Merry Meet Monday - Witchy News of the Week! (May 22 - 28) 🌓

@MeganB Thankyou for the shout out. Im going to try and do what you all do and @ each in 1 post. :joy:
@Phoenix_Rose Thankyou, sorry about your back and legs, I had pain in my legs and tried yoga, only kept falling over :joy:, still it made for a good laugh but did help a little. We have Mctimoney back chiro here, do you have that there? Its a little gentler than the chiro, chiros scare me. But I Hope you feel a bit better soon :heart:
@Siofra_Strega Thankyou, I love it here, feels like home, happy reading :smiley:
@Amethyst Thankyou. Im sneezing too, hayfever, but its a good sign. We have such long dark winters, it means summers coming. Yey :grin:
@Aurora_Hestia Thankyou. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. Its fab.:heart:
@marsha Thankyou. Its nice to be a part of this lovely witchy community. :heart:
@Jeannie1 Thankyou. Happy gardening. Its that time of year to get the herbs growing. :heart:
@crystal59 Well done lovely, for being so lovely :heart:
A big heart to all of you for welcoming this lone witch from the other side of the Atlantic. Though we are miles apart physically, I feel like we’re neighbours. Its beautiful. Blessed be and have a great week :heart:


Thank you @Aurora_Hestia

Yay! That sounds amazing. May you meet with much success!

Thanks @marsha!

I love my chiro! I dont love/trust all chiros. I am super lucky he is knowledgeable and a well rounded practictioner. A few years ago I went to the ER as I couldn’t walk and was in tons of pain. The doctor said take 3 weeks off work, take some morphine and it will get better over time. I told my chiro- he opened up for me on his day off and adjusted me 3 times that week and the week after. Within a week, week & 1/2, I could walk without a cane and no morphine. I have been sitting at a desk working o/t and stressing. I need to just do my exercises.

I am glad you have found something that works for you!


I may start again after going to the arthritis doctor. Right now it sends me to a pain scale of 8-10 to try to do them on my leg. I don’t want to damage myself anymore. But you’re right, I need to get off my butt more and do them.

Aww, you’re welcome, my dear! We love learning with you!

I’m gonna wait and see what the doctor says, but I couldn’t do a tree pose if I wanted to. Now I can do a planet pose, where I curl up in a ball in the bed like a planet, no problem!

Thank you for your light, @marsha! You are very dear to me!

True. It’s nice to see the blackberries blossoming out my window. If only I didn’t sneeze so much!


Congrats @tracyS and @crystal59. :blush:


Update to the MMM :

This week’s group ritual is now live in the forum! For more details, you can visit the full post by clicking the picture and/or link below (a gentle reminder to please log in so that you can access content in A Sacred Space)

Tea and Tarot Day

(Group Ritual - May 25) :flower_playing_cards: Tea & Tarot

Happy World Tarot Day! Bring out your favorite deck to celebrate- a cup of something tasty is the perfect accompaniment to an easy but illuminative one-card reading! Feel free to use your favorite tarot or oracle deck for this meditative tea time ritual.

“See” you then, Infinite Roots- cheers! :flower_playing_cards: :grinning: :heart:


You did a fantastic job! :clap: :heart:

I think waiting would be a good idea since you’re injured, for sure. :people_hugging: But they’re a good exercise to do to prevent injury and more pain! I know how much they suck, too :joy: because here I am telling my kiddo (and you!) to do the physical therapy exercises and I should also be doing the ones for my shoulder regularly. I do them occasionally, just not regularly enough. Do as I say, not as I do? :rofl:

I’m looking forward to it! :heart:


I hear ya. I need to do the upper-body ones at the very least. Sigh. Don’t wanna. LOL!


Yesterday I was plagued by a sneak up migraine, that may or may not have been initiated by allergies… @Amethyst reminded me that yes, my rhododendron is in fact blooming & is also… right in front of my bedroom window that we have been keeping open at night :laughing: I took my allergy medicine, so I’m sure there were other contributors including my next appointment for my migraine treatments is next Tuesday. So there’s that… :hugs:

You’re welcome @Phoenix_Rose & @crystal59! I hope you have some great days ahead! :revolving_hearts:


I am so bad about checking these posts each week but I checked this morning (yes I am procrastinating on starting my day :laughing:) and I found something great! I’ve gone down a rabbit hole researching Thargelia, its connection to Artemis, and its historical significance, and planning how to celebrate it tomorrow! :deer: :bow_and_arrow: :herb:

Oh goodness, I just found this as well! I love that I can add witchy holidays and moon phases to my google calendar! What a good start to my morning!!


Oh you and me both :rofl: My physical therapy exercises are for my shoulders so I totally understand!


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :heart:

Hope you’re feeling better today! It’s definitely that time of year.


:blush: Thank you, dear Amethyst :people_hugging: you are so kind! You are quite dear to me too! :heart:

I have to agree with you, getting your doctor’s opinion is a good idea!

After I sent the message to you, I watched the video from the Rosalie Yoga and I have to say, the tips really helped me to balance better. I may actually be able to do it correctly someday!

I think the tree pose is one of the hardest ones to do, but guess what? I can do the planet pose too! :rofl: I love your sense of humor!

With love :heart: always


Yes I’m overall better. Just tired today :rofl: thank you @Aurora_Hestia :hugs:


I hope your migraine gets better. Maybe close your window at night when it’s cool? That might help.

It’s no fun, isn’t it?

Hee! Thank you love! Gotta laugh or you’ll cry about some things. I have balance problems on two feet and my left hand shakes. I can’t imagine doing that tree pose! More power to you if you can do it, you’re awesome!


@Amethyst… it definitely crossed my mind when I saw all the blooms this morning :rofl: I hope your knee is feeling better! Or starting to! :revolving_hearts:


Blessed Tharelgia, Artemisia! I hope you were able to find some fun ways to celebrate. Enjoy the day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :bow_and_arrow: :deer: :sparkles:


Nope, it never is :joy: I have to tell myself that I can’t expect my kiddo to do hers if I don’t do mine!


It’s doing much better, thanks love!


Ah, the good parent thing. Yeah, I don’t envy you that. LOL! More power to you, love!


haha thank you, Amethyst! :heart: Parenting is no walk in the park and it definitely didn’t come with a handbook :bookmark: I wish it did!