Moon phase today dec 21

hello how you all doing? I have a question beacuse on the spells8 website say that today the moon is in aries, but I pretty sure is in piscis…



I’m no expert at all but did a quick Google search and got a confirmation that it is Aries.


Hi mm im in doubt, if you look at the sky it looks closer to piscis than aries, aries is close too, I asked my astrology teache but he hasnt answer yet. I will post


Whoever recommended this app, I have to thank them. I use it every other day to see how moon things are going. :black_heart:

Anyway, that being said, I’m getting the same here:

I’m in the southern hemisphere, in Australia.


Perhaps it varies if you are in the southern hemisphere? I found two more that confirmed it’s aries.

but I am located in the northern hemisphere, if that makes any difference.

Perhaps someone else will know for certain. I am sorry I wasn’t able to answer your question.


Yes probably changes in Colombia thanks to all blessing


Ooh, I see! :star_struck:

Well, now I’m tempted to make an app that gets the constellation by location for fun. :laughing:


My teacher answered he said is on aries, this morning was on piscis… Thanks to all


Great question @juanita1! I noticed you’re using the SkyView app which is great, I use it all the time to track lunar and solar eclipses, and also when a comet comes by.

However, the SkyView app and others are using the constellations from the astronomical point of view, meanwhile the spell generator uses the astrological version.

Here’s an experiment you can try right now:

  1. Visit an astronomy calculator site such as Heavens Above or the SkyLive and find “Constellation”.
    For example, right now, they are both showing Aries, which is the visible constellation that’s behind the Moon (visible = astronomy).


  1. Now, visit an astrology calculator site such as Astro-Seek or Prokerala, or even the Spells8 spell generator.
    Right now, they all are showing: Taurus, which is the astrological moon transit. Each transit is invisible and has its own spiritual energy.


Why is this? In short, because astrology is different from astronomy. Signs are named after constellations but they don’t match the constellations as we see them in the sky today. They are based upon the seasonal cycle of the Northern hemisphere.

The signs in Western astrology (also known as tropical astrology) are each 30-degree longitudinal divisions of the ecliptic, and this lines up with the distance the moon will “travel” through them in a month.

There’s a great article about it here: Why your zodiac sign is probably wrong

There is also another kind of astrology called Sidereal astrology which is an alternative approach to astrology that is based on the position of celestial objects relative to fixed star constellations (the sidereal zodiac) rather than the tropical zodiac.

I hope that makes sense!


Just to echo what @Francisco said, the astrological zodiac splits the sky into 12 signs of 30⁰ each. The moon passes through each of these signs.

The actual star constellations represent each of these signs. However, some are much wider than the 30⁰ astrological sectors and some are smaller. Therefore, the constellations do not fit eaxactly into the sector of the signs that they represent.

This can result, as in this example, in the moon being in front of a physical constellation of one sign while still being in an astrological sector of another.

The Pisces constellation is 56⁰ wide so extends into the Aries astrological zone. It also stretches into Aquarius at the opposite end too.

You can see below also the difference in size between Pisces and Aries and how the former overlaps wirh its neighbours on either side.

Blessed be



Hello Francisco really interesting. Thanks dos sharing. ILl check that up
Happy holydays


Thanks a lot


This moon information is from the past, but no fear! Feel free to explore the moon-magick tag to find current moon information and resources :crescent_moon: :sparkles: