My little Contribution

I was watching tv today and resting a bit and of course everyone who knows, me knows when I’m watching tv or a movie I’m crocheting :yarn: too.
Decided to make some more dishcloths and this time I made a scrubby from wool I had brought from the States ( didn’t even realise that i still had some). The scrubby wool I use is perfect for non stick pans but really does a great job getting the stubborn food off.
Since I made the scruuby decided to make a matching dishcloth. I have ones that I have made in a rectangular shape but found that the circular ones are better at getting into the corners and tight spaces.
I love making these as they only take about 20 minutes to make and you can just throw them in with your laundry and tumble dryer to reuse over and over again. Figure not only am I saving money but also saving more waste from going into the landfills and with the cotton ones I make you could even put them in a compost bin because the wool isn’t treated with chemicals and I only use 100% cotton. My little way of contributing to Mother Earth. :smiley_cat:
I try to make a set or two for my friends for Christmas gifts or if they are moving into a new home.
Think I’m going to make a matching dish towel now so i have a complete set. :smiley_cat:


Oh those are so cute, useful & seem like something I could do while watching TV. We have at least a couple of crocheters here. I crochet & knit among other things. I like to make things whether for myself, my home, or as gifts too! :revolving_hearts:

They look great! Which reminds me, I have a meditation shawl to finish too! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yea the dishcloth is about 5 inches around and the scrubby is approx 6 inches around.
And its a great mindless project lol. :joy_cat:


Oh they certainly can be, especially once you get the hang of the pattern that you’re working on :laughing:


How very neat! I didn’t even know you could make the scrubbers!


I just made it up as i went along, easy peasy. If you want i can write out the pattern and send it to you or pist it on here for anyone else that may want it xx :blush::blush:


Oh yea, its the same pattern for the dishcloths the only difference is the wool you use. If you live in the States you just need some Red Heart Cotton Scrubby Yarn. I have to pay a fortune for ANY Red Heart yarn i want now that i live in the UK. I miss my ombre yarn :cry::cry:
ONE SKEIN of Red Heart Ombre yarn costs between £17 and £20 which is $20.65 - $24.29, imagine the cost for ONE blanket. Nope cant afford that, so i just have to find UK equivalents which arent even close to me.
When i visit the States im gonna buy a ton and bring it back :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I found this one VERY similar to the one I created, I just made mine a bit larger but you can make it larger by using a bigger hook or adding more rounds. ENJOY :blush::blush::blush:


Very cool! Don’t know if I’ll try it, I’d have to buy more hooks I lost mine in the move a few years ago. But thanks for sharing the pattern!


Inexpensive and quick to make, while saving money and helping the Earth- plus they make great gifts! That’s a win-win-win-win-win! These are awesome, @Winter :heart_eyes:

Blessed crafting! :sparkles:


I love the colors you have chosen! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing.


Ooo… thank you :blush:

I also love the ombre yarns & Red Heart has some good ones. I can’t remember the other ones I like to use right now :laughing:

That would be quite a bit for a blanket! I wonder if you ordered from the website or Amazon if it would be cheaper that way?

Saving money & making it yourself plus being able to give them to others :smiling_face: definitely wins.


Thanks so much, in the States I used to make a set of 2 dishcloth, 2 scrubbies, a dish towel and put it in a wicker basket i bought at the dollar store with some dish soap and/or dishwasher tablets and sell them as gift baskets for $20. Tried to do the¹ same here around Christmas time and no one bought them. I think I had made up 5 litchen sets and 5 bath sets.
With the bath sets I use calmer colors, included 2 wash cloths, 4 facial scrubbies, a shower pouf, a hand towel and either bubble bath, bath bombs or shower gel. Couldn’t understand why no one bought them. :thinking: :thinking: I eventually ended up giving them out as gifts. Live and learn i guess xx @BryWisteria

Thanks love :heart_eyes::blush: @marsha

I love the Scuba ombre color and the purple ones the best. I used to use Lion Brand yarn as well, but Red Heart was always my favourite as it was cheap and easy to find. :blush::blush: @Susurrus


Nope checked it out and Amazon was actually a lot more expensive and Red Heart ships to the US and Canada only. I have to trawl Ebay and hope someone over here has some they want to sell. @Susurrus


It’s tough when things don’t sell, but those gift recipients were very lucky! What an awesome (and useful!) gift :two_hearts: :blush:

I have an aunt who sells antiques at antique markets. She says things are funny like that- she’ll have a type of item that no one wants for like three weeks, then at one market she’ll sell out of it completely. It can be really hard to predict what people want and when, I suppose. Perhaps you’d have better luck at a different location or different type of market? Just a thought!

Wishing you all the best with your crafting- blessed be! :grinning:


Lion Brand! Yes, they were one of the brands I liked, maybe Caron? The blues, purples, black/gray, & some shades of pink/reds were favorites. I can’t remember the name of the Ombres I just remember the colors :laughing:

My family used to sell antique types of things at Flea Markets here, there was one that we would have to spend the weekend. But it was the same type of thing… for a couple of weeks certain things wouldn’t get a 2nd look then the next market that they did… poof gone! I remember it happening with Depression Glass & Bakelite items. Some of those were pretty & I can remember my Uncle showing me how to tell if the Bakelite was real too. Ooo… fun memories! :blush:


Ohh, I love the yarn you chose! I’ve never used the scrubby type of yarn, but I have made a lot of different cotton and hemp dishcloths! They’re simple and quick, plus like you said - they’re good for the planet!

These are made from a hemp yarn.

I’ve also made little finger scrubbies for in the shower or washing your face. These are my pattern (which is why it says “pattern only” lol)

Ohhh and then these little foraging and produce bags!

I can’t find anymore of my pictures right now, but I do need to find some soon :joy: