My Oracle Card Experience

Moving away from tarot was a nerve-wracking experience. It took me a while to admit the personal issues I was having with tarot. Though tarot will always have a place in my heart, and probably in my practice in the future, I’m really enjoying the more intuitive style of this oracle deck.

I know many of you have gotten readings from me with this deck!


Hi @MeganB

I love this deck, so much, in fact, I bought it. Your reading for me with this deck was spot on. I got my first Tarot deck in the '80s, Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck. I am very attached to this deck. Each card has astrology symbols on them, and because of my study of astrology, I knew what each card meant. I meditated with each card, and placed them on the headboard at night, starting with 0 The Fool. I had the strangest dreams with XXI The Universe.

I have only recently added 2 more Tarot decks to my collection, but it’s difficult because nothing else ‘felt’ right to me! I think this is why all of my decks, except for 3, are all Oracle decks. My goal is to have a total of 31 decks, so I can use a different oracle or tarot deck every day of the month… and I’m working on that! Still got a few to go.

I also have several affirmation decks, and that’s because of my long history of depression and the dark times in my life. I looked to these cards with the hope of bringing a spark of light into my day.

Much love :heart:


That’s a gorgeous deck @MeganB . Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences so far with Tarot and Oracle.
Recently a good friend showed me her Tarot decks and I decided to give it a try. I found a deck that resonated with me and have so much fun using it! It’s been less then 2 weeks and I’m hooked on it. I typically pull morning Oracle cards, 3 different decks, 1 per deck. I now added in a morning tarot and a reflective tarot pull at the end of the day. It’s nice having the combo of both for my morning ritual. So far I’ve been very in tune with what I’m seeing. Oracle cards are pretty awesome! So many beautiful decks! I like your thoughts of creating your own too :magic_wand::heart::mage:


I personally love that deck & when you have read from it for me the last few times, it’s pretty honest & direct… but when it comes to me all of your decks are :rofl: I do love the imagery for the most recent deck though. It’s gorgeous. :heart_eyes:

I am back to square one with tarot as far as draws. I can do single for myself, I usually am using an oracle deck though. Which reminds me, I haven’t done my crystal draw for this week, may be a little late to do it on Thursday… So I’ll wait until Sunday & start over :joy:


Hahaha I recognize that oracle deck from the card in your video preview! Glad you are liking it and that it’s made a connection with you :heart:

I’m looking forward to the companion deck when that comes out as well.


I know we hear a lot about “being yourself”- it’s something thrown around a lot (I know I say it often haha!) and it sounds so simple to say it, but in reality it is hard to do.

I think you are amazing for taking a step back, assessing what works and what doesn’t work for you, and making the effort to “be true to yourself”. That’s really impressive and I applaud you for it, @MeganB! :clap::two_hearts:

That deck is gorgeous- the card that really jumped out to me was “the Path” :shinto_shrine:. Really beautiful cards- may they continue to bring you joy and help guide you forward! :heart::blush: