Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Apr 3 - 9 🌕

Awww love :smiling_face: :hugs: :kissing_heart: :revolving_hearts:
You always have the words that are like a key to my heart :face_holding_back_tears: :heart:


:face_holding_back_tears: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :gift_heart: :sparkles:


I’m a little late to the party but, :partying_face: I’m so excited for you :black_cat: :sparkles: :unicorn:


Thank you @Amethyst, @MeganB, @Susurrus, @Marsha- luckily the internet seems to be back on for good (knock on wood! :laughing:) and we’ve been blessed with some sun today. The snow was that awful heavy, frozen slushy stuff- but with some luck the sun will chase it away for good :sun_with_face:

Hope the weather is behaving well for everyone today- may it be a lovely day for you! :heart:


Update to the MMM :

This week’s group ritual is now live in the forum! For more details, you can visit the full post by clicking the picture and/or link below (a gentle reminder to please remember to log in to access content in A Sacred Space)

4-6 Cup for the Full Pink Moon Self Love April

(Group Ritual - Apr 6) :full_moon: A Cup for the Full Pink Moon

This meditation draws on the power of the Full Pink Moon- enjoy the youthful, compassionate, and loving nature of this moon as you craft a love vessel out of a heart-shaped token. Keep it with you as a magickal battery to help you recharge with love whenever you need a loving boost! :battery: :heartpulse:

Happy full moon! Looking forward to sharing some love and positive energy with you later this week- cheers, Infinite Roots! :full_moon_with_face: :heartpulse: :coffee:


Awww, you’re perfectly in time dear, the party’s just starting! :partying_face: :smile_cat: :unicorn: :sparkles: :birthday:

The interview was really just the first part of a series! :sweat_smile: I got to hear more about the company and their recruiting process, and the interviewer seemed sweet and helpful :heart: The next one’s going to be on Friday next week, and we’re going to be matching my skills and wishes against what they can provide. They were already impressed about my resume, and “if” wasn’t as much the question as “when”. Slow and steady is good (says the tantrika :joy:)

Now that the excitement is getting back to normal levels again, it’s a good time for some self care :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:


Congratulations @Solasta_Amore and thank you @Amethyst & @marsha for your continued contributions. I know you have made me feel welcome and appreciated more than once!
I hope everyone else is doing well and that for @BryWisteria all is safe and working properly on your end.
I wanted to let everyone know about this month’s new Author series, in case some of you are interested.
Llewellyn’s Virtual Author Forum: Astrology: All About Moon Signs - Crowdcast


Congratulations to @Solasta_Amore @Susurrus and @Amethyst !

This week is a short week! Yay! But will be so busy. :grimacing:

The Keeper of Boons (tarot) has been stalking me for so long. He is underlying some of my readings again this week. In this month of trying to mind how I go, I wonder what he is telling me. He is like a warm hug, respite. I am grateful he keeps journeying with me.

Should be an interesting week!


Thank youuu sweethearts @Wysteria_Norn & @Phoenix_Rose! :heart: :hearts:


I’m really looking forward to this one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m going to smother myself in my self-love spell oil and body spray :laughing: I need it!

That’s so exciting! :clap: I know you’re going to do a great job in any of the interviews – and it sounds like you pretty much already have the job. That’s amazing!

@Wysteria_Norn – Thank you for sharing the link! I’m signing up now :blush:


Aww, thank you, my dear! And thanks for the heads up on that Virtual Author thing!

Thank you!

Ooh, The Keeper of the Boons. Sounds like a good card to have for a stalker card.


Thank you @Wysteria_Norn! :pray: We had a little bloop with the internet this morning, but it decided to behave in the end haha. I’m going to salt the whole place this afternoon to see if that helps :salt::sweat_smile:

Hahaha that sounds like a fun plan- time for a self-love shower! :shower: :two_hearts: :laughing:


I made full moon storm water last night. I even got some hail in there! Its still storming, and y’all know how I feel about lightning. I may have to get the puppy pads out for the dogs. Lol! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :full_moon:


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