Mythology πŸ’š

I absolutely love mythology! I will literally get lost just reading stories. I’m such an open minded person, so I believe in a lot of things. Mythology, supernatural, fairy tales, etc. My things is, the thought of anything had to come from something, right?


Exactly! Mythology enthusiast here as well!


Everything has come from something & has evolved over time.

I feel like the more you learn about the mythology, theology, stories of aomething came to be, the better your understanding is & how to adapt it to the modern times based on the way it was meant in the beginning throughout it’s history.

I love to learn new things & work on β€œdeep dives” into subjects. I am currently preparing for the upcoming happenings with family & friends, sabbats & holidays.

I did start a more recent deep dive into Hecate. She is a complex deity, so I will have another post coming about her when I finish my other obligations & can get the information & presentation worked out in my head.

I personally work with The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess :triquetra: & also Brigid :candle:

However we do have other posts & courses on the history & stories of many different practices & deities throught out the site & within the forum :hugs:


Hi @tasha89 - I am a long time student of comparative religion and mythology. I love to find and consider the analogies and similarities of world myth back to origins and watch how they have and continue to evolve over time. Expressing, documenting, evolving these stories is truly one of the cornerstones of consciousness that define our humanity and make us distinct from other sentient beings. Fascinating for sure! :heart:


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