Travel Altar and travel tips

I am finally visiting some family in Boise, ID and it’s been almost 15 years!

I am curious as to travel altars, if anyone has made one and would mind sharing? I am also open to ANY travel tricks and tips :smile:


If you are into earth magic or kitchen magic, it should be easy to bring the things you need, or gather them when you get there, without raising too much of a fuss if your family isn’t open to your beliefs.

When I was seeing my ex, she didn’t have her altar up yet. She let me bring a few items in a small container. I was able to flip it over, place a cloth, and run candles and have other items that were important to us on there. If you have seen my angel statue, she would come with me in that container.

These days I bring a tarot deck and one of my :shinto_shrine: necklaces wherever I go - even to the mall. :upside_down_face: Usually I have a friend run candles for me while I am traveling on longer trips. For instance, one friend ran candles the entire time I was at my dad’s for rest and meditation. (That was a few days! :open_mouth:)

Now that I am getting into stones, I have a small velvet bag to protect them so I can bring them on my next trip. I, too, would love to hear what others do. Seeing some of the permanent altars, I imagine there are some more elaborate travel altars out there.


I’ve watched some youtube videos of fellow witches and their travel altars which has been helpful. I think I might just be all in my head about traveling via plane, worrying about my luggage and how it could be ME out of hundreds of people to get their bags checked lol. Over-thinking it for sure!

So far I have a little tea light candle, my dice, pendulum, a stick of palo santo, quartz crystal, matches, a cinnamon stick…

I’m gonna bring one of my Tarot and Oracle decks along with my Tarot journal.


LOL yes, I wouldn’t travel with any sort of white powder in a ziploc bag! :laughing:

I think with gemstones you’ll be fine, especially if they are or look like jewelry. I’ve travelled with sea salt and it was fine. They did stop me for bringing candy once because they looked suspicious in the x-ray machine. They ask me if it was candy and that was that. I came from Argentina with palo santo, and kilos of yerba mate, they don’t care about that either.

As long as it’s not in the TSA blacklist you shouldn’t worry!


And for mindfulness during the flight you can bring the Finger Labyrinth travel cards!


Hooray for your upcoming trip, @Janelle! That’s so exciting you’ll have an adventure and see your family again after all these years :star_struck:

I personally wear my crystal jewlery- in addition to being very portable, crystals don’t set off the alarms at airport security and raise no questions. They offer all the benefits and security of home without drawing attention and not taking up much suitcase space (or any space if you wear them on the plane!)

You might also find some more travel altar ideas and suggestions in the following discussions:

Good luck and safe travels, Janelle! :airplane::grin:


@janelle, if you already took the trip, :airplane: how did it go?

I went to my dad’s on an unplanned trip for Thanksgiving. :turkey: It was him, my brother, and me for the first time in 30 years. :hushed: We had great times catching up.

Since it was last minute, and my dad is a conservative Christian, I used a candle​:candle:, a feather I found outside, and my :shinto_shrine: necklace. The candle is my fire and water (the melted wax). The feather is my air. My necklace is made of carved wood and is my earth. I was able to do spell work in the early morning and not bother my family with my beliefs.

I hope you were able to do something similar.