Morning sickness 🤢 would love some advice

Hello my lovely coven, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the spring so far, and living there best lives :blush:.

Thought it might be time to let you’ll in on a little secret my husband and I have been keeping. I’m seven weeks and one day pregnant. Today we heard a heart beat and we’re rather excited and hopeful that this time around all goes well.

Lol besides a couple of my coworkers who have been a big help with getting me through my day at the office and one of my best friends who has been solid in listening to my random complaints, no one in our families knows that I’m pregnant. We’re waiting till we hit the 12 week mark to let our families know.

For about a week now with Thursday, Friday, Sunday and today being the worst days I’ve had awful morning sickness. Keeping food down has been a new challenge and the level of nausea I’m feeling is intense. If you guys have any suggestions on how to battle this I would love love love to hear it. Along with ways that I can keep up on my spiritual practice, bc the smell of sulfur to light my candles has now become well nauseating :nauseated_face: and I’m a bit nervous to use smug sticks to cleans my home bc of the smoke - the smell is no longer my friend.

Currently I’m using the preggie pop drops, Rubios tea, sleep when I can get it, non dairy milk shakes, a prenatal pill that has morning sickness aid in it, sipping water 30 mins after food, eating every 2 hours, just started some B6 3x a day today, and I’ve been clutching my amethyst stone when all else fails. Ginger tea is no longer my friend and tbh I’m at my wits end as to what to do :sweat_smile:.

Any suggestions are more then welcome.

Thank you in advance for your love, support and kind words. I deeply appreciate you’ll.

Love, light and many thanks.


Aww congrats @Francessca, that is great news and I am hoping that all goes well. As for the morning sickness I have no pointers, nothing I did for my two helped me much.


Momma of 7 here. Congratulations :tada: :breast_feeding:t4: :unicorn: :hatching_chick: First try absorbing or diluting the cause. Eat a little like crackers, pop tarts. I made soft baked potatoes and ate them cold like an apple. Slowly drink a couple glasses of water or pretty much anything without caffeine, tons of sugar, not carbonated and without artificial sweetener.
One of mine a cup of coffee settled my stomach so I went it. First thing in the morning I’d drink some water because the first in always came back out and then a cup of coffee and if be good for a few hours
Give in to a craving. A few of mine I had an insane cravings before I new I was pregnant but the craving always helped
If you don’t have a craving, start thinking about food and you’ll find it pretty quick. All of my cravings were either strictly sweet or strictly protein, so if thinking about a bowl of sherbet makes you almost run to the bathroom try thinking about baked beans or peanut butter or meat. Even if it’s something you normally wouldn’t eat. My last one was Sprite and green olives. Green olives had been pretty much the only thing I would eat. My first was something totally insane
Sour sometimes helps. I bought lemon juice and made almost sugarless lemonade with 2 or 3 of mine
Peppermint candy can help sometimes


I don’t really have anything, but I’m happy for you and wish the two of you all the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I too have no advice but lots of congratulations! May you be blessed!


Oh how exciting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Congratulations!

I was very lucky with my pregnancy that I didn’t really have morning sickness, so I unfortunately can’t give any tips as I’ve never had to deal with it. What I can tell you is to keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t get dehydrated or worse.

As for adjusting your practice, do just that! You don’t have to light candles or burn herbs. Everything can be adapted, and I’m sure that your Spirits or Gods will be understanding!


@Francessca Congrats!!! I have a pregnancy tea, if u wild like the recipe, that could help. Also ginger is good for morning sickness.



With my second I found if I stopped eating I would get nauseous so I kept a package of saltine crackers with me and would nibble between meals.

Adjusting your practice makes complete sense. Intention is the most important so go with intention only if that is all you have in the moment. You can use battery operated candles. Or get a selenite stone for clearing energies (rather then smudging) or a besom.


@Francessca! Congratulations!! Prayers for a safe pregnancy!! I totally u derstand the smells… I had a super sensitive sniffer with all of my pregnancies!!

Maybe use a room spray with less essential oils rather than a smudge stick? Or maybe even just moon water and intention? (Remember to check EO safety with oregnancy). As for candles, you could use a battery operated candle or a diffuser with a palatable smell.

As for nausea, I had luck with b6, ginger (I used so much ginger last time, I have to really need it now before I can stomach it), and really cold peach popsicles. I have no idea why those worked, but they did. Also, my doctor had me take unison. Originally Unisom was an anti-nausea medication, but one of the side effects was intense drowsiness so they changed its use. Now it’s to help people sleep, but one of the side effects is that it makes you not nauseous.
It was like a miracle and with my last pregnancy, I took it all the time!!

I hope that you get to feeling better soon! Be sure to drink, lots of water, or Gingerale (with real ginger), stay hydrated, and rest! Sleep all you can, and don’t feel guilty about it at all! Being pregnant takes so much energy! I’m very excited for you!


Congratulations! I pray for you all.

Do you have morning sickness? So sorry Darling Girl, I’d suggest that in the morning, don’t just jump out of bed, give yourself plenty of time. and keep crackers or dry cereal by your side so you can put something in your stomach as soon as you wake up. Get out of bed slowly as you start your day.
Eat small meals throughout the day to avoid getting too full or too hungry.

Drink your fluids before or after meals but not with your meals. At the same time drink throughout the day to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Did you know that taking a nap after a meal can increase your nausea?
Get plenty of rest. Avoid smells that make your nausea worse.

In the evening avoid spicy, greasy foods, bland is better and the odors are not offensive.

Some old-fashioned remedies are lemons, eat them, suck on them or just sniff them

Ginger is an old favorite, but you say it isn’t for you, so don’t use it.
Peppermint tea, is good, and the smell soothes

Nip the Nausea: Drops flavored with lemon, which collectively soothes upset stomachs and reduces nausea symptoms.

So always listen to your Doctor but some of the old remedies have been in use for thousands of years.

Bless you, all


Oh, try not to get overheated, Nausea and heat are just Nasty


Hi @Francessca,

First I want to wish you a big congratulations! You and your husband must be super excited- wishing you all the best! :hugs::two_hearts:

I’m so sorry to hear about the morning sickness- I’ve never been pregnant so I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice there, but I do get awful motion sickness and deal with nausea unfortunately often, so I can empathize with you in that regard! :people_hugging:

It sounds like you’ve had your fill of ginger tea- I’ve been at that point before too. The ginger really does aid the nausea, so if you can sneak it in to your food by adding a bit here and there, that helps. Also taking it with lemon and honey can help to alter the flavor enough to make it palatable again :tea: :ginger: :lemon: :honey_pot:

Another thought is to make sure you stay in an upright position (standing or sitting with your back straight up) for at least 2-3 hours after you eat, especially if it’s a big meal. If you do have to lay down, lay on your left side- it’s supposed to help minimize nausea, even nausea from pregnancy (source).

I hope you’re able to find some remedies and that the morning sickness passes soon, Francessca- wishing you all the best. Sending love and light your way! :people_hugging: :heart: :candle:

Blessed be!


If Preggi Pops aren’t doing it you could try Preggie Drops, they helped my daughter
Some people swear by Sea Bands
And I want to expand my congratulations :pregnant_woman:t3: :rainbow: :baby:t3: I used a couple of Mantras and affirmations this last time around “This Baby is loved” “I deserve this baby” were my favorite :rainbow: :butterfly:
I recommend giving the little one a cute little nickname, it helps with connection and feels so much better than It, They or The Baby
You got this Mama, just sit back and go for the ride
After the 12 week appointment, buy one or two cute little baby things and hang them in your space to look at when you get overwhelmed
Love and light to you and your little Sweetness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :peacock:


Everyone ( @MeganB, @CelestiaMoon, @Heav3n, @Amethyst, @Phoenix_Rose, @Mistress_Of_Herbs, @BryWisteria, @Nixi, @Garnet, @AileyGrey, @Phoenix_Rose) of you are simply amazing and truly wonderful :face_holding_back_tears::hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I can not thank you enough for your support, kind words, suggestion for keeping up on my practice and how to curve the morning sickness, and offering of recipes for tea. I honestly can not express my gratitude enough, and will make the time through out this week to respond to all of you, just like you came to my aid.

Lol at the moment, I’m feeling well morning sick and can’t really be on too long to type without making myself more nauseous but wanted to make sure that I came online this evening to at the very least say thank you so very much. It honestly means a lot to get so much feedback and love, and it makes me extremely thankful to be surrounded by such amazing and beautiful people.

I hope everyone has an amazing week filled with love joy and light.
Warmest wishes with lots of love and many blessings :kissing_heart::hugs:.


This is so sweet, I love it, and I can tell it makes a world of difference! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Silly thing, I used to be kind of afraid of babies, something to do with the way they so openly express themselves and my fear of rejection and judgement. Now my girlfriend knew just the thing, she asked me to think of them as tiny human kittens :smile_cat: That opened my eyes, the littlest ones all look at the world with innocent wonder and awe, the complete opposite of judgement :smiling_face: The words we use have so much power :sparkles:


Congratulations beautiful!!! Sending you and baby love and light!!


No worries and no stress- we all understand your situation, and I know I can speak for everyone when I say we want you to feel better soon! :heart::hugs: Take whatever time you need and do whatever you have to to be comfortable. We’ll be here waiting for you to chat whenever you feel the time is right! :blush:

Thank you, Francessca- wishing the same to you! Have a wonderful and healthy week :heart:

Much love and blessed be!


I hope you have an amazing day :sun: and that you start to feel better soon!

Be sure you’re keeping your doctor in the loop about your morning sickness, too – they can help as well!


OH ABSOLUTELY!!! Always speak to your doctor. :grin::grin::grin:

@Francessca try to rest, have everyone pamper u if available, hope u feel better soon. Just like @BryWisteria said we will be here when u feel up to it


You have all of our love and support and I am personally relieved that it is helping.

Please don’t feel that you have to respond. We don’t want to cause you stress, just loved with no thanks required.

At the same time, please know that we are all here any time you need support or just want to vent or ask questions about dealing.

Not everyone here has experienced pregnancy but between us all we have experienced the feelings that come along with it in general. We’ve probably all felt like cr*p and trying to figure a way to deal and so on.

As mentioned please keep your Dr in the loop, they might have more suggestions and it might come to the point of them needing to intervene with IV fluids. Also ask about what type of electrolytes are okay. Making your own may be the best option. I personally would find a few recipes and ask if any of them are okay.

Love and light for you and your little one :sparkles:


Hello, and congratulations. I am sorry you are so sick. I was dreadfully sick during my pregnancy. The thing that helped me most, I would shave off bits of ginger root with a vegetable peeler and bite into the slices. I didn’t eat them or swallow the slices, I just chomped them. This would give me about 15 minutes of blessed relief. I also felt like eating juicy navel oranges helped. I could keep those down. Evidently any juicy fruit you can keep down may help. I just bought sea bands for seasickness and it says on the package they also work for morning sickness! I didn’t know when I was pregnant, but they work very well for seasickness so you might want to give them a try. You wear them on your wrists and it has a little plastic doohickey that puts pressure on the inside of your wrists.