My Intuition was warning me and I turned a blind eye

When I am on my weekends I do a little pet sitting. It helps me fill the time and earn a little extra money. I have been sitting for one person and I decided it was time to take on a few new clients. All day leading up to my assignment I had this feeling I should do a protection spell before hand. Do some type of charm, grab a few good crystals on the way out the door, something to protect me.
I ignored that feeling, even though it popped into my head more than a few times.

When I got to the home the puppy was stronger than I had expected. She completely over powered me. At one point in the chaos she jumped onto her hind legs and she was my height! She got a paw on my face and gave me a good scratch. I knew then my safety was an issue and I had to leave. Glad it was not much worse, I will be totally fine. Boy was I shaken up though.

Anyway, she was only exhibiting puppy behavior, but she was just not a good match for someone like me. At first I wanted to NEVER pet sit again, but I will just adjust which dogs I accept to help.

What I won’t ever do again is ignore my intuition.

I feel better after getting this out - Thank you for letting me :slight_smile:


Are you okay? Besides the scratch that is? I hope so. What breed of doggo was she? Please, don’t ever ignore your intuition, you never know when it can save you!


I am ok :slight_smile: It was scary though. I definitely learned some lessons today.
The client said she was a labrador mix but she seems more like a hound, or maybe she is a little bit older than the client thinks.


Oh goodness, I’m glad you’re okay! Trusting our intuition can be hard especially these days when we’re not really taught to.


I’m really glad you’re okay, @LadyAuld.ofChico! It sounds like puppy was just excited to see you, but that certainly doesn’t take away from how scary it must have been to get a sudden paw to the face- especially from such a big dog! I hope the scratch heals up quickly for you! :heart:

I know it can be hard to listen to intuition, especially for those of us with anxiety- I get little warnings all the time and I need to stop and sort through them: is this an actual gut feeling, or am I just being anxious? At least doing so helps me be more mindful and present (have to look for the positives, right? :laughing:).

Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope you feel all better asap! Big hugs, Lady Auld! :two_hearts:


Labs can get overexuberent. I’m just glad you’re okay!


Like you I’m trying to learn to trust my intuition more. When I’ve done so in the past it’s saved me from some dicey situations.

And I know what a paw to face can feel like, even if it comes from happy puppy love. I’ve got a Rottie cross and he’s an absolute sweetheart. But he’s a big boy and likes a cuddle with his paws on my shoulders. He’s smacked me in the face a couple of times in the process and left some impressive scratches.


Glad to hear you’re okay! From my experience, it’s best to trust your intuition. Long story short, it once saved me and family from a terrible car accident involving a truck and sixteen cars.


Oh my Goodness LadyA. Always listen to your heart first and your gut second. Hope all stays well with you.
PS was that a puppy for a pony?’
Garnet - Trailblazer


LMAO! that was cute and literally made me laugh


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