Mystic Magick 💫 Energy Report September 2023

Did someone say tinnitus :rofl:, oh my, I got a full blown orchestra. Had tinnitus since I was 13 (I’m 52 now). My own fault, I used to stick my head between 2 giant speakers and blare out rock (ok those were the days :person_facepalming::rofl:)
Anyways, as I’ve had it so long, it kind of blends into my head, until this last week, where it’s gone super loud, I mean loud! Maybe this is why, so here’s hoping it goes back to its usual, noisy, but normal pitch. :heartpulse:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 19

Moon Phase
Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: in Scorpio :scorpius: - EarthSky

Neptune Connection - Lifting the Veil
Image by Conscious Reminder

Sun :astrology_sun: in Virgo :virgo: Opposite Neptune :astrology_neptune: in Pisces :pisces: 05:09 MDT - 11:09 UTC
In addition to the planet Mercury :astrology_mercury: lighting up the sky most of this month, our solar system’s brightest planet, Venus :astrology_venus: will be at its most radiant around the middle of September. Venus will be shining brightly at a magnitude of -4.5 early in the morning in the eastern sky. It will continue to remain pretty bright for the rest of the month and reach its peak altitude until October 20th. ~In The Sky Org

We are in the middle of the Sun in Virgo and Neptune Rx in Pisces. When planetary bodies oppose one another they are 180 degrees apart. Imagine a straight line with the Sun on one end, the Earth in the middle, and Neptune on the other end!
An opposition can be a challenging aspect, so we may find it difficult to focus. On the other hand, Neptune can be not only dreamy but deceptive as well. So it’s important to maintain your boundaries and don’t be taken advantage of. Consider any choices you make carefully.

As the veil thins, you may have a moment of insight, revealing deception and illusions you might have that are holding you back. This clarity with help you understand, allowing you to become who you were truly meant to be!

Neptune is a large outer planet that moves slowly, so this aspect will affect us for a week or two.

We’ve had a geomagnetic storm and some solar flares! I have felt so many ups and downs today with this crazy energy. The Schumann Resonance has gone up to 35, so that seems to explain my headache.

Time seems to be flying by to me, the Sun will move into Libra in just a few days! Change seems to be the only thing on the horizon with the shift into Autumn… And Mabon!

My daughter will be leaving tomorrow, so I will answer all your questions and comments very soon. Thank you my lovelies, I love you :hugs: until tomorrow…

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always


Noted and appreciated- thank you! :pray: :heart:

Woohoo! It’s almost the equinox! I’m looking forward to Mabon- wishing you a blessed holiday, Marsha! :fallen_leaf: :apple::blush:

I hope you had a wonderful time together! Wishing her safe travels home :pray:

Lots of love and many blessings!


@marsha I hope you’ve had a lovely time with your daughter. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 20

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: in Scorpio :scorpius:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

Moon Calendar for September 20, 2023

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Sagittarius :sagittarius: 6:21 am EDT - 10:21 UTC
Expanding your life and mind in new ways can be good for you, and you can take in more wisdom and knowledge and share what you already know with others.

Sun :astrology_sun: in Virgo :virgo: Trine Pluto :astrology_pluto: in Capricorn :capricorn: 10:21 pm PDT
Work to become more comfortable with your personal power. Dig within to transform and acknowledge the power you have.

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: Scorpio :scorpius: / Sagittarius :sagittarius:


Magick Happens!
~Pinterest, Mystery Witch School

A “Trine” aspect is 120° degrees and is considered a favorable aspect. Virgo and Capricorn are both the same element of Earth. The Sun represents our life force while Pluto represents unconsciousness.

As the Virgo Sun shines upon Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, the unknown within us becomes known! What we need to know will now come into our awareness. You should already be feeling this energy, and maybe for the next week as well. The aspect is a blessing in disguise, a gift because we can now eliminate the negative and bring in the positive.

This is an opportunity for us to heal, release, and integrate whatever comes to light into our lives.

With the Moon in Sagittarius, you may feel brighter and more optimistic. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, can also bring good luck to you. The moon spends a short time in each zodiac sign, so this uplift in your mood will be felt for a day or so!

We had a Solar Flare (M8.1) earlier today. ~Space Weather Live

The Earth’s heartbeat is 13! ~Schumann Resonance for Apple or Google

No headache today! Woo hoo! My daughter left today and I’m already missing her! It seems like the time flew by! I just wanted to mention that I’m trying something a little different, with the reports… I am adding more information about the astrological aspects, with the hope that it helps you to understand astrology a little better.

The energy feels unsettled, and we are already feeling the shift in seasons, and changes in the weather. Flow with the energy today, ride the waves, and don’t fight it. Take time to connect to your heart, go within, and find your peace. And always, nurture your soul!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always


You are Amazing Marsha :sparkling_heart:




100% agree. Love each day like this, and the stresses drift over those waves too. Thankyou for all your energy in these reports. :sparkling_heart:


This was me today. Things felt different, and instead of pushing, I just rolled with it.
Thank you so much for your beautiful energy, Marsha :sparkling_heart:
And glad to hear no headache today. :tada::two_hearts:


I’m going to focus and sit with this for a while. I set an intention to acknowledge, embrace and emanate power this year so these words speak to me for sure.

