How do you find and connect with a deity?

I see a lot of people talking about how they feel connected to a specific deity and that they rely a lot of them for help and advices , I’m wondering , how can you reach out to the deities and how do you find the one(s) that “fits” you best ?
Thank you for your advices
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Working with a deity can simply mean to show them gratitude and include them in your prayers or thoughts. There’s no right or wrong here, just what works for each person.

A good place to start can be building a relationship with your ancestors. Learn about the culture and deities of the people you come from. That can help you develop a strong connection.

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you watch this lesson:

And here’s a quick list of deities and information about them:

Personally, I practice in terms of duotheism (God and Goddess ♂️♀️) . When I was younger I had a vision of two sibling deities (a male and a female) who interacted in a playful manner, bringing forth all of creation, and nothing has changed my view of that ever since.

When I cast spells, though, I tend to connect better with spirits and saints from my family background which is Catholic, so St. Expedite is a big one, and also Gauchito Gil, the Pagan saint from my country.

Many people don’t “choose” their deity, but rather feel called to it, which means they are chosen by the deity. There are many ways to perceive the signs: it could be through meditation or in a dream for example. I suggest you start a dream journal or a consistent meditation practice.

If something is trying to get through to you, it should make itself known once you relax and clear your mind. Don’t rush or force things. Also, don’t feel like you must have a deity to work with. Lots of pagans simply honor the Elements, the Moon, Sun, or whatever is around them.

Good luck! :pray:


Thank you for the tips and advices ! I hear a lot about people finding their deities and familiars through dreams , unfortunately mines are made of chaos , pop culture reference , actors I’m too obsessed with and generally just a bunch of crazy that makes no sense at all . How are you all finding so much meaning and guidance through your dreams ?


I never viewed myself as “spiritual” until recently…and It actually started for me when I took a yoga class! The owner of the studio has this giant elephant at the front of the room… Ganesha, also spelled Ganesh.

He is the remover of obstacles…but sometimes he is a jerk and places obstacles in your way when he feels you need to learn a lesson. :grin:

I was very curious and drawn to him…and to begin class we would always start with a chant usually in Sanskrit…it was great to learn this! At the time I started, I was having a very difficult time in life, it seemed a lot of “bad” stuff was happening and I was feeling defeat. Someone suggested yoga, so I went.

This was the chant…

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

This mantra is related to replenishing our root chakra, and Ganesha is said to govern the root chakra. Broken down, “om” is that traditional meditative primordial sound that means “wake up.” “Gam” is the sound of Ganesha. “Ganapataye” is another word for Ganesha. And “nahama” means “I offer my salutations and bow to you.” So one full translation of om gam ganapataye namaha is more or less, “salutations to the remover of obstacles.”

I was taught… This mantra is very important because it is not only easy and catchy but also expresses the willingness to move past all the obstacles in our lives. When we choose to chant this mantra, we align ourselves with the desired result and move towards it with dedication.

You are suppose to chant it 108 times. You may have heard of mala beads? The number 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and yogic tradition. Malas or Japa beads come in a string of 108 and are used for devotional meditation, mantra and prayer. With each bead a mantra or prayer is repeated to meet a total of 108.

Anywho…that’s how I found my deity that I connected with.

I am also discovering Gaia and feeling connection with her as well. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.


That’s a very inspiring way to start the day! Iove it! :elephant:

It’s easy to overlook the symbols for the weird story. But dreams can be a great way of communicating with the subconscious mind.

  • One solution is to try and figure out the images, places, people in your dreams as carriers of messages (symbols). Psychoanalysis is one way to do this.

  • What I found to be really helpful is to practice lucid dreaming. Here’s a quick how-to guide. When in a state of lucid dreaming, you can straight-forward ask your guide(s) to reveal themselves, see them and ask them questions. It could be a deity, an ancestor, an animal, anything.

In any case, keep a journal and a pen by your bed, and record your dreams in the morning as soon as you wake up. No matter how crazy your dreams are, you’ll find meaning in the long run.


What are the signs that a deity might be trying to contact me ?


Signs can vary widely from a strong internal almost gut feeling to dreams or visions and everything in between. No matter what the signs, listen with all your senses.

A few signs might be:

  • Visions during meditation or dreams in which the deity appears.
  • Recurring imagery in your daily life of animals, symbols, or themes related to the deity.
  • Indirect signs such as feeling surrounded by their energy.
  • Aspects of your personality, personal interests.

Regarding this last point, sometimes you have to be the one who initiates the relationship. Just like a conversation, you can show interest first and wait for a response or sign. Try saying a prayer to a deity that interests you and then listen.

If you are curious about any deity, place your attention on them — google them, look at images, read about their mythology, see if your interest grows. Sometimes the fact that you are attracted to them now (or at some point in your life) is a strong sign itself.


