My own space!... It is FINISHED!

I am so excited! I am FINALLY getting some space in our hosue to be just mine! With four kids, a father in law, and a husband in the house, I need a spot to be mine and i am finally getting one! I’ve spent the last week cleaning stuff out of the room, and today I installed a ceiling fan, painted one wall the most gorgeous shade of purple (my favorite) and put together a stunning chandalier floor lamp that I found online and HAD to have! I still have a lot of work to do, but it’s coming along! It’s going to be my office/reading room… my spinning whell may make it’s way down too, we’ll see! I will also have space to put an altar and keep my sacred things! SO excited! Pictures to come!


Congratulations!!! How very exciting and well deserved. I am looking forward to pictures! :purple_heart:


How exciting! Good for you! Thats a lot of work too, I hope you’re taking time to rest now :hugs:


Fabulous, so happy for you. What a beautiful blessing. :sparkling_heart:


Whoot! How nice! I’ve always thought if I won the lottery I’d fix a room in my house as my sacred space. That sounds like so much fun!


Friends, I am so excited! It’s going to be lovely! @Susurrus im trying to stroke a balance between total hyper fixation and resting… but I also really want it to be finished before I go back to school. Only a few weeks left!


Oh you’re singing the song of my people :rofl: I’m looking around my house like… hmmm…

Originally I was going to have my own craft & “craft” room downstairs. Then my oldest had to move home & the space went to him. I absolutely am not complaining, he needs a roof over his head… but now I’m like… there has to be room somewhere :joy:


I am a total Harry Potter junkie… the youngest kiddo had a Harry Potter nursery, which was lovely because it worked as a great space for me to show case my collection, but then we played bedroom toss up and the oldest took the nursery and the youngest two are sharing and none of them want Harry Potter (I’m looking at you, minecraft!).

My new room theme is going to be “If Harry Potter loved purple”… purple walls, sparkly lamps, and all my harry potter goodness. Bonus points because all of my craft stuff fits right in and looks totally natural, not that that really matters, but… it’s a happy accident! I wish I could just wave a wand and it would all be put together and perfect… I’m hoping to get it all finsihed this week, but I have to wait for my college kid to get here Friday to help me move a desk from the top floor of our house to the bottom floor.

I feel like it’s Christmas.


Oh my! You reminded me of a funny instance I had last week!

My oldest works in town. I went to pick up an order & he came out. Then his girlfriend popped on over & his work mom (she’s a friend of mine & tells me that she keeps him in line & watches out for him… :laughing:) came over too. We were talking about the family get together that was now happening outside my car & my son picked up a stick.

Me: Ooo… let me take that home for the fire pit! :fire:
Son: What? Mom you can’t just pick up random sticks around town for the fire pit. (proceeds to boop me on the nose)
Me: Okay, well then give me my new wand.
Son: (he hands me the stick :magic_wand:) Here you go Harry Potter.
Me: THANK YOU!!! :star_struck: (proceeds to booping everyone)
Son’s Work Mom: So you’re just gonna boop everyone? Would you mind poofing us elsewhere?
Me: (boops son & his girlfriend) You 2 are now going to dinner :plate_with_cutlery:
Son’s Work Mom: Well, there it is. Give me the phone :iphone: & that & you’re on break now. Go.
Me: You’re welcome. Love you! :heart:

That is just like Christmas :gift: :christmas_tree: So awesome for you! :hugs: I’d be impatiently waiting for my other one to get home to help… & probably trying to figure out ways to do it myself :rofl:


You can never have too many wands!!

I’m not gonna lie… as soon as I’m done painting, all bets are off! :slight_smile:


Congratulations @AileyGrey! I am so happy for you. I love purple. I know it’s going to turn out beautiful!


I just got back upstairs… I’m like… so when the basement is cleaned out… this area will be great for my own space :rofl:

I love painting & then arranging things just where they need to be. I’m so excited for you!

