My weekly witchy challenge entry - catch up part 1 - Strength of the Full Moon

For my first catch up for this week’s challenge :timer_clock: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up! I decided to use tonight’s full moon for the :full_moon_with_face: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Strength of the Full Moon.

Tonight is a Super Flower Blood Moon, and an eclipse though sadly that’s not visible here in England.

The weather in May has been dismal and it’s rained practically every day, including earlier today so I was worried it would be really cloudy tonight and I’d be estimating the position of the Moon through the clouds using my Sky Map app!

Thankfully, the deities are smiling down on me, the clouds have cleared, and the Moon is beautiful. I managed to take this picture at 30x zoom on my phone camera.

For the challenge, I followed the Flower Moon Spell then the Moon ritual for tonight.

For the Flower Moon Spell I substituted a bowl of water for a cleaned Nutella jar which can have the lid screwed on afterwards to save tonight’s Moon Water.

I really wasn’t sure what to write as an intention on the red ribbon, so after looking for some guidance online went with "Today, I gain the mental clarity I need to figure out what I want.”

After writing my intention on the ribbon, I scattered some of my dried Aster and Iris petals in the water and added the ribbon, before following the remainder of the Spell.

The water is now sat on my landing basking in the Moonlight.

In a little while I’m going to journal and think about what one thing (fully within my control) I want to be different this month, what makes me healthy and strong, how I’m treating my body and how much I believe in myself.

In the meantime, I’ve also followed tonight’s ritual for the Moon in Sagittarius and the guided meditation. I’m now drinking the contents of my chalice and my Moss Agate and Aventurine crystals are being charged with my intention.

I’m feeling full of hope for what the future may bring if I can get past the barriers I create for myself.


Sounds as if you did a beautiful ritual. And the moon looks so nice in your pictures!


You really caught the Moon on this one! The vibes in your ritual are immaculate! :star_struck:

I’m glad you’re feeling full of hope in this cycle. It seems that the Moon in Sagittarius is showing its most positive sides: Optimism and Freedom! :sagittarius:

Have a Blessed Full Moon, Iris!


Stunning picture- you were truly blessed by Her light! :full_moon_with_face: :two_hearts: Using the Nutella jar to store moon water is genius- Goddess knows how quickly we go through Nutella here! :joy: That’s a wonderful way to repurpose the jars :+1:

May you be blessed with the mental clarity you seek, and may your beautiful hope and good energy continue to guide you forward!

Gorgeous spellwork, Iris- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Lovely, just lovely!!! May your intention be lead up into the Universe and the contents sprinkle down unto you, so that you have the clarity you desire and deserve!!


Absolutely stunning :heart_eyes: I hope you have a blessed flower moon :white_flower: and your intention is already manifested :heart: