Mystic Magick 💫 Energy Report November 2023

Oh no, Sarah! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Perhaps she just wanted to help in her own kitty way? Still- that was quite naughty :laughing:

I’m glad you were able to fix the problem and get the computer working again! :partying_face:

A good message for the day- I’ll plan to “chunk” the assignments into smaller bits that will be easier to work through! :jigsaw:

Thank you for the wisdom, Marsha- these energy reports are such a blessing! :heart: :blush:


Hello Marsha :revolving_hearts:

I’m so glad for these energy reports! It helps me in so many ways and definitely sets my mind in a whole different direction knowing what’s coming… :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :dash: :partly_sunny: :sun: :tornado:

thank you so much for this you’re amazing,
Blessed Be


Mystic :dizzy: Magick :zap: Energy November 11 Update

Waning Crescent Moon :waning_gibbous_moon:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

11:11 Gateway to Higher Consciousness
by Shanta Gabriel,

Hello mystical travelers,

I just want to take a nap. :yawning_face: I’m also having some aches and pains. Is anyone else feeling this? Well, we do have a lot going on!

On 2023-11-10T00:00:00Z we had Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which has been estimated to arrive 2023-11-12T00:00:00Z with a resulting moderate geomagnetic storm.

There is even more energy coming in today with the 11:11 portal. It’s also an 11 Master Day (1+1+1+1+2+0+2+3=11) which makes this a great time to connect to this powerful energy! Use it for spells, rituals, meditation, healing, releasing, and clearing karma. Just let the negative things go!!!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always,
The Other Marsha

Yes, it was, she has always been contrary, but now that she’s 16 years old, she’s grumpy too!

Thank you so much, dear one!


Oh wow :open_mouth: Nov 7 through now makes so much sense. Definitely felt the different shifts whether or not they were subtle! :two_hearts:


Mystic :dizzy: Magick :zap: Energy November 12 Update

New Moon :new_moon_with_face:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

Breakthroughs are Imminent
by Elizabeth Peru

Happy New Moon in Scorpio!

As I write this update, we are about 4 hours away from the New Moon :new_moon: in Scorpio. :scorpius: We are in a powerful energy time with a lot going on in the skies. The new Moon brings new beginnings. New opportunities may appear and new doors may open. Let go of what no longer resonates, heal past money trauma, and reclaim your power!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always,
The Other Marsha


Mystic :dizzy: Magick :zap: Astrology November 15-21

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

Breathe, Trust, Let Go

Astrology Calendar November 15-21

Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Sagittarius :sagittarius: Sextile Venus :astrology_venus: in Libra :libra:
Communication can be pleasant, and you can find the right way to express yourself and feel heard. It can be easy to see eye-to-eye.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Capricorn :capricorn:
Long-term plans and goals can get more attention, and you may want to work on anything that requires a practical approach. You can see what has to be done and how.

Mars :astrology_mars: in Scorpio :scorpius:Trine Neptune :astrology_neptune: in Pisces :pisces:
Pursuing spiritual projects and ventures can be easier, and you can enjoy giving more time to your spiritual or intuitive self.

Sun :astrology_sun: in Scorpio :scorpius:Trine Neptune :astrology_neptune: in Pisces :pisces:
Intuition can be strong, and you can work on your connection to your intuition to make it even stronger.

Sun :astrology_sun: in Scorpio :scorpius: Conjunct Mars :astrology_mars: in Scorpio :scorpius:
Energy and drive can help push you to take action in ways that excite you. You can take the initiative and do what you want in healthy ways.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Aquarius :aquarius:
There can be important changes you want to work on, so gather information, get advice, and make plans now to be ready for action.

Moon :astrology_moon: in Aquarius :aquarius: Square Uranus :astrology_uranus: in Taurus :taurus:
A change that you want to make happen may be put on hold, which can be frustrating, but having some patience is better than lashing out.

First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: in Aquarius :aquarius:
Changes that need to be made over the next week can help you make the adjustments necessary to get closer to success.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Pisces :pisces:
Quiet time to yourself can help you get the rest you need and recharge, especially if you haven’t had as much time for that lately.

Sun :astrology_sun: in Scorpio :scorpius: Sextile Pluto :astrology_pluto: in Capricorn :capricorn:
Getting to the heart of matters can be beneficial for you, and you can learn more that helps you find solutions and make transformations for the better.

Mars :astrology_mars: in Scorpio :scorpius: Sextile Pluto :astrology_pluto: in Capricorn :capricorn:
Energy can be unrelenting, and you can use this to your advantage. You can focus on what requires intensity, and your will can be strong.

This week has been crazy hectic for me, and I haven’t been able to post much! I hope this doesn’t continue too much longer. I hope to catch up soon!

More coming soon…

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always,
The Other Marsha


I spend a lot of time mulling things over- sometimes I really just need to jump in and goes hands-on in order to get something done! :raised_hands: I’m going to keep this in mind for today and look for ways to approach things practically. Thank you, Marsha! :pray: :heart: Hope you have a wonderful day!


