My Chaos Magick entry

My entry for Chaos Magic

I won’t deny that this challenge was well out of my comfort zone. I don’t deal with the no rules and chaos well. I like routine. I like plans. I like instructions.

But something about servitors caught my attention. A quick scan of the wiki entry piqued my interest. There was something about thinking of a servitor as a computer program that you create to accomplish a goal on its own.

I got a copy of Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine and poured over the chapter on servitors. I had the perfect task - Overcoming self-imposed obstacles to making my business a success.
Taking a cue from another poster I created a phrase and ran it through a cipher creator and converted it to numbers which eventually turned into six separate symbols. These symbols I placed in a Star of Lakshmi to charge it with monetary success.

The book does suggest a material base to serve as a focus for the existence of the servitor. Again I had the perfect item. My handmade silver crow coin pendant has been floating around without a purpose. It was too big for a pendant, too small for a keychain fob. I chose to anoint it with one of my favorite essential oils mixes to inhale during the launch phase.

I plan to follow the launch procedure in the morning when my energy is replenished and new. I know it admittedly sounds a bit more rote than magical but after reading through all of it, I’m excited at how powerfully magical it does feel like it will be!! After a banishing ritual, I state my intent, charge myself with a visualization and then launch the servitor.

I’ll be sure to post how the servitor launch goes tomorrow but wanted to get my entry and plan of action submitted in time!

Honestly so very excited about this entry and how it stretched my abilities and comfort level! I am thankful to have an “excuse” to put into motion something I should have been doing for a whille.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn!


Chaos Magick can be a really tricky subject (especially for those who thrive on routine and organization!), but you embraced the chaos and came out triumphant, @katnabis! :raised_hands: :heart:

This is gorgeous spellwork- I love all the layers of thought you put into it. The servitor, the symbolism of the Star of Lakshmi, connecting it to your crow pendant- you really crafted something unique and special to you and it turned out amazing :sparkles:

Fantastic work here, Kat- thank you for sharing, and may your servitor launching go well! :blush:


Yay, I love it!


Lots of luck on your business journey, Kat!!

I liked seeing your Star of Lakshmi, it reminds me of the symbol used by Faith No More, which I guess is the same but I never realized that :laughing: