Museum of Witchcraft and Magic ✨

Continuing the discussion about witchy historical sites around the world- I felt like this place deserves a post of its own! :grin:

Did anyone know there is a Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in the UK?

[Picture from the MWM Blog]

The museum is located in Boscastle, Cornwall, England and the description sounds really interesting:

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic (MWM) explores British magical practice, making comparisons with other systems of belief, from ancient times to the present day. We aim to represent the diversity and vigour of magical practice respectfully, accurately and impartially through unique, entertaining and educational exhibitions, drawing upon cutting-edge scholarship along with the insights of magical practitioners.

[From MWM site]

[Picture from the Visitor’s Page on MWM site]

The museum is currently closed due to the pandemic, but they plan to re-open in April 2021.

From their website, it looks like host many social gatherings including celebrations for Samhain and Yule :partying_face:

You can learn more about the museum and their events on the main page: Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

Has anyone been to the museum before?

It’s definitely going on my travel list! :world_map: Group witchy trip, anyone? :laughing:

Love and light!


I had heard of it. Never been. I just watched a funny little documentary about the ‘Real Cornwall’ on the history channel and they went to the museum. Very cool. I think my ancestors are from that area so I was researching my roots. Thanks for sharing this post.

2010 Cornish Film Festival and is also available to view on the History Channel:


Nope, I’ve never been. I’d like to though. I love museums and magic so this sounds like a great place to visit when the pandemic’s over.



I stayed in Cornwall once as a kid (funnily enough bought my first crystals there :joy:) and it’s beautiful! I didn’t visit MWM though so definitely need to go back!


I had never heard of it before and if I didn’t have a deathly fear of flying, I would love to go sometime. It looks very interesting and beautiful. I will definitely read up on it more though. I like learning about witchcraft throughout the ages.


When I win the lottery, I’ll go there! :moneybag:


Travel Witch That would be so cool to go on a Witchy Trip!
I would love to go to England for sure!!
Let’s go!!


It’s an interesting documentary- and so cool that you have to family ties back to Cornwall, @Berta! Maybe you can make it back there someday and perhaps find some family connections nearby :blush:

Ohhh how fun, @Limeberry! Yes, I hope you have the chance to go back to Cornwall sometime in the future. It looks like a spot worth a visit! :raised_hands:

I agree @Christina4, @Susurrus, @Amethyst, and @Jeannie- hopefully we can make it to the museum someday. It would be a very memorable trip! :grin::airplane:


This looks great! It would be so refreshing to travel and see a place like this. I would love a group witch trip to go and see some place so inspiring. I’ve actually never been over seas and I’ve always wanted to go.


We used to be told that the Encyclopedia Britannica was a well researched and factual resource of information… then I read this entry and it made my jaw drop…

" Witchcraft In Africa And The World

The same dichotomy between sorcery and witchcraft exists (sometimes more ambiguously) in the beliefs of many peoples throughout the world. Again, witches are typically seen as particularly active after dusk, when law-abiding mortals are asleep. According to traditional Navajo belief, when a witch travels at night, he wears the skin of a dead animal in order to effect a transformation into that animal. These “skinwalkers” hold nighttime meetings at which they wear nothing except a mask, sit among baskets of corpses, and have intercourse with dead women. In some African cultures witches are believed to assemble in cannibal covens, often at graveyards or around a fire, to feast on the blood that they, like vampires, extract from their victims. If they take the soul from a victim’s body and keep it in their possession, the victim will die. Like those in Western society suspected of child abuse and Satanism, African witches in the popular imagination are believed to practice incest and other perversions."


When I win the big lotto, I’ll pay for all of use to go! HEE! :moneybag:

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Travel is addictive, @colin- once you get started you’ll find there’s no such thing as “just one trip”! :grin: I hope you get the chance to explore someday! :airplane:

Woohoo- thanks, @Amethyst! Gotta start doing some money spells so you can win the lotto :money_with_wings::laughing::+1:

Ohh wow, @Berta. The Encyclopedia Britannica isn’t one I use too often (although I know my favorite Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source on the web either :laughing:) but yikes! That is a very… bias and harsh description of witches. I think it’s high time for them to update with a more respectable and modern definition of witchcraft :open_book::face_with_monocle: