Morning Meditation - Wanted to share!

Good morning :sunflower:

I needed a calm sort of start to my day but Tuesdays are pretty busy. I wanted to share this short five minute meditation I found on YouTube that I enjoyed :blush:


I like a shirt meditation lol sorry, I had to. But seriously I thank you for this! The fact that you said we all have busy lives is the truth right now for me. I’m going ahead and doing this now.

… I’m actually subscribed to this channel. It’s filled with short meditations.


Oh geez

Oh geez :laughing: that’s what I get for posting from my phone and before 7 AM! It’s fixed now lol I just subscribed to their channel this morning, too. I love short little meditations like this for busy days.


I feel you on posting before 7 AM @MeganB :rofl:

This seems like something I could work on while “patiently” waiting for my daughter who is constantly “finishing now” in the AM so I don’t think to myself… so when you’re a teenager the concept of “less than 5 minutes” is actually translated to “at least another 10 minutes” :joy:

I love :heart: the short meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: too, I try to do shorter ones as needed & at least one that is about 10 - 15 minutes long to shift from getting things done to time to slow down. Still working on breaks between things that I get done, but I’m getting there :smile:

Thank you for sharing! :people_hugging:


Thank you @MeganB I have been trying to find some other quick meditations to listen to.


What is it about Tuesdays that make them so chaotic? :sweat_smile: It is by far the busiest day of the week around here too!

Good for you for making the time to relax and refresh with a lovely meditation :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles: I love a nice morning mediation, but lately the only day I’ve been managing to find time to meditate in the morning is for the group ritual each Thursday. Otherwise it seems like my current schedule will only let me be for a little bit before bed :bed:

5-minute meditations are great to fit into a busy schedule- thanks so much for sharing this one! :heart::pray:


I think this is the perfect thing to do during those times :laughing:

You’re welcome :heart:

I have no clue :laughing: over here, Tuesdays are when we go volunteer at the reptile shop :snake: and then my daughter has a virtual art class in the afternoon. Just lots of stuff to do! I mean, it’s not like the rest of the week is any less busy most days :laughing: but Tuesdays just have a different energy about them.


I can relate to this, Tuesday energy is different & at times chaotic. My yesterday definitely fell into this category. :laughing:


I’m with you both on this one- perhaps Tuesdays are good days to work Chaos Magick! :tornado::laughing: :+1:


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