Mystic Magick 💫 Energy Report September 2023

@marsha Have fun with your daughter and family :sparkling_heart:


There’s been a lot of green around lately it seems, or perhaps I’m just suddenly more aware of it! Whatever the reason, I agree- it is a lovely and fascinating color :blush: And goodness knows the world could use more healing and peaceful energy :pray: :green_heart:

Ohh that’s awesome! Hope you had/are having a lovely time with your family, Marsha- enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and many blessings :sparkles:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 14, 2023

Moon Phase
New Moon :new_moon: EarthSky

New Moon in Virgo
by Yasmin Boland, Moonology Oracle Cards

Astrology Calendar for September 14th

New Moon :new_moon: in Virgo :virgo: 21:41 EDT - 01:41 UTC
The Virgo New Moon is usually a time for new projects, new jobs, new schedules, and new routines, but this New Moon comes with Mercury going direct in Virgo the next day, which gives it a different color. You may want to focus on things you can finish fast or that have been stalled for a while.

When the New Moon falls under the sign of Virgo, our focus moves towards our health and ability to work hard to get what we want.

This is a great time to evaluate your healthcare routines, eliminating the habits and patterns of behavior that don’t serve you physically. Virgo allows you to analyze any situation and find solutions for your problems. This influence asks you to make to-do lists, tackle chores, and embrace little accomplishments.

It’s been a crazy and hectic couple of days for me and my family! So much to do always comes with unexpected surprises! The new moon brings new beginnings and the time to create a strong foundation. Virgo helps us to be organized and productive.

As the light of the Moon dims, it’s time to go inward, release the old, and begin to shine a new light! Remember like attracts like, so set your intentions and focus on what you want to manifest! Always connect to your heart as you cleanse and clear not just your mind, but your body and soul as well!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always

Thank you @tracyS and @BryWisteria :hugs: :heart:


An appreciated reminder- I’ve been setting new large intentions mindfully, but I ought to be careful of the passing thoughts too.

I hope this new moon brings positive things for everyone- may it be the start of a wonderful new cycle :new_moon: :pray: So mote it be!

Thank you so much for the wonderful reports, Marsha- I hope you’ve been having fun (despite being busy!) with your loved ones. Enjoy the time together! :hugs: :heart:

Lots of love and many blessings :star2:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 15, 2023

Moon Phase
Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: EarthSky

Trust - Ask - Listen - Allow
Twin Flame Ascension Oracle Card, by Dr. Harmony, Art by Tatiana Hassan

Astrology Calendar for September 15th

Mercury :astrology_mercury: Direct in Virgo :virgo: 4:21 pm EDT - 20:21 GMT
Mercury direct in Virgo means you can start to get back on track with the work you need to finish and get organized again. This may take a little time to adjust to, and you can feel more like normal with your work ethic.

Moon :astrology_moon: in Libra :libra: 1:44 pm EDT - 17:44 GMT
It can be important to bring some balance into your life, which can help you feel more emotionally secure. What have you not had the time for lately?

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: in Virgo :virgo: / Libra :libra:

We have some amazing energy today, we are being lifted up. Can you feel it?

The New Moon is helping us to prepare for change. We are starting fresh and/or beginning a new adventure. If you are unsure of your next move, be patient, things will become clearer for you. As the moon moves into Libra, it will bring some balance to our work and play! Avoid other people’s drama today!

Today is also a 22 Master Day! (9+1+5+2+0+2+3+=22) We can feel as if we need to make decisions today, if this is the case, then TRUST YOURSELF! Ask the “Universe” (Gods, Goddesses, etc.) for guidance, or consult your favorite divination method!

We have had an eventful 3-week Mercury Retrograde! What was hidden has been revealed and now the truth is known. We have evolved and streamlined our lives! We are being helped with all the changes that have occurred or will soon be coming into our lives. Mercury Direct gives us what we need to help us move forward. Pay attention to any messages you receive now because Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods!

Without gratitude, there is no prosperity. ~Yogi Tea :pray: :smiling_face:

Have faith, set your intentions, trust yourself, and manifest your dreams! And always, always be grateful!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always

UPDATED: to correct quote from tea bag! :teapot: :roll_eyes: and to correct date!


So mote it be! :sparkles:

I can say this definitely rings true for me over here. There’s been a lot that’s happened in the last few weeks during the retrograde - but we’re all on the same page now, and things will be moving forward the way we want them to go!


Ooh exciting. And true. My radio has been going crazy this week, more than travel news, he’s been switching to stations I can’t even receive in Bristol, and every song he plays (when he’s not tormenting me by putting the dam sports news on :rofl:), the chorus lyrics are, “it’s gonna be ok”. So sweet as I’ve had alot of worries. :sparkling_heart:


@marsha "Without gratitude, there is no prosperity’ - Yogi Tea.…okay, all week long I have been avoiding doing my 21 day Gratitude challenge. To make a “short story”, I spotted a new oracle deck that just called to me, and I got it just before this last Blue Moon so I did a 9-card reading. The 8th card I pulled was gratitude - the advise and lessons to be learned are in gratitude for this moon cycle, and I have met this with little focus. :frowning: Guess I am not getting away with this :roll_eyes:

You had me at this…“So how does energy affect us? Are you sensitive to energy? Do you sometimes hear a ringing in one ear or hear a low hum? Are you unable to sleep and don’t know why? Do you have sudden headaches with no explanation? Are you really tired some days even though you had a good night’s sleep? Do you feel spacey? And what about those goosebumps?”

(Sigh) This is a big message just in its self! Thank you - I should check in here much more often :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: Weekend - September 16 & 17

Moon Phase
Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: EarthSky

by Elizabeth Peru

Be sure to check out Elizabeth Peru’s Blog Post, originally posted on August 22, 2021. At the time, I didn’t pay much attention to this… But now, as I look back at the last few years, we have gone through unimaginable changes! Or at least I didn’t believe it was possible. I was an unbeliever for sure, but not anymore! It’s been a challenge to move from what seemed normal, to our New AbNormal which feels more like Chaos! I also know that we have only just begun, so much more is coming!

Hold on to your Hats!!! :witch_hat:

Astrology Calendar - Weekend

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Moon :astrology_moon: in Libra :libra: Conjunct Mars :astrology_mars: in Libra :libra: 3:53 pm EDT - 19:53 GMT
Energy can surge, though it may be temporary, so take advantage of it. Focus on what you need to get started.

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: in Libra :libra:

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Venus :astrology_venus: in Leo :leo: Square Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: in Taurus :taurus: 2:10 am EDT - 6:10 GMT
Laziness can take over, and it can be difficult to get moving with anything. You may feel too good and have a hard time finding motivation, so it’s a better time to relax.

The newly discovered comet, Nishimura which is currently in Virgo, will make its closest approach to the Sun on Sunday. This beautiful green comet will not be visible until later in the month! ~Comets feed

With the Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus (Retrograde) in Taurus, it’s time for some creative thinking… :thinking: outside the box! There will be a greater sense of freedom now. Trust your inner guidance, you may be inspired to follow a different path! A trine is a positive aspect that brings in protective energy, miracles are also possible… (Note: Miracle is just another word for Magick!) Uranus is the planet of change, so there may be some sudden changes as well!

Continue releasing, clearing, and preparing to slow down and connect with your light (soul) inside. Take time to enjoy the stillness now before the Earth shifts with the Equinox. As we get closer, expect the incoming energies to increase.

Remember who you are… and stand in your power with confidence. You’ve got this!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always

I know what you mean… I am so glad things are going the way you want them to! I was on an emotional roller coaster for a few days when what was hidden became known! …but I’m moving forward too. Thank you for your feedback and support! :hugs:

There has been so much going on, including radio and electronic disturbances from the Solar Flares! Nearly everyone I have talked to has a story of interruptions to tell! On another note, I just want you to know that you have helped me handle the chaos with a lot more grace… thank you hon!

It’s been a long journey for me to learn to be grateful!!! I kept a Gratitude Journal for 5 years, my goal was to write one thing I was grateful for each day!!! I missed a few days, but it changed me forever. I have several Gratitude Decks, Oracle, and Affirmation cards… I thought they would help but I had some difficulty trying to connect with them.

I’m so glad you stopped by, and I appreciate your comments. I think I will do a Gratitude Message for each day in November! This time I want to create my own messages… maybe :thinking: instead of using my Tarot/Oracle/Affirmation cards. I just wanted you to know you have inspired me! Thank you so much @lisa67 :pray:


@marsha Love you too. You are an inspiration with these reports and your gentle wisdom. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


I can tell you that in my life, things have been really weird since 2020 and the pandemic… I figured it wouldn’t stop any time soon, but I’d very much like a break :joy:



I feel this too, on the world stage. Chaos is moving swiftly, shaking everything we’ve got used too, but I think it’s going to bring good changes, maybe I won’t see it, but for my kids, they might. The world feels dusty, maybe it’s just me seeing too much in stuff, but I feel, with the rise of paganism here in the UK, something wonderful is coming :heartpulse:


I feel like this is a really good way of describing it :joy: it needs a really good cleaning in more way than one!


That is me today!


:sob: You’re listing all the struggles of my life. I never thought they could have been energy-related. I wonder how many more problems are…

So, how do these work? Does the energy report for a day only reflect that day, or the days coming? I’m mostly wondering how much my timezone difference makes.


@marsha please tag me if you do this is November :heart:


@starborn I couldn’t agree more these are totally describing my struggles as well! I’ve had sooooo much ringing in my ears lately and low hums I’m also interested in learning much more about this


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 18

Moon Phase
Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: EarthSky

And Suddenly You Know…
Art by Jessica Galbreth

Astrology Calendar for September 18th

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Scorpio :scorpius: 12:58 am EDT - 4:58 GMT
Passion and intensity can return, and this can help you get to the heart of matters and finally take action with something.

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: in Libra :libra: /Scorpio :scorpius:

We currently have a geomagnetic storm in progress as I write this. A CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) arrived a day earlier than expected. Auroras will be visible in the Northern US states.

My day has been extremely hectic today and for each of the last several days. I am so exhausted tonight, as soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to bed. :yawning_face: In fact, it’s been like this for the last several days. With all this solar energy coming in, you may be feeling overwhelmed. I know I do!

With the Equinox quickly approaching, it’s time for all of us to look to the future. We can’t move forward if we are looking back at where we have been. Keep your light shining, and look to the future.

That’s all for tonight, it’s time for me to go to bed. Hopefully, I can get an earlier start tomorrow. I have much more to tell you but I can’t keep my eyes open. I love you all!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always


Overwhelmed is definitely what I’m feeling too. Whew! :weary:

I hope you were able to get some good rest last night, Marsha! :heart:

I needed to hear this today. The equinox is coming and it’s setting the scales right, making sure everything is as it needs to be as we approach Samhain and the end of the witch’s year. Time to move on, towards something better and brighter- so mote it be! :candle:

Thank you so much, Marsha! :pray: :two_hearts:


Same. I horrified my partner recently with that. We were talking about that tinnitus sound for some reason and they asked how often I get it, and I was like, “Every day.” Their face. :sweat_smile:

They had coincidentally been recently reading about how tinnitus can be an early sign of hearing loss. But as that’s not always the case, we’re not actually worried. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also very sensitive to air pressure. So sometimes I know it’s changed because I get headaches. Then I double check via those weather websites, and yep… Air pressure change. :face_exhaling:

But other times, I can’t even trace the headaches to that. Much less food, sleep, vitamins, etc. Everything the doctors ask about. And apparently, the blob inside my brain doesn’t give headaches, so… :woman_shrugging: