Merry reMeet!

I am so very happy to be back with you all as an active member. I went dormant, lol. Such a wonderful group of bee-ings. I am a bee person, artist, tarot reader, teacher, and deck creator. I have found the beauty of bringing all modalities together - and honestly, the best place is in a witch community and practice that is welcoming and all-inclusive.
much love, Kelly


Welcome Back @SacredBee! I saw something to do with bees recently & thought… where has SacredBee been up to? :thinking:

I’m so happy you have found a way to work everything in with each other! I’m doing the same because we have had a few changes now that my daughter is back to school & new jobs starting. So I’m working in my practice with my usual daily things & getting back to the things I used to be able to do each day on a daily basis, but now I may have to include that time with another aspect.

I hope you enjoy yourself & I’m hoping to learn with you again!


Hello! I am looking forward to seeing how you pull it all together :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll learn some new things and get great pointers!


HI @SacredBee! I saw a bee-focused tarot deck not too long ago and wondered if it was yours! Glad you’re back with us!


Welcome back @SacredBee! :blush:

It’s great to hear from you- how have you bee(n)? :honeybee: :wink: :heart:

Beautifully said and I couldn’t agree more! :raised_hands: Welcome home, Sacred Bee!

Lots of love and many blessings :sparkles:


Welcome back! :honeybee: :heart:

I’m happy to see you here again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I’m so glad you are back with us again Kelly. I’m looking forward to seeing you around the forum.

With much love :heart: always,


Welcome @SacredBee Kelly, or welcome back! I am new here since you were last here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! My sacred animal is a Bee and I’m learning so much! I’m looking forward to :honeybee: bee-ing friends! :brown_heart:


It’s good to be back - I did remain on the email list and heard much from you and that has been great!


We should talk bees! It’s my sacred guide too and I appreciate what htey have taught me about collective conscious!


We’re very glad to have you back, @SacredBee! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And hooray- I’m glad if you found the email list useful! We try to load it with info so it can be a good way to stay up to date on things :grinning:

Lots of love and many blessings to you! :honeybee: :sparkling_heart:


I would love to hear about collective consciousness @SacredBee! Maybe we need a bee thread? There could be others who are interested as well. I have thought about starting a bee colony to draw in more bees - I just have to study about it more to do it ethically, responsibly and with the right type of bees native to us. I am new to the bees as of this summer, so I have a ton to learn. Looking forward to it - @admins should we move to an all new bee thread, is that OK?! :honeybee::honey_pot::yellow_heart::black_heart:


That’s totally fine! You all are always welcome to start new threads to continue different conversations :blush: I’d love a bee thread too! :honeybee:


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