Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... 🤣

What are your thoughts on using mirrors in your spellwork?

Sometimes, mirrors give me the creeps…not always, only certain ones. There was one that use to be at my Grandmother’s house that I could never gaze into…it was very strange and the hairs on the back of my neck would raise. Never could explain it!

I have used mirrors with a few of my Jar spells for amplifying their outcome.


There is a spell I like to do from time to time which helps you get a glimpse (or more, if you’re lucky!) of your past lives which involves gazing into a mirror :dizzy:

I have never used a mirror in any other spellwork though!


Thank you for sharing, @SilverBear! I’ve never tried mirror magic before- but it makes sense that mirrors could be used in a similar way to crystal balls! :crystal_ball:

Aside from a few powerful experiences with Deja vu, and the occassional feeling like being an “Old Soul”, I’ve never tried to connect or glimpse into past lives- I’m very curious about this! Have you had much luck with this mirror spell, @christine4? If so- would you maybe willing to share it? I’m quite tempted to give it a try! :star_struck:


The feeling of being an old soul is exactly why I was so drawn to trying to find out more about my past lives :dizzy:

Of course! You need a candle and a mirror. First I like to cast a circle - I always do when I do any spellwork - although I’m sure if it doesn’t fit your practice it’s also fine without.

Then, light the candle and place it next to the mirror, so that it illuminates your face. I prefer the room to be relatively dark otherwise. Then, say the following (I actually found this little chant on Pinterest, though I believe I adapted it a little bit!):

Remove the chains of time and space
And make my spirit soar
Let these mortal arms embrace
The life that came before
Oracle of lunar light, bless me with the second sight.

Say this as often as it feels right while looking into the mirror.

Usually, my face in the mirror gets a bit blurry after a while, like other faces are overlapping it. When that happens, I like to close my eyes to open myself for any images or visions that might come.

I have done this spell about 6 or 7 times thus far, and it really works well for me. Most of the time I catch little snippets of my past lives; it’s a bit like watching a scene from a movie for a couple of seconds, before moving to the next scene from another movie and so on. Twice, however, I experienced longer memories (if you wanna call it that) which lasted for maybe a couple minutes. In any case I like to use my pendulum afterwards, to verify what I saw - making sure I didn’t misinterpret anything - before noting everything down :relaxed:

If any of you try this out, please share your results :smile: I would love to hear about other peoples experiences with this as well.


Thanks for sharing that, Christine!

I agree that working with mirrors can be a bit creepy! As far as I know, they can be used for scrying, for meditation, or for banishing/reflecting type spells, like Laurie mentioned in her post.

Here’s one I found online:

Come up with a question that you need answered. Write it backwards on a sheet of paper with a marker to make a backwards sign. Now stand in front of any mirror and hold the sign up, the sign will of course read correctly in the mirror.

Relax and stare intently (trance-like) at yourself holding the sign and repeat the question over and over again for a few minutes. Then stop and go about your normal day. Repeat the procedure with the same sign over the next few days using the same sign.

Often you’ll get a super vivid dream with the answer to your question. The answer can appear either as a some situation in the dream or written on something (wall, sign, another mirror,etc) in the dream.


Thank you so much for sharing your mirror spells and experiences, @christine4 and @Francisco! I’ve got a perfect little mirror I could use- I’ll have to organize a time to give some mirror work a first try! :heart_eyes:

Ohhhh this is really great advice, @christine4! I use a log to record my tarot readings, but I think it’s a fantastic idea to record any strong magickal experience in a log. It’s nice to see how things play out (especially with divination readings), and also to see if there any reoccurring symbols or patterns to readings and visions. Thank you for sharing! :two_hearts:

Also, I think using a pendulum to verify and double-check your interpretations is another fantastic idea! :clap: You are a pendulum expert- and you’ve thoroughly convinced me to pick up a pendulum for myself at the next possible opportunity! :blush: :heart:


Thank you for sharing that spell @Francisco! I’ll have to try that out as well. Although trying to write something backwards will probably come with a bit of trial and error :joy: :see_no_evil:

Exactly! So far I caught bits and pieces of 14 past lives, and I learned that I always had blue eyes. Probably not important at all regarding the bigger picture, but a fun little fact nonetheless :blush: :dizzy:

That’s great, let me know how you like working with it! The pendulum was the first magical tool that I was drawn to, and it just works very well for me :two_hearts:


That’s amazing, @christine4!!! :heart_eyes: Does the color blue maybe have a special meaning to you? That’s a very powerful thing to connect so many of your lives through this aspect :two_hearts: :sparkles:


@SilverBear, same for me. Mirrors kinda of always gave me the creeps!


This is fascinating! My old workspace when I was just starting my witchin’ (before I moved in with my Mum) was on top of a giant mirror I had on my dining room table. The idea that it may enhance or amplify magic has got me thinking I need to dig that mirror out and pop it on my current (not an altar :roll_eyes::innocent:) altar. Seems I might’ve been onto something back then :joy:


Working with my Goddess, one of her favorite things are mirrors and my witches bells have them as well (for her) to let me know she is near and guiding me.

On my altar I have a small mirror with both lapis and turquoise as gifts to her. These are not used for anything else.


Glad I’m not the only one! I can’t look in huge mirrors (where I can see much of the room) for very long. I always get the feeling that there’s something behind me.:scream:


I’ve done past life spells: I tend to just catch fast incomplete dream
Images, so far nothing traumatic.

  1. I was a man and a physician in ancient Egypt
  2. A widow in the Civil War era.
    As I said fleeting, no full stories.

I’ve never been comfortable using mirrors for meditation, scrying, or divination. Maybe as an active imagination child I saw or thought I saw too many strange things in the mirror, but using them for anything other than checking my reflection is outside of my personal comfort level, and even then… :laughing:



I get that feeling with mirrors too… Like looking into a parallel universe. But if I feel something looking back at me, that’s the entire room asking for a spiritual cleanse.


I’ve never thought about using mirrors in spellwork! A way to amplify- I will look into this too. Very interesting! @SilverBear was it maybe the type of material that held the mirror or was it a variety of mirrors that have you the odd feeling? Maybe the energy embedded in the material?
Mirrors seemed to have always had a weird effect. And sometimes I don’t believe what I see in it (speaking metaphorically)! I even remember that my family and many others in Louisiana would cover any hallway mirrors when it would storm outside. I never really thought about why. I haven’t really thought about it for years until now. I may need to ask my mom if she has any insight lol


God, C4, I tried this 3-4 times and every time I came to the line “the life that came before” I couldn’t breath until I shut the spell down. What do you all think that meant?


Thank you for this entirely new way of doing magic!


I’ve been so curious into looking the past life regression! I’m definitely gonna give this a try!