Monday is the Super Moon!

The full moon on Monday is a Super Moon. I love when the full moon falls on my day off. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. Anyone have ideas? :full_moon:


The night before the 4th of July and a super full moon… I know some partiers in the neighborhood who are probably going to go wild :sweat_smile: :fireworks: :full_moon:

It’s the Full Buck Moon! :deer::sparkles: It’s a good one for both moon and sun (peak summer) energy. Gold, yellow, and beeswax would all work really nicely for a Buck Moon Ritual.

  • The mind is one of our most powerful magical tools, and preserving a positive, sunny attitude for the winter ahead will lend you the strength of the sun even when Summer feels far away. :sunny:

  • Gold is a very powerful color, and magically it symbolizes fulfillment and connection with our Higher Selves. The gold candle used in this ritual will represent your relationship with your own, inner Divinity and remind you that you are complete.

From Spells8: Full Buck Moon of July

Perhaps you could incorporate some of those gorgeous sunflowers of yours, @Ostara- they (and any flowers in season) would be a really nice touch to any spellwork you do! :sunflower: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and blessed Full Moon next week! :sparkles:


Whoot! Super-moon! It’s gonna be a wild one for sure. I’m pretty much doing my full moon prayer that I found and lighting a silver pillar candle to celebrate the moon. Drink some moon water maybe.


I’m excited for this Full Moon! I actually have some small plans that I’m hoping to get to before the 4th of July. I just recently learned (thanks to this video by Bente) that this Capricorn Full Moon is a good time for money magic and magic related to business. Well, I’m working on my business so I’ve got :sparkles: plans :sparkles:


Good luck with your plans! I hope they turn out well!


That’s a great idea! I have a few left that are about to bloom.


Your plan sounds awesome @Amethyst!

So does yours @MeganB.

I may just dance around a bonfire on Monday night. I love being off work on full moon days. Lol!


Thank you @Ostara :hugs:

I’m not sure how much of a bonfire I would get to have, but that sounds amazing! It’s supposed to rain all next week :sweat_smile: I hope you get your bonfire, though! :fire: And dance a little bit for the rest of us that can’t lol


Yay! I think they will want to celebrate with you! :sunflower: :blush:


I am going to do something that I haven’t done in a while and I’m running low. I’m going to make Florida Water. I let it sit for a full moon cycle, so it takes 29 days to complete. I have everything except the Vodka. I use the cheapest bottle they make, and my daughter took my last one to make trash can punch. I can’t imagine the headache everyone must have had the next day. No way would I drink it, but my son said my Florida Water tastes good. Lol! :tangerine: :lemon: :herb:


I love the Super Moons, but have no real idea of what I’m doing for it… It’s been a while since I’ve done much of anything for the Full :full_moon: or New :new_moon: Moon. I know there will be journaling :pen: involved though!


This will be my best Florida Water yet!

I added bergamot, lavender, lemon, clove, and ylang ylang essential oils.


Ended up spending time with my family and we had a cookout and did fireworks! :fireworks: :hamburger: We all enjoyed looking at the moon tonight as well. It was super pretty and big!


Neat! It rained here so there was no seeing the moon, only clouds. I’m glad you got to see it, Missa!


That’s awesome Missa! What a great way to to spend the evening.


@Ostara Looks awesome, Ostara! May your Florida Water serve you well :pray: :grinning: :sparkles:

@Missa That sounds like fun! What a great way to enjoy the full moon all together :heart: :hamburger: :full_moon_with_face: