My new decks came in! So happy!

So my 3 new decks came in and I’m so happy with them.

To be honest I don’t know what one I like more, they are all so amazing. I love the artwork on the tarot and oracle decks. The moonology cards are larger than any decks so far but they are so nice and used nice paper. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I was surprised at how small the cards were for the silver whitchcraft deck but that’s okay. The artwork on it is …so amazing. I am glad I picked this one.

The spells decks is handy. I have gone through it and chances are I may not use a lot of them but I like to collect stuff like that. They are a small, more pocket sized deck but still lovely. Comes with a small book but not much in there to be honest. If there is one thing I won’t keep is the box, it’s not the most easiest to get the cards out but that’s minor.

So yes I def recommend all three decks.



Those are awesome! I love the back on the bottom ones, and the info on the everyday spells one is great!


Those decks are so pretty! I really love the back on the last one – the blue triple moon :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: is very pretty!

I think the everyday spell deck is an interesting concept :thinking: but it gives me ideas on how to incorporate magic into every day! If you’re feeling like doing some magic but don’t know what, all you have to do is draw a card!


Those are beautiful! I think I’ve had my eye on a couple of those :wink: They are probably in one of my wish lists :heart: :heart: :heart:

I hope they all serve you very well :rose: :candle:



Those are beautiful decks :tarot_card: thank you :pray: for sharing with us. I have the Moonology :astrology_moon: cards and I’m adding the other two to my wish list.
Love :heart: always


Those are very nice i bet there are some good tarot cards .


Really lovely stuff! I love the spell cards! I might have to check those out myself! Enjoy your new decks! May they serve you well!


They are some really lovely decks :heart_eyes:

I have a couple that recently came in & I’m waiting on 2 more. I may have a problem :thinking:

I always love :heart: to see other’s decks & the different ones that are out there! I hope thwy serve you well! :revolving_hearts:


Ohhhhhh all three decks are beautiful- so many fun treasures! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The Everyday Spells deck is great for a boost of inspiration, and the other two look like they will be lots of fun for reading :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:

Enjoy them, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- may they all serve you well for many years to come! :heart::blush:


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