Love and gratitude to you, @marsha


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 21

Waxing Crescent Moon :waxing_crescent_moon: in Sagittarius :sagittarius:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

Gateway of Light
by Jennifer Hawkyard, Jezhawk Designs

Astrological Transits for September 21, 2023

Sun :astrology_sun: in Virgo :virgo: Trine Pluto :astrology_pluto: in Capricorn :capricorn: 1:21 am EDT - 5:21 am GMT
This transit uniquely aligns your inner and outer worlds, offering opportunities for profound personal transformation and growth. To make the most of this energy, focus on self-improvement, introspection, and embracing change with practicality and precision. Avoid being overly critical or controlling, as it may hinder the positive potential of this harmonious aspect. ~Astrology Answers

With so much going on energetically in September it’s hard to concentrate… oh and don’t forget all the distractions! Time is still moving very quickly, with lots of changes coming in a short period of time.

The Equinox is almost here, so now is the time to focus on your visions and use your intuition to move to a higher level. Use this energy to let go of whatever is holding you back. It’s time to uncover and clear your shadow aspects (trauma, pain, wounds, etc.)

What’s holding you back? Always remember… You are Worthy!!! It’s so very important to always be grateful so you can bring in what you Love! Take a moment to connect to your heart, nurture your soul, and always make room for Magick!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always

P.S. Thank you! And yes, I had a wonderful visit with my daughter!

Me too, Megan! :hugs: :heart:

Katerina, The times I list for the aspects are Eastern Daylight Time and GMT (UTC). I know you are at least 12 hours ahead of me. I can list your time zone too if you tell me which zone you are in. So if it’s Thursday here it may already be Friday where you are… but it’s still affecting you.

For example, if Mercury is in aspect to the Moon, it will pass quickly, a few hours only. If the slower-moving planets form an aspect, it can have some influence for a couple of years, which would be felt more intensely when it’s exact!

I sometimes wonder if my explanations even make sense :thinking: anyway, if you have any questions, let me know. Also, can you let me know what time zone you are in? Big hugs :people_hugging:

Hi Lisa, I do hope to keep writing these energy reports, November included! May I ask what’s going on for you in November?
Love :heart: always

I love this, Bry! Thank you! :pray: :heart:

Thank you, Henry, I think you are pretty amazing too!
With much love :heart: always

That’s so kind of you, @JadeMermaid :hugs: :heart: Thank you!


Thanks for explaining that! :black_heart:

I’m in AEST (UTC+10) and will be soon moving to AEDT (UTC+11).

If all you’d need to do is a conversion, perhaps you could use the “insert date/time” feature? I think if you use that, it will automatically convert for everyone.



@marsha :heart:. Thank you! I saw this email in my in box today! What’s happening in November aside from TG? My Other Half’s 55th Bday, 11/14. I suppose I start wrapping things up for the year - our family meets and prepares for winter fun and frolic and Yule!


Oh yes, using this is a great idea! It’s what I use for the date and time conversions in the Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: so there are a few dates and times that show up for everyone. If you need help with it @marsha, just let me know!

I think they make perfect sense! I love reading them, even though I can’t always respond. They’re really helpful for those days when things just feel… off.


That sounds great! Thank you @Starborn! I had no idea this existed! :thinking:

Yes, @MeganB I have been wanting to do something like this but I need help. I have no clue how to do it! Thank you! :pray: :heart:


You’re welcome! I’ll send you a PM with some information on how to do it with multiple timezones. :blush:


Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: September 22

First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: in Sagittarius :sagittarius:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

24Aug23-FirstQuarterMoonSagittarius-Yasmin Boland
First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
by Yasmin Boland, Moonology

Believe in Your Good Luck
We are at the First Quarter Moon phase. This time around, it’s in the sign of Sagittarius. So it’s time to… BELIEVE IN YOUR GOOD LUCK Whatever is going on in your life, you need to take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will fall into place. Problems can arise now. ~Yasmin Boland, Moonology

Astrology Calendar for September 22

First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: in Sagittarius :sagittarius: 2023-09-22T18:32:00Z
Adjustments can continue from August, and there may be an important development over the next week. You can work on adjusting in big ways, and this can be extra beneficial.

Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Capricorn :capricorn: 8:32:00 PM
If you’re feeling ambitious, put this to work, work on your long-term plans, take action with your goals, and see what you can improve.

I have felt so tired today, I had to take a 3-hour nap! I had some crazy dreams, not quite sure what it all means but I’m sure it will become clear soon! I’m sorry I am posting so late… I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow so my post will probably be late on Saturday as well.

Can you feel all the energy coming in? Wow! It’s intense leading up to the Equinox! Change has come! As the energy shifts, we are transforming and growing on a personal level. The Equinox opens a portal of Light from the Sun to the Earth!

The Sun has been active today as well, with several solar flares and a minor radio blackout. The Schumann Resonance was up to 53 today! I didn’t really have a headache, which is good! But I was not feeling well generally, and of course, I was exhausted.

Tomorrow I’m using this intense energy to heal the past, to let go of my childhood trauma, wounds, and pain. My intention is to finally heal and find peace with my mother. How are you using this amazing energy?

If you are feeling drained, empty, exhausted, etc., you must fill yourself up. Connect to your heart, meditate, or hug a tree… It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as you nurture your soul!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always



Sending power over to you my lovely friend, this is so important for your soul. I’ve made peace with my last church, finally, I can look at photos of me and family from that time, and not cry, I feel joy in my heart as finally I’m seeing in those photos my beautiful family, and not constantly attaching the photo to that time period, it’s how I tested my healing. I’ll have to say chaos magic really helped. I took the cord cutting spell,

had my photos that constantly made me remember the sadness I felt, and added those emotions into the spell, and whatever else I was feeling. Each time I’d check on my healing, by looking at those photos (they’re family photos of my kids I took when I was a member of that church, I should feel happy when I see them, as they’re happy pictures, but all I felt was how the church hurt me and my family,). If the pain was still there, I’d do the same spell, but allowing chaos to flow, chuck in the spell whatever my heart was saying to chuck in, sometimes it was words, written at the speed of my mind so they were unreadable, other times scribbles, some keys, one time fire, ash, another time I added pins in paper, it was very random. But I looked at the photos last week, and felt joy. So it’s done. :partying_face:
I wish you all the best, really do, as you set yourself free my beautiful sister friend :sparkling_heart::hugs:


@tracyS I am so happy you were able to come to terms with that part of your past. It’s so liberating to lose the attachments that keep us in turmoil and unhappy. :people_hugging: We could all cut a few cords and forgive ourselves as well as others so we can live the lives that brings us Joy :wunjo:

May Loki bring joy to your life and continue to help all ways, allways :gift_heart:



Mystic Magick :dizzy: Energy :zap: Weekend - September 23 & 24

Waxing Gibbous Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon: in Capricorn :capricorn:

Moon Phase
~ EarthSky

Happy Equinox!
Image - Pinterest

Astrological Transits

September 23:
Sun :astrology_sun: Enters Libra :libra: 2023-09-23T06:50:00Z
Partnership, balance, and fairness can be important during Libra season, and you can spend more time with others, welcome new people into your life, and restore balance. You may want peace and harmony and can feel more decisive without chaos.

Waxing Gibbous Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon: in Capricorn :capricorn:

September 24:
Moon :astrology_moon: Enters Aquarius :aquarius: 2023-09-24T01:29:00Z
The unconventional may be the right way to go with problems you need to solve, and opening up to something different can be an easy way to solve it.

Waxing Gibbous Moon :waxing_gibbous_moon: in Capricorn :capricorn: / Aquarius :aquarius:

I’ve had a day with many ups and downs, kind of interesting when I think about it :thinking: There were moments of calm and then chaos, which was very strange. I woke up feeling so tired :yawning_face: and that lasted for several hours! I had to take a nap! Now it’s almost 10:00 pm and I’m wide awake! :roll_eyes:

The Schumann Resonance was 31 this morning and as I write this it’s 51! :face_with_spiral_eyes: We’ve also had a couple of geomagnetic storms affecting radio waves, also a couple of Solar Flares.

The Equinox has opened a powerful Energy Portal. Have you felt the shift in energy today? This new energy feels more positive and the shifts that are occurring are more favorable! This is a good time for healing and manifesting.

The Veil is thinning between worlds and your intuition is increased at this time. Things will become clearer and you may receive lots of incoming messages for the next 3 weeks or so. You may have vivid dreams and/or visions.

Wishing you all a very Happy Equinox!

With Magickal :dizzy: Energy :zap: always

Thank you @tracyS so very much! :hugs: I so appreciate you, my lovely friend! I have tried cutting the cords many times, but she has so deeply wounded me that I need to go in really deep… so I can heal and release all those painful memories! Most importantly I need to also forgive her!!! Thank you for sending me power, it feels wonderful! Thanks so much!
With big hugs :people_hugging: and lots of love :heart: always

I agree @Shadeweaver!
Thank you for sharing this, it speaks to me as well!
Love you lots my friend :heart: :goat:


Hmm… That time is exactly when I woke up this morning. :thinking: Getting more unconvential than my usual? Well, this will surely be interesting. :smile:

:face_with_spiral_eyes: The Schumann Resonance is a new term for me. Time to dive into this rabbit hole now! :joy:

Aaand my lack of feeling rested is going to continue. :face_exhaling: