Needing to know if a friend is alive

My friend Kelly and I were best friends in high school and the beginning of college. We were really close and went through a lot of pivotal life moments together. We and another friend moved into an apartment for college, and it didn’t end working out and I ended up leaving. But I didn’t leave on bad terms with Kelly.

Every single night I dream about her. What happened to her? Where is she now? Is she alive?

She’s not on facebook, or her sibling’s facebooks, she’s a ghost on the internet. There is no one I can ask about her. We both had a proclivity for drugs back then, and I’m afraid she might have entered the heroin sinkhole of our hometown. I need to find out what happened to her. Every dream I have is traumatic because I think its real, but when I wake up its not.
What can I do?

I thought about a cord cutting spell, but I don’t want to lose all ties with her, I’d like to reconnect or just reach out.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.



Have you thought of asking on her sibling’s Facebook?


I could, but that might be weird. They knew me back then. Possibly, but it would be awkward.


Does your old high school keep an alumni list with names of those who have passed on that went to that school in the time frame?? Worth a shot? I’m assuming you did an online search for her name in your local paper ?


Hi Nicola,

It sounds like your dreams may be telling you something. Either about that person or about some aspects of yourself. Reoccurring dreams direct our attention to a specific situation or idea that remains unresolved in our minds.

I agree with the suggestions above. I don’t think it would be weird asking her family, after all you were childhood friends so reaching out sounds like a nice gesture.

You could also try a friendship spell like this one: Reconnect: Friendship Spell. Adapt it to your current situation. Maybe you can include symbols present in your dreams (images, places, feelings) into your ritual and see if that helps you heal or at least address the situation internally.


I agree with Francisco that the fact that your friend is appearing in your dreams each night is a clear sign that something is up. I would assume that either something has happened or perhaps she is also thinking of you.

Reaching out to her family is a good option- how about the mutual friend you were living with in the apartment? If you are still in touch, perhaps they might have a clue on Kelly’s whereabouts.

If you are struggling to find clues, I’d suggest consulting with divination tools. Perhaps you could try a reading with either a pendulum [quick and easy guide on How to Use a Pendulum] or tarot cards [here’s a guide on How to Read Tarot]. Even a simple reading inquiring if Kelly is okay and staying healthy may help to put your worries to rest and decrease the frequency of the dreams.

Wishing you the best of luck reconnecting with your old friend! Blessed be :sparkles:


I actually paid for an online background check last night, which didn’t come up with anything too specific. But it does say that as of 2018 she was living in our hometown. Also, she’s not in the obituaries.


Thank you Francisco, I think that spell is a really good idea.

And I think you’re right, me dreaming about her, and the situation that happened when I left the apartment hasn’t been resolved.


Yes, I totally agree.

I am in the process of charging my pendulum now :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Just tell them you were thinking of her and was worried about what had a happened to her. You don’t have to mention your dreams or anything.


You’re very welcome Nicola! I hope your search goes well- may your pendulum bring you good news and renewed hope :pray::heart:


Hello @nicola3

Thanks for sharing your feelings us, but you are under love spell either cast by you (Knowingly or Unknowingly) or someone cast onto you.

Look into your words:
Every single night I dream about her. What happened to her? Where is she now? Is she alive? Every dream I have is traumatic because I think its real, but when I wake up its not.

You are definitely under love spell. Now let me answer your question: What can I do?-----

  • Ask yourself, do you love her? If you were not under love spell, then would you same about her? Can you accept her as she is along with her all mistakes & good/bad habits?
  • If the answer is “YES”, then search for her. Contact the police, her friends & family members or anyone who can put you in touch with her. Find her out and tell her your feelings in your own words.
  • If the answer is “NO”, then let me know, I will give you a spell to forget unwanted love.

Good luck. May God help you to find your path. Blessed be.