My altar is done

So, I really dig it. What do y’all think? Could use suggestions :blush:


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s very nice to see that more and more people start to go down this wonderful path of self discovery :raised_hands: (witchcraft) and having an altar is a great way of expressing your love for the craft. You really don’t need to stress about the way that you’re altar looks like :sparkles: :smirk: it’s a “you space” and it doesn’t really matter the opinion of others, the more happy and content you feel about it the more time you will spend and care for it ,and so it will continuously grow and change just like your craft (it’s a journey :wink: enjoy the process) With this being said, there are a few things that help to keep it in a state of “nice energetic flow” (let’s say like this :smile:) no matter how it looks like, keep in mind that everyone is different so the overall look of the altar reflects that :blush:.

Avoid clutter , there is no point to keep on the altar items that you are not using (creates stagnant energy) use a table cloth to cover the altar from top to bottom if possible :wink: and in small boxes place the items you dont use under and simply take them out wean needed, a box for candles, one for incense, one for crystals etc. If you place all the crystals in one box is good to place in there also a pice of Selenite this helps to calm down the energies and make all the crystals stay together without strange interaction between the different energies (no strange headache :wink:)

Cleansing and purification, frome time to time it’s good to do this not to have to much leftover energies frome the different rituals and spells performed there.

Don’t place items that have nothing to do with your craft and spiritual journey there (it will only distract you)

And lastly, have fun :+1: and enjoy your sacred “you space”

Blessed be :cyclone:


Love it😍 looks great


It’s come along beautifully, @tasha89- congrats to you on your lovely altar! :sparkling_heart:

I think the most important thing is that you’ve included items that are special and meaningful to you. You’ve made it your own, so it’s a powerful representative of you and your Craft- may your sacred space serve you well in all your magickal workings! :candle::sparkles:

Blessed be!


Nice job! Really nice!


It looks wonderful!


I think you did a great job & came out lovely! I love how you incorporated the board in the center too! Great job & I hope it serves you well! :revolving_hearts:


Your alter does look wonderful! I am so envious of witches who are able to keep their alter assembled at all times! I am a covert practitioner and when I prepare my alter for casting, I use implements that do not give me away and can then be put away so that they become everyday objects that anyone would own! I long to keep all my tools on display for spellwork on a moment’s notice and have that personal space for all my magical workings on display as a joyful reminder!


Nicely put!


Thank you!


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