Need some help interpreting a Tarot draw… (deity)

Hi everyone, hope I’ve posted this right…

I have done a tarot draw to enquire about deities. I know I am not ready to work with a deity yet, but I have had this nagging feeling all day to find out.

Card 1 (the deity card) - Strength.
Cards 2, 3, 4 and 5 (traits and characteristics) - four of wands, ten of swords, knight of pentacles, page of swords.
Cards 6 and 7 (signs and symbols) - the magician (reversed) and page of cups.

From what I’ve learnt so far, strength could indicate Athena. I have had Athena in my head for a few weeks now, I am obsessed with one song from the musical Epic - specifically Athena’s song. I keep having like one or two of her lines pop into my head when I’m working. It could also be Brigid, Danu, Isis, Virgin Mary, Bast, Dagda or Lugh but none of them seem to have that initial joy spark as reading Athena.

Traits and Characteristics - from what I’m getting from this section the deity is ambitious, driven, easy going, relaxed, a messenger, a watcher, and could represent no turning back.

Signs and Symbols - I’n confused about this really, the magician reversed could mean I’m working against my own creativity - I am very blocked in my creativity and feeling very low in myself. I’m not sure what the page of cups could mean, the keywords I found were poetic and mystical.

Can anyone help me understand this a little bit more? Tarot is new to me, so I’m unsure if I am reading wrong.

Thank you!


I think you’re doing what I’m doing…. Over thinking! If Athena is in your head and you feel that spark, go with it!

I have this same problem, I go in circles and overthink, then look at ALL of the possibilities and options and overdo it and end up burning myself out.

Just go with the flow… if you’re feeling that connection with Athena, I think you know that you’ve answered your own question. :heart:

Edit to add: if you think you’re not ready, still go with the flow. Maybe the card is saying to hang in there and be strong. The strength card deals with restraint, too. But only you’ll know in your heart what you need to do. Take a deep breath and really feel it.


Deity interpretations can be difficult, especially through tarot! They’re limited to our current knowledge of the Gods, so sometimes it takes a bit of thinking outside the box to figure out.

When trying to interpret the card that represents the deity, there are a few things that I think need to be considered.

  • What deck are you using?
  • What symbolism is in the deck?
  • Is it the meaning of the card that points to the deity?
  • Is there a symbol in the card that is important?

Some sources say that the Strength card is associated with Artemis, Sobek, Sekhmet. But then the card is also associated with the concepts of inner strength, compassion, confidence, overcoming self-doubt, courage, and bravery. So any deity that’s associated with those concepts can also be the focus there. Then if you look at the symbols in the card - is there a lion or some other animal? A different pose? The colors? :sweat_smile: It can get very complicated!

Your traits and characteristic cards to me sound like a lot of familial celebration, someone that had a deep loss or hit rock bottom, someone ambitious (as you said), and someone who is always looking for new knowledge or new paths to take.

I would personally take the signs and symbols more literally in the cards rather than the meanings of the cards themselves. So for these, look at what is in the cards, the direction things are facing, where the water is in the cup card, etc.

I also agree with this! If there is a deity piquing your interest then there is no harm in researching them, giving them offerings, and paying respect to them. But I also want to say if you’re not ready for deity work or worship, just being respectful to them and giving offerings is okay!


@Melora_Fae said this so perfectly that I’m seconding (double-seconding? :joy: ) this! I completely agree with Melora and Megan- whether or not you feel ready to work formally with a deity, if there is one that caused a spark of excitement, it’s definitely a deity worth learning more about :blush:

@Nyxie_Rose- have you seen Athena’s Devotional on the site yet? I’ll leave it here just in case- you might want to read through the description, correspondences, and info about Her. See if anything jumps out or calls to you! :owl: :two_hearts:

Athena’s Devotional Prayer

I agree with you that the Magician Reversed could point to a blockage- a blockage in power, creativity, or lacking the tools you need. In this case, since it was pulled in reference to signs and symbols of the deity, the “tools” may be knowledge- especially if Athena, a Goddess of Wisdom, is involved :books::owl:

However you choose to move forward from here, I’m wishing you all the best! Good luck and blessed be, Nyxie :blush: