Need help with a spell for travel

Merry meet and happy full moon!

Are there any suggestions for a spell bag for protection while traveling? :airplane:

Also, has anyone had issues brining herbs, crystals, etc on planes?


Bring some black tourmaline or any black crystals, which are protective. You can say a prayer or chant. I don’t know of any spells and you’d think that google would have anything useful! Sorry! Have a safe trip.


Merry meet @AlwaysBackToOne!

Oh that’s so exciting- congrats to you on your upcoming adventure! :airplane: :star_struck:

I’ve never had any problem with crystals nor talismans. I usually have a few in my checked baggage and they’ve never been removed or messed with. I also wear crystal bracelets and jewelry on the plane (maybe it’s good that they weigh your suitcases, but they don’t weigh you lol- you can wear whatever you’d like so long as it isn’t deemed dangerous).

I would be careful with herbs as there are a lot of rules and restrictions around bringing life/fresh plants (foreign plants can seriously damage local flora and fauna), but you should be okay with dried herbs. Just make sure that any herbs you bring are in your checked luggage (not carry on), are sealed tight, and are clearly labeled.

There’s no guarantee though, and airport customs can be really picky at times (I once had maple syrup confiscated in China lol- more on that in the Traveling With Your Craft discussion)

As for spellwork, you might bring your Craft on the go by making a travel altar. And for a good travel charm to bring with you, I know @MeganB shared a video about making a travel charm:

Wishing you safe travels and blessed adventure, Drew! Blessed be! :sparkles:


I might be a bit late, but just in case I’ll share what I usually do. It’s a combination of tips, recipes and spells that our wonderful coven members have shared here as well as a few things I’ve found on my own. I made myself a jar of protection salt and I bring it with me whenever I travel. It is made up of salt (any kind), comfrey root, oregano, lavender and rosemary. I also sprinkle some of the salt in my bag (just a pinch). while packing and say:

“By light of the lady moon, I’ll reach my destination soon. The trip shall safe and happy be, for all concerned as well as me.”

If I know I’ll check my bag for a flight I will pour some into a clear plastic ziploc and put in checked bag. That way if TSA needs to inspect, they can open it and close it easily. I don’t bring any of it with me to carry on. It would probably be taken away anyway so I just keep it in checked baggage. I use a bit of the salt when I get to my destination hotel or place that I will be staying. I’ll sprinkle it across the doorways and windows. Sometimes I will just outline the interior perimeter while saying:
"Salt of the earth, guard my temporary home, while I’m here or when I roam. Keep it safe and all within. For good of all, this bond begins. By my will, with harm to none, by earth power, this spell is done. "

If you’re not sure about bringing something like that in your bag or in your checked items, maybe charge some crystals or an amulet? At the airport, I’ll usually hold a specific crystal or two. Usually a clear quartz or green aventurine since they’re my two favorites at the moment. While waiting at the gate, I just hold them in my hand and rub them with my them while exchanging protective and grateful energy with them. When I board the plane, I usually place my hand on the plane, as I step past the threshold to transfer that protective and grateful energy.

If I’m traveling by car, I’ll do the same but place my hand on either my car door or steering wheel for protection and to give thanks for the safe travels.

Sending you safety and comfort for your travels! Blessed be!


Thank you for sharing this! I can absolutely use this in the future!

Blessed be!