my memory are basically missing so I am going step by as a newbie and does seem to be helping my memory, even in daily life but I’m having trouble with fully grasping the concept of working with a specific God or Goddess. I’m not sure if I’m explaining my it in a way that matches the issue in my rewired brain but could someone please fully explain the concept and application as though you were talking to someone who started on the path 6 or so months ago?


The concept (known as duoteism) is mostly prevalent in Wicca, however different paths have different approaches. In general, most neopagan practices (like older polytheism e.g. Ancient Greece) are orthopractic (meaning practice takes precedence over belief).

This means that there are many ways to consider the Lord and Lady. Some see them as two balancing creative forces of the universe, others as actual spirits to be called upon and worshipped. Some give them specific names from various pantheons, while other simply call them God and Goddess.

I hope that helps! There is more information here:


@Francisco I’ve edited my post to make my thoughts a little more clear, that part I remember I mean more the how the working with one works.
I feel silly that I can’t make my brain understand but I have to label the stove top knobs because I can’t comprehend the diagram so this isn’t much different in what has become my life


I’d like to try and help if I can :blush: It sounds like you’re having trouble grasping the difference between working with the Wiccan God and Goddess versus a deity from a different pantheon, or a deity themselves outside of Wicca. Is this right? I want to make sure I understand your question before I continue :blush:


@MeganB No and I’m not sure how else to word it


Getting to know that God/Goddess is essential. Each deity has a unique background, character, and history. One good way to start is to look into your ancestry.

When interacting with the gods, it is important to show respect and be prepared to offer something that they enjoy. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the common ways of communicating with that specific deity, such as their preferred symbols, signs, prayers and offerings e.g. incense.

The “working” part is usually developing a relationship. Asking for their wisdom and guidance on how to be a better version of yourself, improve your magical practice, or even a role model (or archetype).


@Francisco Thank you that is exactly what I needed and there was a bit of a memory spark.


Ahh I’m glad Francisco was able to answer your question! :tada:


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