Needing a little help writing a spell

Merry meet, to all my Spells8 Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans family/Coven. I would like to reach out to you all because I need a little help writing a spell that would allow me to tap into the Universe, for infinite energy and power. ( Universe energy and powers.) Here’s what I just came up with so far, and please share your thoughts and input it’s welcomed, (I’m new at spell writing so please be patient with me). P.S. I will try to write another spell for Protection Sigils, soon. Please See below, and thank you all in advances:

Tapping into the Universe infinite Energy and Power

Perform the spell anytime after 8 p.m., or on a Full Moon.

Cast a Circle, that representing each Earth Elements, but adding a fifth Element, Spirit, (you).

Tools needed:

  • Salt- Black Salt works the best, but you may use
    Sea Salt, Pink Salt, or Plain table salt.
  • Black Gem Stones or Crystals
  • Moonstones/ Crystals
  • Jasper Stars/ Crystals
  • Moon Water- Drink some, and pour the rest into the
    ground, ( after the spell is performed).
  • Staff/Wand- Fifth Element, held in your dominant
    hand, while your less dominant hand is also aimed
    above with an open hand, five fingers spread apart :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t5:.
  • The spell should be repeated a total of five times.
  • Candles: Black- The great night sky, Silver- Moon,
    White- Stars; Purple- Spirit.

Any Incense of your liking: Juniper, Benzoin, Nutmeg, Cedar, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Star Anise, and Frankincense, Etc.

You will get better results performing the spell outside on a full moon, but you can perform also inside as well, (results may vary).

Repeat the spell in each Compass Direction: North, East, South, and West, (Circle Casted), and the final spell recited is you the fifth Element, point your staff/ wand upward, pointing at the moon, then the stars, and lastly, the great night sky while completing the chant the whole while the other hand is also aimed towards the sky with fingers spread apart, open showing five of your fingers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:, to represent the five elements.


I call upon the great night sky, where the Moon and the Stars reside. I call on the infinite energy and powers of the Universe.

So, I may not feel drained or tired, so as the Universe may give me what I desire, infinite energy that cannot be reversed, the flow of power will take its course.

So mote it be!

Charge your Crystal or Gem Stones after the spell, pour the Moon water into the Earth, empty the incense ash into the air, blow out your candles
after performing the spell, and clean up.

By: Cat, Colin; The Travel Witch


I like what you have there already! I think it’s great.

When I wrote my spell, I used other similar spells and adjusted them as I needed to for it to be more personal & for my needs.


@krissie117, other than some autocorrect spelling that I fixed after going back reading it, lol! I couldn’t find any spells that allow you to tap into the Universe so I wanted to write one. But thank you for liking what I wrote :slight_smile:


Oh, you’re welcome, I think you did a great job!


@krissie117, thanks again for your support :sparkling_heart: it’s much appreciated.


This is beautiful, @cat! Congrats on your first spell- it came out really lovely and I can feel the thought you put into making it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think it’s wonderful to be outside and draw on the energy of the night (and the full moon when we can)! This was a great piece to include in your spell. I also think you choose good crystals- drawing on the infinite power of black stones, universal Moonstones, and balancing Jasper :gem:

The words you chose are also wonderful! :clap:

One suggestion to add a little extra boost- you may want to say each of the four sentences you wrote in a different direction: North, East, South, and West. This way your words and intent spread out in every direction and can call forward even more energy :compass:

All in all, very beautiful! Nicely done, Cat :grin:

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@TheTravelWitch, thank you very much for the compliment and wonderful suggestion. You’re right, by adding more kick or boost to the spell by repeating the spell to each of the four directions. Thanks again The Travel Witch. This is so awesome :+1:t4:

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@krissie117; @TheTravelWitch. I have another spell that my daughter and I been working on today. I hope that you like this one too because I couldn’t find one like this one either on none of the spell sites. See below: And thank you in advance.

How to make your own Sigil out of a Good Luck and Protection Charm

This can be done anytime depending on the material sensitivity to the Four elements

The Sigil Good Luck and Protection Charm Spell can be handmade or made from an existing item(s) of your liking.

Once you have established your tangible/physical Sigil Good Luck and Protection Charm from your desired materials or an existing item(s).

Tools needed:

To cleanse, or to consecrate your Sigil Good Luck and Protection Charm, with:
Any Sage, Incents, or Salt will do, (depending on the material sensitivity to the Four Elements).

Hold your Sigil Good Luck and Protection Charm over each Compass direction: North, East, South, and West.


May the Sigil cleanse and consecrate thee, for my worries shall be free, as a symbol of good fortune and protect thee.

Grant thee with much happiness, to deflect any nastiness.

To push away any negativity, and to prosper with great creativity, to reject any evils that may wish to harm thee.

Please grant thee with your protection and good luck charm.

So Blessed Be!

By: Cat


I like your spells. Calling the power of the universe outside would be wonderful. If I tried this, I would find a way to use my magical staff in the spell work. It could be used as a medium to draw in energy from the stars, or the 4 directions. You’ve probably considered this, but I would cast this spell in a nice big circle, with something to represent each of the 4 elements lined up. I like to use Incense, a candle, water, and a bowl of salt. Then you could do something like “And now I call upon the 5th element which is spirit” and direct the staff to the stars.

Well done with the wording. Good stuff.


I really like this one too. Great job by you & your daughter. I have a necklace i would like to do this spell on for me. Thank you!


@colin, wow, that’s a fabulous idea to add Spirit and point a wand/staff aimed at the Stars. Let me see if I get @Francisco, to add this wonderful step into the spell. I love the feedback and the suggestions are awesome! Thank you, Colin, I believe that it will work.


@krissie117, I believe that this is truly a one of a kind spell, that just might work by combining the three, Sigil, Good luck, and Protection Charm should do the job. I’m still going to do so more modifying in the hopes to make sure that it works. Thank you once again for your support.


Well done to you and your daughter, @Cat! :heart_eyes: I love this sigil blessing spell. It has so many wonderful aspects and draws on a lot of elements while leaving the details open for the caster to make unique and special! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful spellwork :sparkling_heart:

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@TheTravelWitch, you’re welcome. And thank you for your helpful suggestions.:sparkling_heart:

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You make very creative charms and write engaging spells, Cat!! :clap: :clap:

I encourage you to keep going!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us! :grinning:


@Francisco, thank you so much for your positive energy.

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I received my Selenite set in the mail yesterday, from Etsy and it looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to print and try out the spell on the next full moon. F.Y.I., I sent my wand off to the U.K., to get some upgrades done on it, so that’s why you don’t see it on the photo. Thanks again everyone for your input and support. Have an awesome day! Blessed be!


Such a beautiful set, @cat- lovely treasures! :gem::sparkles: And hello to your furry friend too :smiley_cat:

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@TheTravelWitch, lol, thank you, and will do :heart_eyes_cat:

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