Merry Meet Monday - Witchy News of the Week (Dec 25 - 31) 🌕

Congratulations, @georgia & @Sivonnah :tada: Thank you for being a part of the cove :infinite_roots: & for all of your contributions :hugs: I love :revolving_hearts: seeing & hearing from you throughout the forum :blush:

@MeganB that looks lovely :revolving_hearts: I’m so happy that you found it :smiling_face: I love :heart: the pictures you’ve shared, of course, the ones after the storm, I hope that everyone is okay & that the cleanup & getting back to some normalcy comes quickly without too many serious setbacks.

@starborn, I have loved :heart_eyes: seeing your pictures of the skies & different times of day where you are, whether the sky or just the area. I do the same thing I look up at all times of the day, especially sunrise, sunset, the liminal times before those events, at night, interesting things or landscapes at different times of day… & out comes my camera :camera_flash: When I was traveling in early November, I swear there were people from there looking at me like… What is this woman doing looking up & taking so many pictures of… we’re not sure what right now. Who does she belong to? Someone should find them to come get her I have pictures & videos of all sorts of things from the beaches & skies. I remember taking many pictures while on a flight, in the air cruising, ascending or descending, taking off and landing day or night. Never mind the ones I take in my own area or wherever I am because I get distracted by the sky. I did it during my daughter’s football game while she was cheering. I went from the field & then immediately missed about 5 minutes because I was taking pictures of the sky :rofl:

I should move those to my Google Drive or OneDrive & off my phone :thinking: New project! :partying_face:

@Amethyst, I had a good holiday season :heart_eyes: I got some amazing gifts from my son & his girlfriend when she arrived. I’ve been looking up ways to use them & all kinds of things about them. Yay for happy tummies! :yum: I love chocolate pie :pie: so I’d say it was worth it. :wink: I ate probably more than my share of the pinwheels yesterday :laughing: It was Great for my tummy, too, though! I hope you have a great full moon :full_moon: I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do, but I honestly feel like it’s going to involve some more work in my room :witch_pentacle:

@Ostara, oh, that is a great find! It looks great too! I always get so happy when I find things around that just call out to me :heartpulse:


I love them all! :heart_eyes:

:laughing: I guess they aren’t fellow sky enjoyers.

Good idea! I needed to do the same with my photos but procrastinated too long. Now I’m paying $900 to have them recovered off my HDD because it died. :smiling_face_with_tear:

There’s a 3-2-1 backup rule for backing up data, which might be useful for important things. I might use it for my photos if/when I finally get them recovered.

The 3-2-1 rule, attributed to photographer Peter Krogh, follows these requirements:

  • 3 Copies of Data – Maintain three copies of data — the original, and at least two copies.
  • 2 Different Media – Use two different media types for storage. This can help reduce any impact that may be attributable to one specific storage media type. It’s your decision as to which storage medium will contain the original data and which will contain any of the additional copies.
  • 1 Copy Offsite – Keep one copy offsite to prevent the possibility of data loss due to a site-specific failure.

What is a 3-2-1 Backup Strategy? | Seagate US

I finally got a sunset not entirely unobscured by clouds last night. The clouds in the middle look like a jet or a kid’s drawing of a rocket ship (sideways). And there’s a squid at the front of it, touching the tip with its tentacles? I don’t know. :laughing:

I’m not used to having such a huge balcony yet, so I keep going outside to stare at the sky and horizon.


That is beautiful starborn!


So glad you had a good holiday! Good pressies are always fun, as are happy tummies!


Today I did the Full Cold Moon ritual. I modified it slightly by doing it 100% outside on my back deck in the cold weather (it was 36 F) and clear with no wind with a clear view to the moon. I enjoyed listing what I was grateful for and added after the ritual what I was burning away from 2023 on pieces of paper. I’m also gathering some full moon water. It felt good to be out in the brisk air since I’ve been indoors so much these past couple of days with the heat blasting! I also appreciate that this ritual had me drinking a full glass of water, because low and behold I needed it. We could all use a little more water in our lives! :smiley:


The full moon in Texas is lighting up the sky!


So far, I think most people are okay. The last I saw the death toll was four people, and those deaths happened because of people disregarding the barricades and trying to drive through floodwaters.

It is so, so pretty! :revolving_hearts: I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the Spring when the trees are full and the flowers are in bloom!

haha if it fits, it fits! Most of these moon names are based on Native American traditions. I’d be curious to know if the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia have names for the moons, too. There’s no harm in coming up with your own names, either - they generally fit with whatever is going on in the climate at the time.

Right?! So, so pretty! When I get the outdoor altar area done, I’ll be sure to take pictures!

Thank you! I plan on sharing so many pictures :joy: it’s such a beautiful area!


Congratulations to all the new badges


Maine!! Im in Maine too! What crazy rain we had. Merry Yule and Full Moon


Yes, we got here on Tuesday after the rain had already passed - I’ve been told it was a freak storm, something that hardly ever happens :joy: We’ve been here for a full week now and we love it so far, I think!


It was a freak storm. Welcome I love it here. Lived here my whole life.


I’m glad it’s not something that happens all the time :joy: I’m hoping this is the last time I have to move lol I’ve lived in many different states!


@georgia congratulations :confetti_ball: Thank you for all that you do!

@devenne your cat is adorable!

@Ostara what a find! And what a beautiful full moon!

@MeganB how lovely it looks there! What an awesome spot for an altar!

@BlueAngelite what a great ancestor altar! And great full moon pic!

@starborn What a cool picture!

Thank you everyone! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::people_hugging:


I’ve been having quite the week… between having 2 family members home all week, getting sick again, being completely scattered & everywhere yesterday with nothing close to the ability to focus, & random bouts of cleaning… I’m all over the place :rofl:

I am backing up my computer, which syncs to my phone, so everything is in the process of being backed up right now. I backed up my phone yesterday. Among the 100 other things I found myself doing :joy:

I have a slight headache today, so I will probably be taking breaks today. That definitely wasn’t a thing yesterday by any stretch of the imagination :upside_down_face:

I have to make an adventure downstairs to go through some things & take pictures :hugs: I’m looking forward to that… I love looking through the things I had upstairs that are from my loved ones :revolving_hearts:


very peace place. May you enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.


Wow, you’re doing sixteen things at once on top of being sick again. I hope you get to feeling better and can slow down some this weekend!


Thank you, @MsQ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope to make going to the river a regular occurrence!


@Susurrus I hope you and your loved ones are feeling better very soon :rose:


@Devenne, thank you :people_hugging: My daughter is better, but I’m still all stuffy & blah… not as tired as I was through yesterday, so (dare I say it) I think I’m on the upswing :crossed_fingers: :wink:

@Amethyst… it caught up with me yesterday… I will make it downstairs, but I slept a lot yesterday through this morning. I’ll be heading down, though when I do the laundry I meant to do :laughing:


Glad to hear it. Lots of love to you my friend. :rose: