My dog is just done today

Can we all just take a moment & acknowledge that we all have had this moment where we were just done with… EVERYTHING?!? :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :raising_hand_woman::person_raising_hand::raising_hand_man:

This picture is not only a mood, but I think it may be a whole emotion.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Poor thing! He needs a cuddle.


He’s now got 2 legs hanging off the end & has curled into the blanket… I’m not sure what his brother did, but he’s all done today. Alphie on the other hand is hoping a piece of pepperoni gets dropped in front of my daughter but beside my husband… he’s hopeful


My son came to his rescue… however he is quite literally supporting Moo’s bum so he doesn’t slide off. The level of laziness from the dog :dog2: is top notch on this Sunday evening


That dog is a whole mood and a half :rofl: I love it!


Hahaha you turn this pic into a meme- I feel what your pupper is feeling :joy:


We were just in awe at the effort being put into… doing… nothing… he like melted off my son to the floor before he went to the water bowl. However, then he got there & his tail was wagging & he was following Alphie around, grabbed his toy & laid with that… like that whole hour & a half just never happened. :rofl:

Clearly he needed to process… something at that moment or the weather is really not his friend when it’s dreary out :joy:


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