My strange experience with crows recently

So about a month ago I was scrolling TikTok (don’t come for me cause I usually don’t buy into the usual witchtok junk but hear me out) and I come across this very young kindergarten teacher and no witchtok hashtags were used saying one of her students warned her to beware of crows because they mean danger. Well then a few days ago I came across another weird TikTok again mentioning recent dead crows and birds just hanging upside down and I started thinking on my way to work that when I’m walking by the cemetery near my house I always encounter just 3 crows along the side of the very small cemetery yard that stare at me and often times I’ll find coins or feathers on that block but as I continued walking and scanning the ground for cool rocks I came across a dead crow that had absolutely no signs of injury that looked to have just dropped from the sky. And then today there were 2 crow feathers just laying on the walkway just off my porch. I put the feathers on my altar of course. But my main thought is could this be a sign for me… The crows I mean not the dead crow per say. Or is just random coincidence?


Bird flu is awful bad here in the US so it may just be a coincidence. But I’d say that the crows live in or near the cemetery.


It could be a coincidence, but the feathers could also be a sign. I know this isn’t what you were hoping for, but only you can know truly if it’s a sign for you. :heart:

I think deep down you know the answer!


I personally think it probably is not a coincidence, however, Crows have varried symbolism and some rather interesting behavior. For example, they appear to mourn their dead.
Some of the more common associations are that change is coming or that you need to take a good look at your life because you need to make a change.
Another is that they are messengers from across the veil.
Crow feathers are often seen when one is in mourning.
Many consider them to be watchful and protective.
You will find reference to them in mythology.
They are often seen as powerful spirit animals or as a familiar.
I have seen spells using crow feathers to connect with lost loved ones, connect as in feeling the connection you felt with that person that can sometimes seem hard to hold onto. I recently came across a spell that was basically asking a crow for guidance
Crows are often considered to be powerful, protective guardians to be respected not feared.

  • One Crow — bad luck, loss, death, unpleasant catastrophic change. (It should be noted that seeing a corvid alone would be quite unusual as they are gregarious species.)
  • Two Crows — good luck, a major change for the better, joy.
  • Three Crows — a wedding or celebration, or the birth of a girl
  • Four Crows — a birth, particularly of a boy, a new beginning
  • Five Crows — money coming in, good business
  • Six Crows — major money change, could mean loss or gain, depending on the rhyme
  • Seven Crows — a secret, a mystery, or a curse
  • Eight Crows — a life altering experience, usually positive
  • Nine Crows — love, positive recognition
  • Ten Crows — a complete turnaround in luck
  • Eleven Crows — News, surprise, secrets hidden or revealed
  • Twelve Crows — Also good luck, completion, fulfillment
  • Thirteen Crows — Completion, the end of a situation

– Information from


@phoenix_dawn I work with Crows in a different way due to their connection with my practices. I also know that sometimes when I see them it’s just them being them… so it’s entirely up to you how you take the interpretation. If it were me, I’d look into the meanings of crows & feathers… they may be trying to tell you something or someone is reaching out to you. If I remember correctly you work with the Norse pantheon? Odin is highly associated with Crows also :raven:

@kerrie has given a good reference point too! Also welcome to the forum! I’m Siofra_Strega a moderator here at Spells8! Thank you for sharing & if you feel like you want to share anything else with us, continue to jump in on any open topics, start your own, & also ask any questions that you may have. We are all very friendly & helpful! I look forward to speaking with you more soon! :revolving_hearts:


As a little bit of a sid note… Right next to where I placed my feathers on my altar I noticed that the deck of tarot cards that is on top of the stack next to the feathers is my CROW tarot deck. I’m going to assume I need to do some work with that deck…

@Susurrus yes I do work with the Norse pantheon and odin was actually the first thought that came to mind as I work closely with Frigga and have since my practice started. But when doing some reading on crows I also the morrigan sometimes signals with 3 crows. So now I’m not sure.

And also I didn’t see my crow friends at the cemetery yesterday and their deceased pals little body was completely gone when I went to work yesterday. The only trace that he even laid there was one feather which I felt led to bring back to my altar giving me a total of Three crow feathers.


Ooo… I have the “Murder of Crows Tarot” deck… if I remember Odin would be 2 :raven: because they were named Hugin & Munin (roughly translated to “Thought” & “Memory”), the Morrigan :raven: is associated with the #3 & 3 crows would be what I would consider for my practice too. Especially where you had mentioned doing some intense shadow work, she is also highly associated with that type of work. Thinking about it a bit more, this is all happening leading up to the New Moon :new_moon: which the Morrigan is also connected to… maybe reach out to Her, respectfully of course & see what happens during the New Moon. :smiling_face:


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