My drawer opened itself after I chanted the Diana song


It was full moon last night, I was practicing the beautiful ritual then I chanted the Diana song from this website.

After that my drawer pop out on its own, it’s a tidy drawer and it’s not overflowing. Feels like Diana or other spirit might have visited?

Anyone have similar experience?


@winnie I’ve not had an experience like that yet…but if I did I’m sure I’d be shouting from the rooftops! I had a great experience with my spell candles flames being completely still during the entirety of my spell last night and posted on here about it as well as blew up a couple friends messages. :grin:
That’s awesome! How do you feel about it? Was there a sense you felt after?
Blessed Be,


Hi Tamera, I actually felt happy about it when it happened I just closed the drawer and looked outside and waved at the full moon.

What you mentioned about candle flame is interesting. I will have to pay more attention tonight, the most unusual times for me was the bottom of the flame turn blue once.


Huh. Never had that happen. Sounds like SOMETHING is happening, I hope it’s good.


When my mom is visiting me she plays with my thermostat. So it will turn off, the heat will be on in the summer or the air conditioning in the winter. If it’s my grandmother, I smell her perfume in the hall or in my room. I have her bedroom set and jewelry box in my room plus some other items of hers, jewelry, and such. It sounds like Diana liked what you were doing! I’m happy for you!


Hi Krissie, it’s comforting to know your mom visits and that you are still connected. I’m very happy about my experience last night too. I actually fell asleep later and somehow my lamps were switched off. Not sure if it’s Diana or other spirit did that for me. Whomever it was I felt looked after. :slight_smile:


Hi Kasie, so far so good :slight_smile: I feel asleep and someone switched off my lamps for me. Whomever it was I’m sure they were being nice :slight_smile:


A very exciting experience, @winnie! :heart_eyes: In situations like this, I say trust your instinct. If you feel Diana (or perhaps another friendly spirit close by) is reaching out in greeting, then enjoy your new connection!

If you sense that they are friendly and wish to talk more, you might want to consider trying to contact them :memo: Spells8 recommends purple candles for connecting with spirits. The plant heather has also been used to cross worlds or to attract ghosts and the Fae.

Enjoy, and Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for sharing TheTravelWitch! :slight_smile: I’m definitely going to look at the purple spell and plant you suggested.

Last night was a great experience indeed. Even had Diana (or other nice spirit) switched off the lamps for me before I fell asleep.


First of all, welcome! I’m Christina. Pleasure to meet you! And I live in a haunted house so yeah I’ve had a drawer slides open in front of my eyes.ive witnessed so much. If you can think of it, it most likely happened to me.


Thanks Christina and nice to meet you :slight_smile: wow a haunted house? How does that make you feel?


Well good. That’s great!


I was very afraid at first.i learned as much as I could. The spiritual energy feeds off of emotions. It doesn’t bother me anymore. It does surprise me often as i don’t expect anything that moment.