Lilacs, Honey & Magick!

Here is a recipe for lilac infused honey and some magickal properties to both ingredients…maybe a bit of witchy history too.

All you need is a mason jar, pourable local honey, lilacs and some intentions!

Lilacs - Syringa Vulgaris

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers! Their sweet fragrance is intoxicating! Where I live, we have an exceptionally large lilac bush on our side yard. I can’t help but to stop and inhale the scent every chance I get!

Lilacs appear in a wide range of colors, from pale white to a deep purple, and the shade depends on the species. They can grow as tall as 23 feet high.

Some magickal properties associated with lilacs are exorcism, protection, dream work, divination, explore past lives, used for blessing the life passage (birth and death) and flirtation

Element: Water

Culinary uses: mix into soft cheeses, yogurt, honey and use it to garnish cakes, pies and cookies.

In folk medicine lilac flowers were used to treat kidney disease.

Although lilacs were traditionally planted in front of a house, growing it anywhere on your property invites nature spirits and fairies to take up residence.

Fresh or dried flowers are effective in spells to attract love. Dried leaves and flowers can be burned for defensive magic and to break hexes. In addition to repelling negative energy, the smoke aids in banishing unwanted spirits.

Decorate your house with its flowers or plant some bushes in your garden. Your ghost problems will be gone once the flowers and their smell are in your house. But beware that it will be a short-term solution once the smell fades. If you have a serious ghost problem, you will need to do a thorough house cleansing and adding lilacs to this ritual will help.

When using this flower in spellwork for relationships, lilacs keep things light and uncomplicated.

When planted around your property it is known to drive away evil.

Lilacs placed inside the home can also help protect and rid it of evil spirits or energies.

Place white lilac flowers on your altar to enhance an Esbat* ritual or for any lunar magic.

*Within Wicca and other Wiccan-influences forms of Neopaganism, an Esbat is a ritual observance of the full moon by members of a coven. The term Esbat in this sense is largely due to Margaret Murray and her 1921 book, The Witch Cult in Western Europe”. Esbat is derived from Old French and roughly translates to “frolic, romp, amuse oneself.”

Honey Magickal Properties

  • Good Fortune

  • Love

  • Fertility

  • Ancestor Worship

  • Purification

  • Romance

  • Happiness

  • Success

  • Beauty

  • Healing

Traditionally, honey jars have been used to promote and invoke kindness, joy, love, good will, and harmony.


  • lilac petals, whole or separated (avoid any hard stem bits for this recipe)
  • pourable raw, local honey – this is the absolute BEST honey you can buy! LOCAL!


  • Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way full of lilac petals.
  • Pour the honey over the lilac petals, filling the jar almost to the top.
  • Stir well to incorporate all the petals into the honey. Let it settle a bit, you may need to add more honey.
  • Stir every day for 3-4 weeks until the honey becomes infused with the lilac petals.
  • Strain if desired by heating the honey gently in a double boiler and then straining with a fine mesh strainer) or leave the petals in. If you are using the heating method be sure to NOT boil the honey.
  • Store at room temperature and enjoy!

Use it to spread on toast or muffins, drizzle over waffles, add to herbal teas or lemonade, take a spoonful to suppress a cough, use it as a healing facial mask, mix with some ground oats to make a facial scrub, or package it in little mason jars and give it to your friends and family!


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