I finally had a very interesting dream last night , it’s was weird because it appeared between 2 different “dreams sessions” I only remember small details , it went like this
I think I was standing in a forest and I saw a goddess standing in front of me , I couldn’t see her face nor do I remember her hair color , she told me she wanted to contact me , but that I wasn’t quite ready yet and that I have to study some things first , she then showed me some books about trees and various herbs and their uses in wicca
What could that possibly means and who tried to contact me ?


That’s amazing! There’s something there and it’s up to you to unravel it! :muscle:

It’s hard to tell without having any more details, it could be a manifestation of the Goddess herself or a specific deity, ancestor, person, etc. There are many things you can do now. Here are my suggestions:

  • Before going to bed, try to imagine and think about this goddess you saw in your dream. Be open to receiving more information, and as you go to bed call upon her by saying to yourself “I am ready to know you”.
  • If you haven’t already, place a notebook and a pen next to your bed, and make sure you write down what you remember from your dreams as soon as you wake up.
  • Keep exploring: Look up images and names of goddesses from different pantheons on google. See which they look or sound familiar. You can do this before going to bed too or right after waking up.

Here’s another quick list of goddesses from diverse pantheons.


So after reading through all of your comments here, I don’t think the Higher Being was ready to reveal themselves to you because, as you said, They said you aren’t ready yet. Maybe They feel that you are too fresh off the boat, so to speak, in that you have much to learn still.

Without knowing the entire situation or full context of your dream and your feelings, I would say that it means you just need to do some introspection, focus on your learning and education. I kind of get the feeling that the Higher Being - which is just my gender-neutral name for a deity - has something to do with either nature in general, specific trees, or specific plants in the world. Maybe They want you to connect with the Land around you and learn more about native trees, plants, etc.


Update , I am still waiting to be contacted by a deity , my dreams haven’t told me much lately , but I’ve seen some pictures pop up around on my social media that seems like odd coincidences ,
This picture just popped up on my Facebook ; is this a sign or am I reading into this too much ?


It could be a sign, or it could just be an image that someone has shared. Honestly, that is up to you to determine. For example, if something like this came up on my newsfeed, I wouldn’t take it as a sign because I have a lot of people that I follow and are connected with who honor Hekate.

These things can take time, and you may never be contacted by a deity - but there’s nothing wrong with that. Many times the only things we see on social media from those in the community are talks about how other people have been called by a deity. What you don’t see is the hundreds of thousands of others who have not been called by a deity. Take your time and don’t rush it. Sometimes when you stop looking, everything will fall into place.


While I agree with @MeganB, sometimes the idea of “reading into it too much” is a sign itself. That feeling is you being called.

I believe being called is not something that you will literally hear like a voice calling you out, but a subtle feeling that things start to make sense. If you feel a connection to Hekate, no matter how small, then open yourself to that path.

Wait until the dark moon (right before the New Moon) which in Hellenic tradition is special to Hekate. Meditate with the intention to speak to her. Give an offering. Pray, internally or speak out loud to her.

Find ideas for offerings and a prayer here »


What is your favorite time in history? What Gods were worshipped then? Pray, meditate about it.
I did a past life meditation once and I was male and a doctor. Egypt in general has always fascinated me. But I still feel the need to keep ‘shopping’ and I don’t mean to sound fresh. I find that I’m more inclined to Goddess and Consort. Still looking with prayer and faith. God will find you. Mellow blessings


This is some wonderful advice! Information of past lives can definitely be a starting point when searching for deities to work with. And how I love spellwork and meditations that explore past lives :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For those interested in doing so, here are few ways to explore past lives:

For anyone who is struggling to find and connect with a deity, I agree with Barbara that peering back in time to research Gods and Goddesses of past lives may be a great place to start! :+1:


Such wonderful suggestions! I become more charged and delighted with the enthusiasm and generosity of people like The travel Witch and too many to mention.
If someone asks me “Are they good witches or bad witches?” I’ll answer “They’re ALL GOOD WITCHES!” :innocent:


In this case, I’d say listen to your heart not your senses. Your eyes can deceive you and your ears don’t always hear subliminal messages. (Honestly, there was a time when manufacturers were putting sub. messages on their TV ad. They had to stop when caught, but people can be manipulative and deceiving. Trust your heart. God works in mysterious ways.


thanks for your email TTW. How kind of you to take the time to give me more information on a very important and sensitive subject. You’re the best.


Can’t help to borrow a comment a read long time ago, why Arabs keep many wives.
Only if they can afford to keep them and, here is the key, while they argue among them, He will be left at peace :joy::rofl:.
So, would like to have as many deities as possible.
Will always have a favourite one though!:smiley:


You are just too cute. :grin: :grin: