Moldavite-Your Thoughts?

I just ordered Moldavite. Have any of you worked with it, what are your thoughts? What do you know about it??

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I have had one for some time but unfortunately do not feel connected to it. I can’t remember the moment of purchase and having since acknowledged how little of a relationship we have, I’ve thought about giving it back to Gaia.

As far as I know, Moldavite was created when an asteroid hit the Earth thousands of years ago. This makes it very unique as it has components of both Earth and outer space. It’s really intense and transformative because it is connected to three chakras: Heart, Third eye, and Crown.

I don’t have a lot of experience with it but I know there are lots of fakes online so it’s best not to buy from Chinese retailers or even some Amazon sellers.

There’s more information on Moldavite here:

I have been watching a lot of videos on it, and ordered a piece from a certified seller on Etsy. He has 1,000’ of good reviews it comes from out of country… I only paid $58 for a small piece, that stuff is spendy!! Gotta save my pennies if I want a bigger one.

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