Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! June 7th 🌄

Thank you @Liisa I appreciate the well wishes.
Blessed Be,


Your succulents and the display is beautiful, Iris! :sparkles: Sometimes caring for another living being can be a form of self-care for ourselves :herb::heart: May your new friends bring you cheer and encouragement when you are feeling down! :pray:

Sometimes life is lived moment to moment- and that’s okay! :blush: I hope you had a wonderful rest of the day and are doing well, Siofra! The Goddess Artemis sounds like a lovely deity to learn about. May you enjoy your time connecting with Her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks Ameythst, you’re very kind for asking! :blush: Aside from a few extra projects at work, it’s same old, same old here this week :sweat_smile: But the sun is shining and it’s a lovely day- so we’ll see what we can get up to around here! :laughing:

How are you doing? Hope all is well there! :heart:


Thank you! I’m going to learn what I can about her, but my main focus is on Brigid still. Working with 2 won’t be too much of a challenge. I should be able to do it. :rofl:

I woke up a bit late today, but I got all the bills paid this morning. That was tiring in & of itself really. I do have some errands to go do before I can settle in my space for the rest of the day. It’s good to get out of the house sometimes though.

I think first I am going to put something in my diffuser to brighten the room for the day. I love the endless options for it.


Always keep them moisturized!!! Sorry to hear about your hand :sweat:

Also, sorry about the anxiety that may or may not happen!! Think positive thoughts girl!!! I love you!!!


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love ya!


Good. I’d have to her to thrown you off your stride. Good luck!


Sounds like a predictable week and that can be a good thing. No unexpected surprises of the bad sort.

My helper made me spaghetti today and I have enough for three days I think! LOL! It’s going to be awesome! So I’m doing really good. Thanks, love!


I believe in you, Siofra! :raised_hands::grin: Never too many deities in my opinion- they all have their unique traits and qualities ideal for different kinds of spell and ritual work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did everyone hear that? Spaghetti party at @Amethyst’s! :partying_face: :spaghetti: :joy: Hahaha that’s awesome- enjoy your spaghetti and I hope that your week continues to bring you joy! :heart:


Yesterday was kind of a whirlwind for me. I wasn’t home much because I was running errands & getting caught up on all the things. I’m hoping to have a slower day today but I also get to have lunch with my husband at our favorite little place.

I am working on finding a chant for one of my deities that will work for the challenge or to come up with one on my own. It’s been so long since I have written anything like a poem or chant, minus what I have done in my spells.

Save me a seat @Amethyst, I love a good spaghetti dinner or snack!


I should be eating some pasta during the group chat, just to fuss with y’all! LOL! Thanks love, hope you have a good rest of the week too!

You’ll have to bring your own, I only have room for my desk chair and one other! LOL!


Ooo… I have a rocking chair that I love to sit in when I am watching TV. It’s nice & comfy. I’ll bring that with me.


I’ll bring the salad!!!:laughing::grin:


Sounds like a party waiting to happen! Fun times!


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