Ooh, I think I’ll be reserving this spot for the challenge. :sparkles: :black_heart:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: Update November 18, 2023

Hello Mystic Energy Lovelies,
Due to an unexpected infection, I will be taking a break. I hope to be back soon!
Big Hugs :people_hugging:


I hope you feel better soon, @marsha :people_hugging: :heart:


@marsha Take care and rest my lovely :sparkling_heart:


@marsha oh feel better & make sure to rest all you need to! :people_hugging:


I also hope you feel better soon. :people_hugging: :black_heart:


Sending love, light, and healing energy your way, @Marsha- get some good rest and give that infection the boot! :boot: :cyclone: :grin:

Hope you feel better soon :people_hugging: :heart:


@marsha get lots of rest and feel better! :heart::blush::people_hugging:


Mystic :dizzy: Magick :zap: Astrology November 22 - 30

Waxing Gibbous Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

Art by Shawn Petite

Astrology Calendar November 22 - 30

Sun :astrology_sun: Enters Sagittarius :sagittarius:
Adventure, expansion, and new experiences can be the focus during Sagittarius season, and you can be more optimistic and open. You may want to do new things, visit new places, and meet new people.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Aries :aries:
More energy can be available to you, and you can enjoy taking action with what you want. This can be a time to begin anew.

Sun :astrology_sun: in Sagittarius :sagittarius: Square Saturn :astrology_saturn: in Pisces :pisces:
Getting your energy focused may be difficult, and you likely need some time to rest and recharge, being fully moving forward.

Mars :astrology_mars: Enters Sagittarius :sagittarius:
Energy becomes more focused on expansion with Mars in Sagittarius, and you can pursue opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge, travel and explore new places, or have new experiences. You can be daring and bold.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Taurus :taurus:
Stability and security can be important, and you can work on removing blocks that keep you from feeling stable and secure.

Mars :astrology_mars: in Sagittarius :sagittarius: Square Saturn :astrology_saturn: in Pisces :pisces:
Discipline may be difficult to find, and you may get frustrated easily if you’re not making any progress. Try to have patience and go easy on yourself.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Gemini :gemini:
There can be more communication, and you can get or give news, get or give advice, and share what’s on your mind. You may want to connect mentally.

Full Moon :full_moon: in Gemini :gemini:
The Gemini Full Moon is usually a great time to sort through ideas, finalize plans, or see the results of short-term plans and ideas. You can say what you mean and mean what you say, understand the emotions behind words, and merge the head and heart.

Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Sagittarius :sagittarius: Square Neptune :astrology_neptune: in Pisces :pisces:
Your head may be trapped in a fog, and you can lack focus and have a hard time seeing what’s right in front of you. Ground your mind and try to use your imagination.

Moon :astrology_moon: in Gemini :gemini: Opposite Mercury :astrology_mercury: in Sagittarius :sagittarius:
It can be difficult to get on the same page as others, and you may fight for your position, but it doesn’t lead to a win. You may need to listen more.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Cancer :cancer:
Your support system can be important to helping you feel emotionally stable and secure, and you can focus on making it more solid.

Moon :astrology_moon: in Cancer :cancer: Sextile Uranus :Uranus: in Taurus :taurus:
Embrace what makes you different, which can set you on the right path toward your dreams. Boxing yourself in rarely helps.

You cannot be grateful and bitter.
You cannot be grateful and unhappy.
You cannot be grateful and without hope.
You cannot be grateful and unloving.
So just be grateful.

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

I am feeling better each day, and I am so thankful for that! I am still very tired so I will not be posting as often. Thank you to everyone who sent messages to me, I really appreciate all of you.

I’ve had this nagging headache all day! :roll_eyes: Have you felt tired and/or had a headache? Well, there’s a reason… we’ve had Solar Flares and CMEs this morning. More sunspots are appearing so we are likely to have more in the coming days.

Our Sun is aligning with Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades, and the Galactic Central Sun and a portal has opened for us. We are being healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually which will continue for the next few days. Use this time to connect to your Source (Gods, Goddesses, Light, Universe, etc.) as we are being lifted higher and becoming lighter.

I think as Witches, Healers, Shamans, etc., we are perhaps more familiar with working in different dimensions. As your journey to becoming a multi-dimensional being continues… take time to nurture your soul and take care of yourself!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always,
The Other Marsha

Astrology Answers
HeartMath Institute, Schumann Resonance
In The Sky
Space Weather Live
Sparks of Divine Light Healing


100000000%%% REAL! I helped my little sister cook for Thanksgiving and we are just both wiped out! Going to bed early tonight.
Blessed be, my family! )0(


@marsha speaking of solar flares I came across a few articles today regarding sunspots, increase in solar flares (& different classes) & their energy effects (caused radio & other technology blackout for about an hour earlier this year), increase in solar storms, & the sun reaching solar maximum in it’s cycle & what that could mean for Earth.

A huge sunspot 15 times wider than Earth could bombard us with solar storms soon
Earth will enter a solar maximum in 2025 – here’s what that means
A powerful solar flare caused a radio blackout on Earth

I immediately thought of you & the energy reports :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooh, some nice energy to harness tonight!


@marsha I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a little better :blush: Please practice lots of self-care! You are in my thoughts!
Looks like some interesting energies are coming our way! :hugs: I always enjoy reading your reports :heart:
Be well! :people_hugging::blush::kissing_heart: