Need to share thoughts on odd things happening in my house

so i just have some stuff i need to get off my chest and share with others cause i need answers XD
about a month ago i casted a spell to protect my household and family and ever since weird things started happening. for context , my parents both work during the day so i am left alone at home all day until about 6pm , so theres no one here to make noises and oh boy! have i been hearing things!
first thing, loud and defining footsteps, constantly , most of the time coming from the room right above mine (my bedroom is in the basement)
second, sounds of things being dropped and something like furniture being dragged across the floor, these sounds are so convincing that i have walked upstairs multiple times during the day expecting to see my mom home from work early , but i am always left with an empty house
third (and this might be me going crazy idk) is this intuition ive got about all this, its hard to describe, but its like i can feel thats theres someone in the house just walking around, but im not threatened or scared by it in any way , like i hear footsteps, go upstairs , see nothing, shrugs and go back to my room.
so bottom line is , could this spell ive casted have invited good spirits in my house ? or am i losing my mind ?
anyway sorry for the long post, i just really needed to share this stuff :’)

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I recommend you do a divination or reading and see what the universe tells you about this.

There are many possibilities: A spirit or ancestor may be trying to work with you, or it could just be your mind playing tricks on you. It could simply mean you’re clairaudient and starting to awaken that power so you pick up more information around you.

If you feel you need extra protection get some Bay leaf and place it near your bed in your bedroom. Also when you cast a spell make sure you meditate or ground yourself to remove any anxiety or fears, as any spell could amplify those feelings.

Regarding the divination: You can use tarot, runes, a pendulum, tea leaves, whatever works best for you. Just ask for guidance on your spell and do the divination.

Blessings! :sparkles:


I agree with Francisco.

I would trust your intuition in this case. If the entity doesn’t seem like it wants to cause harm, it probably doesn’t. However, just because it is benevolent doesn’t mean it should be in places where it isn’t wanted. If you don’t want the spirit there, you can always ask it to leave.

Also, the spell could have awakened this entity, so to speak. It could be an ancestor, a spirit guide, or even a Deity trying to contact you. It could also simply be a wandering spirit who was attracted to the energy you released when you cast your spell.

Take precautions to make sure that the spirit or entity stays peaceful - like salt, bay leaves, or smoke cleansing - or tell it to move on if necessary.

And no, you aren’t losing your mind!


what could i do to try to contact it ? i dont own tarot cards ,runes or a pendulum :confused:

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You could try scrying, although that takes practice to get down.

Alternatively, you could simply talk to it. If you’re picking up on the sounds and movement of the entity, you could also pick up on the feelings of the entity as well. Talk to it and then give it some time to respond. While waiting, focus and listen with your heart as well as your mind.

You could also try using a tarot card app. I know some people discount the accuracy of them, but several people also use tarot apps with much success.


I have some very interesting update about this whole experience , a few days ago, my parents started cleaning up the basement and left a large box full of stuff laying around, some nights later, I was in my room watching some videos when I heard a loud bang coming from outside my room , when I went out to check I noticed that a large item that was on top of the box was now laying in the middle of the place , I can’t see how it could’ve possibly fell over on its own , the weirdest thing that has happened to me so far was last night , I was just brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I suddenly got jumpscared by someone standing next to me , I turned around thinking it was my dad , but of course there was no one there ! It was so weird cause I know I saw a dark silhouette of someone in the corner of my eye , I was so convinced someone was there it made me jump ! now I know I definitely need to contact whoever or whatever that is , I need to know
You’ve recommended using tarot apps before, Do you know any particular ones that are reliable and works well ?

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Based on your description of what’s happening, what you could be experiencing is shadow people. A shadow person is not necessarily an entity that you can communicate with. They reside on a different dimension and level of reality that we do - and sometimes their main goal is to cause mischief and mess with our lives.

You can try communicating with it, but I’m not sure how successful it will be. Tarot apps can be found on your phone in iTunes or the Google Play Store. I’m not sure which ones are considered better than others as I haven’t used them myself. However, I’m sure going with one that has high ratings would be a good idea.

Otherwise, I suggest doing a cleansing of your home with either herbs or salt. Let the entity know that it isn’t welcome in your home and you don’t appreciate being startled.

Here are some links.


If you have access to a printer, you can try printing your own Tarot deck and cutting the cards out.

Find printable Tarot cards in PDF here:


My first question would be: Did you cast a protective circle before doing a ritual? If not, you may have let some spirits in as it started happening only after a spell.