My shadow self - Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE entry

My submission for the weekly challenge

Somehow time always slips away from me faster than I expect. Just realized that the deadline for this sooner than I thought, so I will have to continue after.

I spent most of this challenge working on my shadow self and chose to use two workbooks I found. The shadow work and cartomancy workbook has been illuminating if slow and challenging.

Hearing some of these things has been both a surprise and yet not shocking at all. Discovering and acknowledging these ideas is one thing. Learn to accept and integrate them is perhaps another.

My biggest challenge the past few months has been a strong friendship that changed over time into something that was frustrating and anxiety-provoking with the constant competition and lack of reliability. The actions and feelings were all too familiar as I realized with a shock while I’d bravely ended a destructive relationship last spring, I was back in almost the same situation. Patterns are hard to see sometimes and harder to break.

Reading another entry in this challenge I saw they did a cord cutting spell which felt like the perfect fit for this situation.

This is a work in progress. I am a work in progress. I am learning. I am growing. I am becoming.

I had to add this last spread in. I did it after I posted and cleared my mind and was thinking about tomorrow as I laid out my nightly spread…

  • the Nine of Pentacles. Eerily fitting giving I’m trying to tame and understand my shadow self.




Beautiful Shadow Work, @katnabis- and it looks like you had a furry friend there to cheer you on! :cat:

Congrats on your successful shadow work and casting, it sounds like the stress over your friendship was able to be re-examined and looked at in a new light. May the realization from this Shadow Work guide you forward and protect you in the future! :pray::black_heart:

Such a powerful mantra- I love this! You really took your Shadow Work and used it a tool to bring light and positivity. It may seem like an easy thing, but it’s tough to do! Really impressive work, Kat! :sparkling_heart:


You got that right!!! And I’m glad you’ve accepted that you’re a work in progress because that’s a big step to take!! Good for you for how far you’ve come already!! :clap:t2::tada::partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rose:


It definitely is, I shared my Shadow Work here, but there are only a few people that I have really opened with about what happened with me last week. I’m learning to be gentle & accept the recovery & downtime afterward. I feel better afterward. Be gentle with yourself. You are a wonderful person & a work in progress each day.


I love the photos. That’s a beautiful deck!

Setting boundaries is key with friendships. I’m glad you are discovering patterns and acting on those. Lots of luck in your cord-cutting process!

Thanks for sharing with us :pray:


Thank you! These decks are my new favorite - The Crow Tarot and The Urban Crow ORacle deck by MJ Cullinane. It is the first tarot deck that resonated with me right from opening the pack.