How to use a pendulum?

I have bought a pendulum but not sure how to use it… Any advise? :two_hearts:

Blessed be.



@nuria :
I just ordered one.
Years ago I did a crash course while attending massage.
We place it over a person lying on its back on a table.
The pendulum would sense the heat areas, indicating a possible issue, such trapped energy in the stomach.
You hold the chain with 2 fingers and allow the pendulum to move.
It can mean yes, not or maybe, depending on the question you mentally asked.
Is advisable to relax or meditate.
We visualised ourselves like trees, extending the branches through our feet and reaching the core of the earth.
Absorbing the positive and healing energy available there.
Onces we are filled whit that energy, we enjoy ourselves ripping its benefits.
Once finished, let go the energy back to the core.
You close the portal in your feet.
On top of your get there’s another portal that you mustn’t forget to close.
It serves as an exit for the negative energy.
Looks like a fountain coming out of the top of your head.
Just order a booklet to learn how to use the pendulum.
Will keep you posted!


@nuria: forgot to add that I felt very relaxed and with inner peace.


@nuria : must add this is my brief experience using a pendulum.
I believe there’s much more you can do with it.
For a first time experience I found it very enlightening!
After quite a few years I am beginning to work with it.
I bought an amethyst pendulum.
It’ll be an interesting experience!.


Hi Nuria,

Here’s a fantastic set of instructions on how to use a pendulum, that Berta shared a couple months ago:

My advice is to clear your mind first and focus only on your question. You will get better result the more you can focus. Remember that the pendulum is very sensitive to your internal talk (or noise).

Let us know how it went!


Hope this helps!! And good luck with your pendulum, take your time…they’re fun!


Very exciting, @nuria! Others have shared some great advice and pendulum guidance, so I’ll just chime in with good wishes :pray:.

Enjoy your new pendulum and let us know what you think when you’ve used it a few times! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There’s a nice article on this site:
Stay empowered, you can fly!