My New Wand, Have a Look!

Hey all, my wand came in so I thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

It came with instructions and a bit of a read from Merlin of Manitov. What he says about magick is so very encouraging. He talks about how everything is connected and our magick is sending out vibrations that the universe returns. He also talks about how not acting yourself can potentially block your magick. It was short, but definately some of the sweetest words I’ve read on magick so far.

I’ve been empowering the wand a little since I came home with it this morning and I’ve used it to empower my altar and most of my magickal things.

I’m so happy with it. I feel like I’m truly going down the path of sorcery now, and I love it.
I read somewhere in Buckland’s Guide to Modern Witchcraft that there were actually sorcerers who empowered objects for people, so this is kind of what I’m aiming for. I also consider time spent on my PC or watching tv to be an act of sorcery which really makes sense if you think about it. I mean glass screens that show you things? Or screens that you can interact with? You know, like a smart tv or a pc, even while playing a game.

I believe we live in the best age yet for sorcery and witchcraft and I’m happy to be a part of this world.

I’m going to look for a good book about wands next time I buy a book. There has to be some good ones out there.

Edit: I just wanted to add in that my tarot card pull today was The Star… could this day get any better?

Now, back to my magickal studies. :slight_smile:


Looks great! Very interesting. I’ve got a book on my waiting list called The Witche’s Wand: The Craft, Lore, and Magic of Wands and Staffs that looks good. I know I wanna read it someday when I get the chance.


Merlin did an amazing job and I’m so glad that you already feel empowered by it. I agree 100% that you can use it to empower other tools and objects. As well as your work station.

Anything that connects you to your own will can be an act of sorcery. I like your view of tecnnology and paganism. I encourage you to watch this short video where Terence McKenna makes the connection towards Technopaganism (back in 1990).


Wow that was a great listen. I just happen to be finishing up the day by watching Lord of The Rings The Fellowship of The Rings Extended Version. I really feel like this is the most significant day I’ve had in years. I really feel like everything it took to get here was worth it. :slight_smile:

I would like to get into VR, but I need to wait for the price to drop, and while that happens the technology will improve as well.

Now, I’ve got one more hour to go, and one more cup of coffee to consecrate and drink.


Ta-dah! Here it is! And ohh wow it looks like it worth the wait, @colin- the wand is gorgeous :heart_eyes: Congrats on your new treasure, and I’m so happy to hear you had such a blessed day :blush: A new wand, The Star card, and some quality Lord of the Rings- doesn’t get much better than that!

May your new wand continue to bring you blessings and help guide your magick towards creating ever more wonderful things :sparkles: Blessed be!


YES :open_hands:t3:

Your wand is so magical (pun intended :wink:)
Seriously I love it! I like the idea about technopaganism as well. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


@colin That truly is a beautiful wand. I bookmarked the video on Technopaganism, to listen to later.

I completely agree!!
Blessed Be, :sparkles:


This is incredible. Congratulations on your progress and these amazing realizations!

I’m really happy for you, thanks for sharing! :pray:


@colin your wand looks amazing. I just got a basic wand in a kit that I purchase (hand made though) and decorated it myself. I have several pieces of wood (branches) from our olive tree that I will be making wands with to either sell or give away. This is such a crafty craft for me. Glad your day was super special. I need to binge watch the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings again soon. My fave books in high school and fave movies now.

I have heard of technopaganism but never really researched it much. I will most surely be watching that video soon.


That is a wonderful wand! I’m very happy for you & all the work that you have done to get here. I feel the same way about my wand. I hope it serves you well!


I love how your wand looks so magical! I think it’s definitely magical to the sorcerer archetype! It has an authentic look and is perfect because it”s fine wood. It Looks very smooth and very detailed! Personaly, I like to experiment with different wands! I can see why you feel connected given that it is hand made! Just like someone else mentioned! Thanks for sharing your magical blessings with us! You are a magician and can manifest anything! You will be able to connect to your source with that being said!
Blessed be


Your new wand is beautiful. May it empower your journey toward many magickal blessings.
The video made some interting points but that line “Perception shapes what you are and you shape what you see” stuck with me. I had to go back and listen to it a few times just to let it sink in. What a powerful statement of reality. Thank you for sharing.


I hope your wand has been good to you! I just had to look again, it’s amazing. Great job.


Thank you all so much for the nice words regarding the wand. :slight_smile: I really feel like its a turning point in my life to have such a nice Magickal device.