This stick is the perfect wand. Size & shape! So now it’s in my room. :rofl:


How exciting! :clap: Congratulations!! :tada: :partying_face:

I know how meaningful it is to have a space like that to yourself. I’m about to get my space back after having it used for something else. I totally relate, and I’m so freakin’ excited! I can’t wait to see pictures of your space when you’re ready to share! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so excited for you, @AileyGrey- congrats on your new space! I sounds like you are making it all your own, I’m sure it looks amazing! :sparkles: :grinning:

Yay! Can’t wait to see it! :star_struck:


After a week and a half of doing nothing else (mostly), I have gotten the vast majority of my room finished! It is glorious! It is super purple, I’ve got SO much space to work and all my sacred things are in one place, sprinkled amoung my withcy themed Harry Potter things. Here\s a tour!

Here is my water offering. It has such a lovely sound! And my adorable Lumos and Nox light switch that my mama painted for me!

Right beside that is a workspace (covered in my 4 year olds stuff because I’ve been down here so much that he feels the need to be here too(. Fun fact, this table was the very first piece of furniture that my husband and I got for our first apartment. My grandma gifted it to me. My mom has had it tucked away and when I told her I needed a small table, she brought it over. I’m going to cover it with this gorgeous contact paper (because the top contact paper that’s on it is coming off.) The artwork on the wall is the Hogwarts crest and the sorting hat poem from Harry Potter. It was originally in the 4 year old’s nursery.

Here’s the contact paper!

In the corner next to the table are some wire shelves. They are full of braille books a student of mine is coming to pick up, but I’ll use that space for storage. Beside that is my chair and a new lamp so I can curl up and read in peace!

A sweet parent of one of my dearest students made the blanket and Dobby the House Elf for me, again… for the baby nursery. It has now been repurposed!

The lamp wasd an impulse buy… the crystals are so sparkly and they form a double spiral. I love spirals and crystals and sparkly! It is perfect. My college kid said, “I think it’s kinda tacky… I mean, the Harry Potter thing I’ll give you a pass for cause that’s just your thing… but I’m not sure how I feel about this lamp.” LOL. I adore it!

The shelves are still a work in progress. I have light up things that still need batteries and I have books that I’m gathering from upstairs to bring down, etc. etc. The fun part is that I have space for my cauldron and incense burner (that I would obviously move to use) and my spell books. I have a salt lamp to honor the Earth, musical instruments to honor the air. The Globe is a braille globe, that again, a student is coming to pick up, but I needed a sport for it. I also have space to organize the gazillion back to school projects that are going on. Happiness is empty space!

Functional office space/paper storage. I have to fix the magnet on the shelf, but eventually it will close. Also, my husband is currently at the hardware store buying me hooks so that I can hang my broomstick on the wall. He picked the brromstick out for me last year. Also, I painted the stained glass mermaid (from Harry Potter) and I love her. She is gorgeous with the lights turned off.

Here’s my desk! I have space to work and showcase some of my pretties! The lamp is filled with feathers for the air. I also have a beautiful candle set on the way that will sit on the corner for the fire element. It should be here this afternoon!! Excuse the full trashcan… I didn’t realize it was in the picture. Real life, right?

This is the top of my lamp (My mom made the lamp). I told her I needed a sparkly lamp for my desk to match my sparkly floor lamp and she whipped out this topper (my mom is a legit artist, y\all… she for real has all this stuff just around her hosue. It’s magic!). I added the tiny dragon because she’s purple and I love her and I think all dragons need a crystal ball to hang out on!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll add things and I’ll definitely be “moving in” and getting settled for a little while longerm, but right now the space is exactly what I want. The colors are beautiful and I finished just in time. I start setting my classroom back up tomorrow! I’m so very, very pleased with it!


I love it! You did a beautiful job. May your sacred space bring you many blessings. Congratulations! :people_hugging:


Oh this is fabulous. I love it. Sooo wonderful. Many happy magickal days await you. :sparkling_heart:


Oh wow, so many amazing things to look at!!! :clap: I’m so excited for you to have your own space and start using it. It looks so wonderful! :heart_eyes:


That is great to hear.


Oh wow! That’s an awesome room! I love purple! Fabulous!