My Witch Name…finally!

I’ve been working on finding a magickal name for myself for a half year. Finally tonight I’ve found a name that resonates with me and aligns numerically.

My magickal name is Satu.

So happy about this!! I am certain that joining this coven was the inspiration in finding my name finally as it’s clear that all have their authentic voices here and that this fact is encouraged and celebrated by all! So happy tonight!


Congrats! @Satu_TheGreenWitch

I found my own witch name rather quickly when my numbers just ligned up based on the chart in Buckland’s complete book of witchcraft. I’m not ready to share it yet. Are witch names not supposed to be kept secret?. What say you, my fellow witches? I’ll share if the majority say it’s fine.

Franklin is not my witch name. That’s just the English translation to the Greek name Photios. I use it as a nickname.


Satu? I like it. I was lazy, I just used my birthstone. :upside_down_face:


A huge congrats to you, @Satu_TheGreenWitch! :heart:

It is a beautiful name- may you wear it with pride! :partying_face:

I’ve always been under the impression that your magickal name can be worn openly and honorably- especially when in a safe space like a coven! :handshake: :infinite_roots:

The only magickal instance of keeping names secret that comes to mind is that you should never give your true name to the Fae (more about Working With the Fae here). But names are funny things- one person can have many names! Your birth name, chosen name, magickal name, and true name could, in theory, all be very different things.

In situations like this, I’d say it is up to you to wear the name you feel most comfortable with, @Franklin! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations @Satu_TheGreenWitch! It’s a wonderful name! Very unique. I’m sure there are a million witchy Amethysts around but Satu is very special.


I don’t have one yet. I am using the name of my business ‘Flowing Strength’ right now, but it isn’t a witch name.


I love that you have been able to find your name. This space is such an amazing place to live authentically. Congrats to you!


Thank you @Franklin. I was not aware that a witch name couldn’t be shared within a coven. I’ll await feedback as well from the group. But I do appreciate your congratulations :slight_smile:


And thank you @BryWisteria for your congrats as well! I appreciate the additional info re: the Fae and will read up on this!


Thanks @Garnet! I won’t admit here how lazy I can be about a lot of stuff so good for you! :slight_smile:

Thank you @Amethyst :slight_smile:

Thank you @rachel21 and I agree! :slight_smile:

@flowing, I think your business name and name here is just beautiful :slight_smile:


I’ve heard about the secret name. I think that it originated in the burning times to hide your skills from the interrogators. Many witches , both wise men and women died in that terrible time of fear and superstition.
Some witches do still have a “secret name” to use within their circle or during a commune with your Deity.
When I first started to learn about our “craft”, I followed the practice as closely as possible, even selected a name, but it never felt right.
After about 15 years (a 5w lite bulb lit over my head) and I had an epiphany!.
The Celtic Deities were encouraging me to broaden my horizons. It wasn’t the Celts that were pulling at me, but a completely different pantheon. I now follow the Old Gods of Egypt. I’m content with Isis and Bastet. They are my strength as they support and comfort me.
So, the name is your choice. Some keep changing their names trying to find the right fit, but that can be confusing, couldn’t it.
Wear the mantel that fits you. You can tell us or not, we’ll respect your wishes either way.
Be blessed, stay safe and know you are loved.
Barbara Ann, Elizabeth Germain Beverly, aka as Garnet


You’re welcome! :smiley:


You are very welcome, Satu! :heart: The Fae are a very interesting rabbit hole to jump into- if you’re called to learn more, there are many discussions about the Fae in the forum :fairy:

Good luck with your exploration, and blessed be! :blush:

Beautifully said, Garnet! :clap::blush:


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