Methods to Read Nature and Predict the Weather 🌤

As the sun rose in the sky this morning, I watched the sky shift through a rainbow of bright and vibrant colors. The pictures really don’t do it justice- the whole sky was ablaze with color!

Maybe divination and predictions are on my mind after researching various methods for this week’s challenge about foretelling the future but it really made me think…

How can I read and interpret the morning skies?

I asked my partner who told me that, in Poland, when the sky is tinted pink like this in the morning it means the day will be nice but windy :wind_face:

It reminded me of a saying my father quotes sometimes. Our family has lived by the ocean for many, many generations and most of my ancestors have been sailors of one kind of another. Here is the saying that was passed down: :sailboat::red_circle:

Red skies at night, sailors delight.
Red skies at morning, sailors take warning.

My mother is a gardener and watches the animals. When the animals begin to act in strange and frenetic ways, she knows a big storm is coming. :bird:

I’ve heard that some people, especially those with injuries or in their later years, can feel in their bones when rain is on the way. :umbrella:

There seems to be many different ways to read the weather from looking around at nature and reading the signs- I think it’s fascinating!

So, to all of you-

How do you predict the weather? If you have a fun saying, magickal means, or nature tip- feel free to share it! :grinning:


This is so, so true. I’ve been able to successfully predict bad weather or a storm because it makes my body physically hurt. I mean, I’m not old, but I’ve got some other issues :laughing:


Sorry to hear about the pain, but it sounds like you can use it to read the weather really well- a very useful ability to have, @MeganB!

I’ve found that checking the weather forecast on my phone only has about 50% chance of being right :sweat_smile: Sometimes, it’s not even correct about the weather happening right now!

But the little bits of wisdom and sayings I’ve picked up over the years are almost always right on- in my opinion, it seems that folk wisdom and reading natural signs still have a better outcome than modern technology when it comes to reading weather! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


If the clouds are moving, it means rain. I like your father’s saying! I’ve heard that the pink skies at night also mean it will be warm


My phone can’t predict the weather now either! It’s better that we learn! :grin:


This used to be true for me, but it seems that now that I’m in Florida, their weather prediction is like…amazingly accurate almost down to the minute. However, I’m also in an area where storms will form quickly off the coast and we won’t know about them until an hour or so before they blow in anyway, so I don’t know if that matters :rofl:


I’ve heard the “pink skies at night sailors delight…”
And my mom used to say when the leaves are turned with their backs out​:leaves: that meant a storm was coming.:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:
I like the smell of the air before a storm.:umbrella:


Yes it’s really interesting! I have a couple broken bones and it’s definitely true what they say. You can tell when it’s gonna rain or storm coming. Also, from looking at the :full_moon:. If it’s cloudy the night before usually means rain the following day. Or when it warms up a bit in the middle of a winter day- it means snow is on the way…I remember reading about how animals predicted the Tsunami coming on December 04. They all went to higher grounds. When my dog(s)rolls over on their backs on the grass or at home, usually means rain coming.
Very interesting, because all this people figured out before meteorologist were ever even on the scene…


Ohhhh this is interesting and makes sense! Next time I spot the warm colors at night, I’ll look forward to a warm day to come :sun_with_face: And so true about the phone! I’ve found I really can’t trust the predictions at all :laughing:

This is amazing- perhaps Florida has more stable weather than other places (storms aside)? Or maybe there’s something about the geography that makes it easier for technology to track the patterns… But yikes about those sudden storms! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Stay safe, Megan! :pray:

Ohhhhh a new one, and very interesting! :star_struck::fallen_leaf: I don’t usually pay attention to the position of leaves, but I will make an effort to check whenever I’m in the park now. I like this, Tamera! :clap:

And yes- the air does have a special energy right before a storm breaks. It always feels very powerful to me! A great time to do spellwork :grin::sparkles:

I totally agree, Dee! :grinning: Folk wisdom and beliefs have been passed down through so many generations. I think of them as a treasure :sparkles: It is interesting to see cases where traditional knowledge works better than modern technology!

I’ve heard about animals running long before a tsunami- I believe that was also the case in Japan in 2011. The warmth in winter meaning snow is on the way is a new saying for me- thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:


Yes, I’ve heard that, too. Guess I forgot. Oh well :slight_smile: I love the smell before and after it rains. .oh yeah, there’s the ant one too…if there’s a lot of ants around, it could mean a storm is coming.


I’m not sure. I think it has something to do with a specific technology they use because of the likelihood of random storms popping up. Either way, it’s fairly accurate and that makes me happy :rofl:


This one is new for me too! :star_struck::ant: It matches up with how the animals go a bit wild before a storm- but for those of us in cities and places without much wildlife, looks like we can at least count on the bugs to give us a weather heads-up! :laughing::+1: Nice!

Hahaha could be! And I know- the times when I go to check the weather on my phone and it’s actually right make me pleasantly surprised :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Although it kind of makes me think of the saying: even a broken clock is correct twice a day :laughing:


i get tention in my head when it is going to thunder.


Mom used to quote the Sail poem when the skies changed colors.
In western NY, there were times you could smell the rain, even when the sky’s were clear.
Now, when the barometric pressure changes my joints let me know. :kissing:


Ouch, that’s kind of an unpleasant feeling. When I was in California, all the animals became very quiet before an earthquake, the same thing happened in Illinois before a twister touched down.


I don’t know what this kind of sunset means but it sure caught my eye driving home one day last week. I’ve never seen one quite like this.


You are connected with the storms, @terry! Hopefully the tension is more of a sensation and not anything uncomfortable :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Nothing like trusting your bones- my nana used to say the same thing and she was never wrong about the weather! :grin: Her joints were a better forecast than the weatherman :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s a gorgeous sunset, @linda6! :heart_eyes: In the sailor’s rhyme, such colorful skies inferred nice weather tomorrow. Let us know what happens! :blush:


I used to walk this path for quite a few years on my way to work.
Watching ants building mounts in a frenzy way!
Soon, showers!
My mother suffered a double decker accident, when young.
Every time weather was changing, her hand was giving her pain.
Old injuries never heal 100%!
I have lower back pain, when weather it’s unsettling, don’t need to watch TV or look through the window, I get under my electric blanket​:joy::rofl:
“En Abril, Aguas mil”- get the ambrella ready, usually showers throughout April!
Makes me laugh, in UK people don’t seem to know how to handle ambrellas when raining.
Younger generation rather get soaked by rain than carry ambrellas.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Very true about the old injuries, Basil. But at least old pains do the favor of giving you a heads up about the weather! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

And reading the movements of the ants is another great way to know what’s coming :ant: It makes me wonder how so many animals know about the weather- perhaps it is their old wounds and bones giving them the heads up too! :grin:


Old folk sayings:
If the harvest is abundant, it will be a hard winter.
"When I was little, Mama would point at the turned leaves of trees and say: “See that? They are praying for rain.”
And they do, perhaps they sense the moisture coming.
"The creatures go quiet when something bad is coming. (twister, earthquake, etc.)
Watch the animals, they know.