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I have seen that there is one post about Sharing alter with your spouse. Just wondering who else and gets some more ideas


Hi there! I hope you don’t mind but I moved your post to #questions and added the #altar tag :blush: as for sharing an altar with a partner, I have no experience with that. My partner is agnostic and doesn’t practice witchcraft.


Merry meet @gigiandbrad090621 :blush:

Was it perhaps this question about sharing an altar that you found? If that wasn’t the one you found, Francisco wrote a great reply there with some advice that you might find helpful.

I also do not share an altar with my partner (who does not practice the Craft), and from what I’ve seen, I think most people tend to care for their own altars. That being said, I’m sure there are creative ways to share an altar or perhaps share your sacred room/space while keeping personal altars! Hopefully others will share their thoughts/experiences for you to consider :grinning:

Wishing you all the best, Gigi- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Good morning. I don’t share my altar with anyone, I am the only practicing pagan in my home. The rest are Catholic-based Christianity followers as far as what gets celebrated in the house each year.

I have solitary celebrations at those times, which is more simple for the time being. I was brought up Roman Catholic & as I got older moved away from that & toward my practice. Which originally was Wicca with a twist, I guess you could call it. I was a teenager learning from someone that was a coworker & then we became close friends.

However, my family knows that I am a practicing witch & they let me do my thing without much in the way of interruptions now. I don’t have a stand-alone altar, it’s actually the top of my dresser in front of the vanity mirror that goes with it. I tend to it & care for it as my altar. My husband has really let me kind of take over or manage the bedroom which is actually my witchy space. He supports what I do & tries to contribute the best ways he knows how by making me things that I can put to use.

Eventually, I can’t even give a timeframe, but the plan now, (it changed once my 22-year-old moved home) is to build a 2nd room in the basement that will serve as my craft room for all the things that I make & my “craft” room. I have things set aside specifically for that space.

My husband made me a pentacle chandelier with mini cauldrons to hold the candles hanging from each of the points. He’s also made me an incense holder, athame, & I have some other things that were gifts to put in that room… once it gets finished.

I have a WB Mason type of box that I keep witchy things in & my nightstand has a dedicated drawer to witchy items that I may use. I have crystals… well, everywhere in my room. I have a hanging cabinet that holds herbs, candle holders, empty jars, incense, all kinds of things. I have a shelf that holds more herbs/plants & another shelf that is for Brighid specifically. The 2 shelves were made by my sons in woodshop & the hanging cabinet was my grandmother’s. I have the matching one for the room downstairs which was my mom’s.

I’m a fan of using & repurposing what you have on hand. I use white tealights that I bought from Walmart when I don’t have any of my chime candles or need to substitute them for another candle.

I hope that helps in some way & that you have a great day! :infinite_roots:


Thank for your feedback it did help and so far it does work for us at this time :timer_clock:


No I am not mad at all


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